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Chapter Three

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"Dude, Frank, get up, get up!" Ray yelled into Frank's ear. He shook Franks arm excitedly.

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Okay, so I think I'm back, for good everyone :)
I want to start writing atleast one chapter for one of my stories every night, that's my goal.
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Ray, Bob and Mikey stayed where they were and stared in Frank's direction. All eyes were on him, up until the moment Bob cracked up. "Are... you...

/serious/?" he said between fits of laughter.

"Just because you've had one pretty bad day, which coincidently is a day after you break your favorite guitar, doesn't mean you're unlucky. Just that you're


"But---" Frank protested.

"Get a good night's sleep," Ray told Frank. "We go back home tomorrow. Then you can deal with stuff."

"Yeah, you guys get to go home." Frank said. "I have to go work with Leathermouth."

Mikey stood beside Bob, who he'd just had to elbow in the ribs to stop laughing. "Then just cancel it. They'll understand."

Frank nodded. He then went to the room nextdoor, where his bed was, collapsed in it, and slept until ten pm, which is when Ray woke him up with some good


"Dude, Frank, get up, get up!" Ray yelled into Frank's ear. He shook Franks arm excitedly. Frank forced himself to open his eyes and sit up. Ray then shoved

a black leather wallet at Frank's face. It took him a moment to process what was going on---

My wallet! he thought, grabbing it from his joyful friend. "How'd you get this?" Frank asked, while opening it to check if everything was still there.

"Found the taxi service. Some sketchy place..."

Maybe everyone was right, maybe it was just in my head, he thought to himself.

Then he stopped cold. "What the fuck?"

Ray asked, "what now?"

Frank groaned. "Everything is here, except for my license..."

"Are you sure you even had it?" Ray asked.

Frank nodded in reply. But why would someone want his license?

"Well, we have to leave soon..." Ray said. He stood there awkwardly.

"Yep," Frank said, a bit frusteraded. He stood up and pulled on a black hoodie. "Well, they'll just have to mail it. I just want to go home and stay there,

in my room, forever. I just can't wait to go home and see Jamia..."

Ray walked out of the room, leaving Frank to daydream about his wife.

The guys had been running pretty late and were probably going to miss their flight, but somehow managed to get there just in time.

Gerard glance at the sky, and said, "Shit man, looks like it's going to storm or something."

Bob nodded. It was freezing, and the wind made it seem twenty degrees colder. Plus all these snow clouds hardly helped.

They all walked inside, Frank growing more anxious. This bad luck would cause---

"Our flight is /canceled/?!" Ray said, outraged. "It's not even snowing yet!"

So Frank, knowing this was what he had to be prepared for for the rest of his life (it was his fault, anyway), plopped down in the nearest chair and sighed.

This was going to be a long storm, he could feel it.
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