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Beg me time and time again to take you back now, but you can't win

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The rain was still falling when I woke up the next morning. I loved falling asleep to the rain, but hated to wake up to it. A rainy morning made me completely useless. I would lay in bed for hours and do nothing if I had no prior engagements. Glancing at the clock I noticed that it was still pretty early, about 9 AM. Sometime I wish I could just sleep in.

Lady followed close behind me as I made my way into the kitchen. I needed something to wake myself up, so I began to brew a pot of coffee. Lady sat in front of the door and I let her out to potty. My sparkling ring caught my eye and I smiled. This engagement is still a shock to me. It almost seems like one of those fairy tale love stories. I grabbed my phone from the charger to text Gabe. I had one text message waiting for me.

It's Patrick, can we talk today?

Well that's odd. I replied that we could talk and sent a good morning message to Gabe. My phone beeped.

I'll come pick you up later today.

Hmmmm. Patrick wanted to take me somewhere to talk. I hope this isn't about my love life. I don't want any drama. I wonder if Joe knows anything. Dialing Joe's number, I put the phone to my head and laid back on the couch.

"Hey Kiley," Joe said and he sounded kinda groggy.

"Hey, sorry did I wake you up?"

"Yea, I stayed up way too late last night. What's up?" He said with a yawn in his voice.

"Patrick sent me a message saying he needed to talk to me. Do you have any idea what it's about?"

There was silence on the line for a few seconds before he responded. "It's probably about Pete."

"What about Pete?"

"He's still crazy about you and your engagement is tearing him up inside."

"What? You've got to be kidding Joe. He's the one who didn't want to stick around. He had a chance to be with me," I said getting angry. That asshole is now making my life difficult once again.

"I know this Kiley, but that's how Pete works. He just fucks everything good up because he gets too scared to take the chance and then realizes his mistakes after it's too late to fix."

"Well that is no way my fault or even my problem. Why does Patrick want to talk to me? Does he think he'll change my mind?"

"Well probably not. I'm not too sure why he wants to talk to you."

"Do you think Gabe knows about Pete?" I really wanted to know if Gabe knew anything or if he was completely oblivious to it like I thought last night.

"I don't think he does. He's so busy being in love with you that he probably wouldn't notice Pete's actions."

My phone beeped and it was a call from Gabe. I let Joe go to answer his call.

"Good morning," I said in a soft tone.

"Good morning," Gabe replied and I could hear the smile in his voice. "My meeting was so boring. I can't wait to have lunch with you. I think I'm just gonna pick something up and bring it to your place. Is that cool?"

"Yea, that sounds great. I don't really feel like going out in this rain." I glanced out the window and it was still pouring.

"Me either. I should be by around one."

"Ok, see you then. Bye"


I reached for the remote and turned on the TV. HGTV had some show on organizing closets and I decided to take mental notes. I may be a neat person, but certain areas of my home aren't organized, such as my closet. The show entertained me until I realized that it would be too much work to organize my closet, so I turned off the TV and headed to my computer to write until Gabe came over with lunch.


Sorry this chapter is really short, but I just spent the past 4 days celebrating KU winning the NCAA national championship and I am exhausted! I went to KU, so you can imagine my excitement.

Also any reviews on my story would be greatly appreciated. I haven't decided how things should go down with Kiley, Pete and Gabe just yet, but I promise it will be exciting.
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