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Those Damn Guitar Straps

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Mikey and Ray are fighting and Billie gets with the one she loves and a new person enters. Hmm, what's going on here?

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Back at the stage area, Ray and a certain bassist were fighting over a guitar strap that apparently was "stolen".
"You stole my guitar strap you forking-toasters-freak!" Ray yelled at the bassist, Mikey Way. His bass was hanging from him and he was getting so frustrated with Ray that he nearly broke the neck of the bass. The thing was that Mikey and Ray both had identical black straps and Ray claimed that Mikey had stolen his.
"No, this one is MINE, you stupid fucking Puff Ball. You just lost yours." Mikey retorted. Ray glared at him and they continued to bicker like two bitches fighting over make-up and a hair straightener. Travi had walked over to the stage and right into the fight. He looked back and forth between the two and listened to them fight until he could stand it no more.
"SHUT UP! Ray, you put your damn guitar strap down by your damn guitar case. Mikey, get a different fucking colored strap! And if I even hear you two fighting again, there will be some serious ass-kicking!" Travi yelled. Both Ray and Mikey told eachother they were sorry and walked away from each other. Everyone else on the ground flooring was laughing so hard, they looked like they were about to fall over. Gerard was laughing so hard he nearly pissed his pants.
"Mikey, that's just rich. Oh my God, you shoulda seen the look on your face when Travis yelled." Gerard choked between laughs and giggles. He slowed stood up straight and wiped the tears from his eyes as Alica, Mikey's wife, walked over. She started to look around for Bob.
"Okay, something's wrong. Bob is missing. Where the hell did he go?"
"He's talking with my sister, actually." William jumped in. Jaymee looked at him confused but then understood as he gave her a warm, reassuring smile.
"Oh! You mean B.B.'s here this tour? Sweet! Wait, if Bob was talking to B.B., who's he coming back over here with?" She asked looking at none other than Billie herself. Billie smiled when she saw Alicia come into view.
"All The Fucking Way!" Billie screamed as she tackled Alicia to the ground. Alicia laughed as Billie hugged her on the ground, giving her a hug back. All The Fucking Way was a nickname given to her when she had been wearing headphones and Billie screamed out, 'We went all the fucking way to the top' and she mistook it for 'Alicia Way'.
"Yepp, it's my B.B. alright." Billie nodded incredibly fast. When Billie got up, Alicia following suit, she walked over to Bob and faced her back to him, letting him pull her in close and wrap his arms around her waist. Billie leaned into him for she felt safe in his arms. She felt something that she had never felt before (not that you sick pervs).
"So, I take it things went well?" Jaymee asked her. Both Billie and Bob shook their heads 'no'.
"WHAT?!" Luna and Jaymee exclaimed.
"I'm gay. I have a girlfriend." Billie told her with a straight face.
"No!" Jaymee punched Billie in the arm for that and Billie grabbed her arm laughing and whining in pain. It hurt so bad it was funny to her. Bob chuckled a little and Jaymee shot him a glare but he just shrugged his shoulders.

After a long chat, they decided that it was time to start getting ready for the show. As Jaymee and the guys walked to the dressing rooms, Billie put her iPod headphones in and started to rock out to a bunch of J-POP** songs, singing to them, lyrics known by heart. But, whilst rocking out, she bumped into...

Well, that's tonight's story oh and J-POP stands for Japenese Pop. There is also JROCK which guessed it! Japenese ROCK! WOO! Can't wait for the next update!!

xox Kitten
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