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Ray scoffed. “I’m sure our first album; ‘Tales of the Pizza man and the dinosaur’ will turn platinum in no time!”

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“Who told you?” Ray asked his father with a sigh, he had called around to his house to see if he could make amends with his father, he would hate to lose contact with his father, even after what he had done to Ray, he still loved him.
“Your friend in the flat said you went ‘round to that club most nights, he said he didn’t know why though… I was going to ask you to come to dinner, but now I realize a little scumbag like you doesn’t deserve a place at our table.” Ray’s father spat venomously. He was still disgusted by the sight of his son, how could his little Ray have betrayed him like that. People like that, Gays, cross-dressers even camp people didn’t register as humans in his mind, they all made his stomach churn, and he wasn’t going to make an exception, even with his son. “I s’pose he’s your boyfriend or something.” He accused venomously. Ray kept his gaze cemented towards concrete floor outside his house.
“No, he’s not, I’m not gay, dad.” Ray mumbled, fiddling with the hem of his jacket, it was one of him many habits when he was nervous. His father snorted in reply and turned to go back inside his house.
“Get out of my sight you…. bastard. And don’t ever come back. I told your mother about it and she agrees. We only have one son now.. and that’s not you.” His father stated as a final reply and retreated back inside his house, but not before giving Ray one final punch in the stomach, Ray tensed up in agony, only giving his father the satisfaction he craved. “Let that be a lesson to you, Faggot.”
Ray could feel hot tears in his eyes but he didn’t let them escape, he took out his phone and dialed the first number that came to his head; Gerard’s. Even though they hadn’t been re-acquainted for very long, he had come to trust and rely on Gerard as he would a brother.
The receiver clicked as Gerard picked up.
“H-hello?” He mumbled on the other side of the phone.
“Gerard, hey, could you come pick me up from my house please?? I know it’s a bit short notice and all but-”
“S’not a problem, Ray-Ray, I’ll be over now!”
Ray-Ray?? Was Gerard felling okay, he heard Gerard’s muffled voice in the phone followed by a slightly lower man’s voice, Matt. Of Course. Gerard wasn’t okay.
Ray began to protest to Gerard, saying he would walk home, but it was too late, Gerard had put down the phone on the other end. Assuming Matt would be in the car, Ray didn’t want a ride anymore…
In less than 5 minutes, Gerard pulled up in his black, small and jittery car. Matt wasn’t accompanying him, Gerard must’ve taken him home first. Ray clambered in to hear Gerard singing one of his awful written songs quietly.

/There goes that Orange Dinosaur,
He’s a pimp, and I’m his whore.
That Orange Pimpin’ Dinosaur.
Oh there he goes, out my window,
Now I’m a dinosaurs widow./

Ray stifled his giggles. Gerard was really taking his songs seriously… The only great one he had ever written was “Skylines and turnstiles.” They had written a tune down to accompany it, but Gerard failed to see its potential, if only he knew…
“So…” Gerard began, “Your Dad’s being an asshole again?” he asked bluntly. Ray simply nodded in reply.
‘Well, maybe you could… I dunno..” Gerard continued, taking his eyes off the road for a moment to look into Ray’s. Ray noted that Gerard’s pupils we’re wide and his eyes seemed out of focus. Typical Gerard. “Quit your job??”
“WHAT?!” Ray squealed. Quit his job?? But he loved it! Even though he had desperately denied it all those times he and Gerard had discussed it. He had lied to seem like a better person than he was. “I love performing! It’s my passion.”
“Yeah, yeah I know.” Gerard replied dismissively. “But you’ll be performing with us when the band gets big and then-”
“-Oh yeah, of course!” Ray scoffed. “I’m sure our first album; ‘Tales of the Pizza man and the dinosaur’ will turn platinum in no time!” He flared sarcastically. Gerard gave him an offended look before returning his gaze to the road in defeat.
“Fuck you, Ray.” Gerard replied, the anger dripping off his every syllable.
The car slowed to a steady halt in the middle of nowhere and Gerard sat back in his seat looking at Ray expectantly.
“Get Out.” Gerard stated, more as a fact than a demand.
“But, Gerard, Where are-”
“I SAID GET OUT!” Gerard Roared. Ray sighed heavily in defeat and climbed out of the car into the cold night air. Gerard left no time for second thoughts as he raced off into the distance.
Ray cursed himself for opening his fat mouth and began walking in the direction Gerard’s car had gone, assuming that was the way home.
After about 20 Minutes of leg-numbing walking. Ray admitted defeat and simply sat at the side of the road, silent tears streaming down his face. He was so mean to Gerard, he felt like such a user. Gerard hadn’t really done anything to deserve Ray’s mean comments, it was Matt that deserved them for making Gerard be that way.
The wind began to blow roughly and uncontrollable shivers overpowered Ray’s body. He was doomed, he was sure he was going to freeze on the side of the road forever. Maybe if he waited long enough he could be defrosted when Drag Artists were the latest craze or something… At that moment he was thinking of absolutely anything to keep his mind of the bitter coldness that grasped his every warm breath.
Suddenly a bright set of headlights sped closer to Ray. And then surprisingly slowed down to a stop right in front of Ray.
The unidentifiable person wound down their window.
“Want a ride?”
That’s when Ray saw their face.
That was the day he met her…
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