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“What’s your name??’ She enquired curiously as Ray pulled on his seatbelt after accepting the kind offer from an even kinder stranger. Ray could almost feel the warmth of her good personality and kindness radiate from her heavenly blue eyes. He almost forgot she had even spoken until he could detect curiosity in her eyes.
“R-R-ray,” He stuttered, he felt like an angst-filled teen all over again, he made a note to himself not to shove any candy up his nose this time, last time was a disaster… “What’s your name??”
“Clarissa.” She replied simply, starting the car engine back up and beginning the drive to Ray’s house.
Clarissa. Ray repeated the name over and over in his mind like a constant loop. A beautiful name for a beautiful person he concluded, he considered telling her so, but in his mind that sentence screamed corny.
Ray studied her like a piece of artwork, her curvy yet slender body as she sat in her seat, The way her slightly muscled arms gripped the steering wheel with her small hands and thin fingers. No ring, he noted, that had to be a good sign…
Her ebony hair was pulled back into a small ponytail in a business like way and a small black suit clung to her tiny frame. Ray assumed she was on her way home from work.
Ray directed Clarissa to his flat, talking all the while about their likes, dislikes, hobbies, and anything that arose from that conversation.
Clarissa was 24 and a record producer for Eyeball records. She had attended a Catholic School in her youth and she lived a few streets away from Ray’s flat. Perfect.
On the 30 minute drive home, they shared laughs and great storied about their past.
This is perfect. Ray though to himself as Clarissa described her pet dog, Freebie very animatedly.
Ray didn’t want to mess up his chances. So he kept his current job a complete secret, claiming he was currently job searching, which was a complete and utter lie. He felt bad hiding something from such a beautiful and kind person as her, but if he wanted any chance in some sort of relationship with her, he would probably never be able to reveal his true secret within..
He wanted to be with her so badly. To be the one she woke up with every morning with, the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with – because really, that’s what he wanted.
A short, fun filled time later the car pulled to a stop outside Ray’s flat, he turned to face Clarissa.
“Hey.. Uhhm, thanks so much, Clarissa! I was wondering uhh if uhhm…” Ray began, oh great, the stutters were coming back. “ M-maybe we could.”
“Lets meet up again!” She interrupted boldly. “Go get a pen from your flat and I’ll write down my number and address for you!” She said, somewhat commandingly.
Ray obliged, sprinting up the stairs and towards the door of his flat. On his way there he searched around in his pockets to find his key, yet, he couldn’t feel its bumpy edges against his fingertips. He started to panic, but a note stuck to his door caught his attention, the handwriting was unmistakably Gerard’s.
/Hey Ray.
Haha, loozer!
You left your keys in my car!
Let this be a lesson to you!
Lots of Luv,
XXX Geee (And Matt)
PS. Read the note above from your roommate, ben or Uhhm, Bam or something. You’re fucked!/

Ray led his glance upwards towards another note, which, of course, was in Ben’s girlish handwriting.

Going out for drinks with friends.
Won’t be home tonight, so don’t wait up!

Ray let out an exasperated sigh and walked back down the stairs where Clarissa was sat tapping her fingers against the steering wheel. He explained everything to her and she listened intently for a moment, and then paused and replied slowly, with a huge smile spread from each ear.
“Well, hop in!” She smiled, patting the seat next to her in her car, “Looks like you’ll be spending the night with me!”
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