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A Love Spell

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Chapter 12. Julie's birthday party. PART ONE!

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As the school weeks passed, Julie’s birthday was now arriving. As usual, she’d have a party and invite the boys and they’d have a blast. Gerard’s plan had come together nicely so far. He now did have a girlfriend who he thought was good enough for him. Despite the questions he kept on receiving as to why he’d ask out a girl so suddenly, everything was fine. Gerard was happy with his new girlfriend, Kaysie. They were both into the same music, and their same tastes could go on forever. He was also quite happy with her appearance. Although he thought Julie was much more pretty, Kaysie was still “hot” in Gerard’s words and eyes.

Until Gerard started dating Kaysie who was in most of his classes, Frank, Mikey, Ray, Bob and Julie had no contact with her. Sure, they had seen each other in the school grounds, but other then that they had never talked. Not once. So it was a shock to everyone that Gerard was dating her of all people, especially Mikey. Who had been meaning to ask him why he did do it. He was happy for his brother, there was no doubt about it. But he didn’t think a relationship was right for Gerard at this moment in time.

Also, he had felt a hint of jealousy for some unknown reason. It’s not like he had a crush on Kaysie or anything. He was sure it was from the lonely nights with no one by his side and the fact that he considered that no one liked him in that way. Considering the only girl he usually, and mostly, talks to is Julie, he had no other social skills. No to mention the fact him be oblivious to Julie’s affection made the situation much more complex.

But, Mikey wasn’t the only one jealous. Julie had been thinking that Kaysie wasn’t good enough for Gerard. Which then resulted in jealousy. She hadn’t intended on inviting Kaysie to her party, but her being Gerard’s girlfriend and all made it impossible not to. Of course, if she didn’t invite Kaysie, some sort of argument would surely start between the two. And then somehow, Gerard would get dragged into it. A whole unwanted scene would be created. Now the situation was much much more complex.

It’s almost like a love triangle was created that days. But four people made it a…Love square.

It was now currently the day of the celebration for Julie’s birthday. She ha turned fifteen, and it was a pretty big deal for her. Of course it wasn’t just the party she was looking forward to, but she was also planning on confessing her love to Mikey that night. She was pretty sure she could classify her feelings towards Mikey as ‘love’ although she has only been feeling it for a little bit. She was sure that’s what it was, and had every intention of telling Mikey that night.

And Gerard, being the person he is, was planning on ruining he whole evening when that situation arrived. Well not ruin it all together. He would at least try to put some sense into Julie and get her to see the perfect life she could have with Gerard. How he would treasure her and never ever hurt her, physically and emotionally. How he would give her anything she wanted, she’d just have to ask. He was sure he could somehow bribe her with those possibilities and something would form into a relationship. Just like magic almost. And Gerard was casting a love spell on her with his words.

As the night began, everyone was getting ready for the celebration ahead of them. Which included getting ready to a proper extent. But, as always, most clothes consisted of black. Even Kaysie, who was now currently completing her look, was wearing the same style of clothes.

After the preparing before heading off, everyone made their way to Julie’s house. Much transportation was included, even though Frank decided to walk, which didn’t take very long anyway, and he would definitely arrive their early. The reason? Well, he decided to begin his walk to Julie’s house…A half hour earlier.

Meanwhile, Julie’ s parents had learned to trust her and her friends enough to have the night to them. No parents, but rules still existed in mind. Although no parental presence was there, everyone knew somehow the overprotective-ness of her family was still there. Now, her house was half decorated with balloons and ribbons to indicate a celebration was ahead. Her not wanting to go all out for every occasion made everything much easier for her, her family and friends. As she was as simple girl, but in a way, she had big needs. But, most women did, right?

Julie’s parents had now left, and weren’t coming back until one in the morning. This was because of Julie’s constant begging and pleading of extra hours of fun. As many hours were ahead for them that night, they all took it easy that day. The Saturday afternoon had arrived quickly and Frank was the first to arrive at her house. And of course, he had a present. As much as Julie had told them before that presents weren’t required, everyone insisted on it. As it was a ‘celebration of her birth’, and her ‘coming into this world’ as Mikey liked it put it. Which always-made Julie smiled and nod graciously.

Frank approached the residence where Julie lived. He skipped happily up her driveway, with his present in one hand and a yellow balloon attached to string in another. Yet, Frank didn’t know that Julie had gone out to buy some more drinks. She had made sure to tell everyone to arrive at 6, but Frank decided to arrive at 5:30, for some strange reason.

He reached the door, and soon realized he couldn’t knock on the door to let Julie know he was outside. He, being the stubborn person that he is, didn’t want to let his present touch the ground. As it was against the ‘rules’, which Frank had made up earlier that day. These rules also consisted of not cheating when playing pin the tail on the donkey. Also trying his hardest not to steal all the candy by putting them in his empty pants pocket and leaving.

So Frank stood there, without a way to signal his arrival. He didn’t want to let go of his precious yellow balloon he had become so attached too over the day. He even gave it a name: Yellow Bob. This was his rather lame attempt to get a usually angry Bob even angrier. The balloon also included a smiley face drawn with a permanent marker.

Frank soon began calling out for Julie by yelling out her name numerous times. But, not yelling too loud, as he didn’t want to ruin his ‘party voice.’ Before long, Frank had given up. He knew his voice wasn’t loud enough although he had done some screaming in his time. As an end result, Frank used his head to bang against the door the get Julie’s attention. After about ten times of this, he heard a voice behind him. He turned his sore head around with a groan to see how it was. Make to his surprise, it was Julie.

“What the hell are you doing to my door?” Julie asked.

Frank looked to see a very confused Julie standing there with a bag in her right hand. “Why aren’t you inside?!” He asked loudly.

“I went to get more drinks.” She said holding the bag up.

“But-“ He began.

“Why are you so early, Frank?” She asked, confused. “The party doesn’t start for another half and hour.” She continued to tell him.

“I wanted to be the fist one here.” He said softly, and rather sadly.

“Why?” She asked him, taking a few steps closer.

“I’m always the first one at a party!” He yelled, making Julie jump a little. “It’s like a party rule!”

“Party rule?” She asked, bewildered.

“Yes! Party rules!” He screamed annoyed.

“Whatever, Frankie.” Julie mumbled. She then used her left hand to grab her key from her pocket and opened the door for both of them. They both stepped into the house and then into the living room. “Take a seat, Frankie.” She said, pointing to her lounge. He nodded; setting down her present, which was wrapped in purple beside him. Julie continued to walk into the kitchen and taking the cans out of the plastics bag, and then into the fridge. She then walked back into the room with Frank.

“So…” Julie said awkwardly.

“So…” He said, mimicking her. The awkward silence became more awkward when Frank suddenly remembered what Gerard had told him previously. He remembered all the drawings he was shown, and how much emotion was put into them. “What’s it like being 15?” He asked, smiling a bit.

“It’s awesome.” She said, laughing a little. After more small talk, there was a knock on the door. Julie stood up quickly and went to open the door. She did, and revealed Mikey, Bob, Ray, Gerard and, much to her displeasure, Kaysie.

“Let’s start this par-tay!” Yelled Ray as he stepped inside, along with everyone else.


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