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Never Too Young For Love

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Chapter 13 (?) Julie's birthday party. PART TWO!

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“Frank get off the couch!” Julie yelled with all her might. Frank had obviously had one too many cans of coke that Julie had bought earlier that day. Frank had soon began jumping around the place, including Julie’s parent’s bed and then Julie’s herself. His energy was little scary.

“But it’s so bouncy!” He yelled back, trying to win the argument. Frank was still clutching Yellow Bob in his hand, much to Bob’s annoyance.

“I don’t care! Get down!” Julie continued to scream.

“Make me!” He called back, laughs escaping from his throat.

“Frank Anthony Iero!” She came back with angrily.

“Julie Louise Bell!” He replied, almost mimicking her.

“Frankie please.” She begged.

“What’s in it for me?” He asked.

“You can get the biggest piece of cake.” Julie said, sighing a little. “Even though it’s my birthday.”

“What kind of cake is it?” Frank asked quickly.

“Chocolate, duh.”

“Yay!” He shrieked and ran into the direction of the kitchen where everyone else was. Julie then entered the kitchen after Frank and saw him digging into the refrigerator for the cake they had just been talking about. She noticed that they rest if the boys, and Kaysie, were sitting at the dining room table. They were chattering away while Frank placed the cake on the table. He then clapped his hands together cheerfully, and let out a giggle.

“Alright! Song time!” Mikey suddenly yelled and pushed Julie down into a close at hand chair, causing her to scream a little.

“Wait! Candles! We need candles!” Frank screamed.

“In the second cupboard Frank.” Julie said pointing at it.

“Cool.” He smiled, and walked over to the cupboard. He went to reach for the handle to open it with his free hand as the other one still held onto the string of the balloon. But with his lack of height he had trouble reaching it. He was determined to get the candles to their rightful place: Julie’s cake. He stood on the point of his toes, trying his hardest to reach by failing miserably.

“Hurry Frank.” He heard Ray say. Frank turned to see everyone else quietly chatting.

Frank let out an annoyed grunt and continued to reach for the handle. “Stupid piece of crap.” He muttered under his breath.

“Frank. Candles now.” Bob said annoyed.

“Just because you’re tall!” He yelled turning around.

“Jesus, Frank calm down.” Bob said, putting his arms out in defense and standing up. “I’ll get the candles myself.” Bob said walking over the cupboard where Frank was, who was now pouting.

“No!” Frank screamed. “I can reach them!” He said sternly, and pushing Bob away. He began stretching again, letting out groans of aggravation frequently. “Must…Get…Candles.” He stuttered. Bob’s patience was dying as he shoved Frank out of the way and reached up and retrieved the candles.

“Success!” He said, holding the small box of candles above his head. Frank let out a whimper and sat back down at the table, where a few laughs escape people’s mouths. Frank softly hugged the yellow balloon, being very careful not to pop it.

The candles were now on the chocolate covered cake, although the surprise for Julie wasn’t there at all. Of course, she didn’t mind at all. As long as her friends were here, all was well for her. Her spending time with the ones she was close with made her truly happy. Although getting ‘closer’ to Mikey would make everything perfect.

“Song time now!” Mikey screamed, causing people to cover their ears. “Sorry, I just like singing.” He said quietly and quickly. Everyone shrugged the last moment off, and began to sing to her.

“/Happy Birthday to you/
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Julie
/Happy Birthday to you!/”

The words escaped their mouths and ended with clapping and cheering with all. Ray put the candles on the cake while Frank watched the piece of food placed in front of him hungrily. He began licking his lips and began to get hungrier by the second. Ray had then lit all of the candles with a lighter that was once in his pocket.

“Make a wish!” Gerard squealed, making Kaysie laugh a little.

“Okay.” She said quietly as she then closed her eyes. She could still feel the slight heat on her face from the multiple candles near her. A smile spread across her face, as she knew what she was going to wish for. As she blew the candles the wish was said in her head over and over again, as if it was on repeat. She had wished that Mikey felt the same way about her. And that when she told him her feelings tonight, he would tell her that he loved her. Then everything would be perfect. The relationship she wanted for so long would be hers.

Then they would be able to kiss and hold hands do everything couples did. Julie had longed for someone who would take care of her, and she he knew Mikey was that person. Her certainty took over her sometimes; no matter what position she was in. Being self-confident helped her out a lot every so often.

“What did you wish for?” Frank asked.

“She can’t tell you.” Bob said, slapping Frank on the back of the head.

“Ow!” Frank let out and laughed with everyone else. A knife was placed on the table earlier that night, and Julie picked it up with her right hand. “You can tell me. I won’t tell anyone.” Frank said cheerfully. “Especially Bob. I’ll never Bob.” Frank said laughing, as did everyone else.

“Cake anyone?” Julie asked out loud, knowing the obvious answer.

“Me! Me! Me!” Frank screamed, running up to the to the side of the table where Julie was standing. He shoved a plate in her face. “And I get the biggest piece. Remember?” He said in a rather tempting voice.

“Yes, Frankie. I remember.”

“Why does he get the biggest piece?” Kaysie asked.

“ ’Cause I’m special.” Frank replied, grinning widely.

“You go that right.” Gerard said putting an arm around Kaysie and pulling her closer to him. Julie suddenly felt a little uneasy about how close these two were. She decided it was because she wasn’t used to seeing them together, and not jealousy. But, a small part of her wanted to believe she was jealous. But she still decided to shake the thought away.

After everyone had eaten, they were now in the living room with music playing rather loudly. Frank was still drinking cans of coke, and he had consumed most of them. Ray and Bob were playing pin the ail on the donkey, and Frank had swore he wouldn’t cheat and decided not to play. He thought his urge would take over him, and he needed to follow the Party Rules.

He still managed to keep a strong hold on Yellow Bob, which was getting the real Bob angrier. He didn’t need a damn balloon named after him. Especially a yellow one. Of all colors, why would a teenage boy have a yellow balloon named after his friend? But, this was Frank. But, Bob was still strong-minded about getting rid of the yellow.

“Frank!” Bob yelled, and caught Frank’s attention.

“Yeah?!” He yelled.

“Do you mind if I took a look at your balloon?”

“First of all, it isn’t called balloon, it’s called Yellow Bob. And secondly, no you cannot look a Yellow Bob because you’ll kill him.” Frank said firmly.

“No I wont. I promise.” Bob lied.

“No.” Frank said taking a step back.

“Gimme the balloon Frank.” Bob said more fiercely this time.

“No!” Frank screamed running away from Bob. He ran upstairs and Bob wasn’t in the mood to chase around boys shorter then him with a yellow balloon. Bob rolled his eyes, and sat back down with Ray who was laughing at what he had just witnessed. Bob didn’t reply he just sat there thinking of a way to get back at Frank.

Gerard was sitting on the couch with Kaysie on his lap, who was being quiet that night. Julie and Mikey had gone outside, into the backyard to be more specific.

The night sky had made the two colder, as the pulled their jackets closer around their bodies. As they continued to walk onto the grass they smiled to each other suddenly, seeing that they were now comfortable with each other in this odd position off being alone.

“Swings!” Mikey yelled running over to the swing set Julie has had since she was young. Mikey and Julie, and everyone else actually, would always play with it. And it proves that you’re never too old to swing, no matter how old you are. They both sat down on an individual swing and took in the environment around the. They each took their own time to intake the moonlight.

“It’s pretty.” Julie said looking up at the stars and smiling.

“Yeah.” Mikey told her. “It is.”

“Doesn’t stuff like this make you think?” She asked him.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it really makes me think about the deeper stuff about life. You know, death, true happiness, love…” She continued to tell him her thoughts in all honesty. She turned to Mikey and he gave her a quick nod.

“Aren’t you a little young to be thinking about love?” Mikey asked.

“You’re never to young for love.” She replied beginning to swing faster and Mikey did the same.

“I guess.” He said.

“Do you think we’ll ever fall in love?” Julie asked him as she stopped swinging and looked him straight in the eye.

“Actually, I think I already have.” Mikey told her while a smile spread across his face. Julie’s heartbeat began racing faster then ever.

“Really?” She asked excited. “Me too!” She exclaimed, thinking Mikey was talking about her.

“Wow, really? We could totally double date.” He told her still smiling widely.

“What?” She said in awe. She couldn’t believe it? Mikey liked somebody else? That wasn’t possible. It couldn’t be possible. After everything Julie had been thinking about. After all of her hope had gone into something happening between her and Mikey, this is what she gets? It wasn’t fair.

“We should double date.” Mikey repeated again, thinking Julie didn’t hear him the first time.

“No. No. No.” Julie repeated as she stood up. She was almost hysterical, as she was trying her hardest to keep her screaming and yells of agony inside of her. But the space inside of her was already taken. It was taken up by her feelings for Mikey. Her love for him, in fact.

“What’s wrong?” Mikey asked, confused. He didn’t like seeing Julie like this. He never liked to see his friends and family upset, it hurt him too.

“It wasn’t meant to be like this.” She said, tears forming in her eyes now. Julie suddenly began running away into the night. Mikey continued to call after her, confused more then ever now. He knew he couldn’t chase after her. Because of his asthma problems, and Mikey chasing after her would help no one. He quickly walked back into the house, hoping for answers from somebody.

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