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Running Away And Crying With You

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Julie runs away and Gerard looks for her.

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New chapter!! Yes, it is up for a certain person who convinced me to update, I’m sure she knows who she is (:


Mikey entered Julie’s house frantically and saw almost everyone in their same positions. Of course, Julie was missing.

“Guys!” Mikey yelled. His poor attempt to get everyone’s attention obviously didn’t work.

“Guys!” He screamed again but the heavy music and everyone talking loudly drowned his voice out. He stormed over to the radio and turned the volume down. Everyone’s awareness was now on Mikey.

“I was listening to that.” Frank said annoyed, and yes, Yellow Bob was still in his hand.

“I don’t care.” Mikey said rolling his eyes.

“Where’s Julie?” Gerard asked Mikey quickly.

“She ran off.” Mikey muttered. “We were just talki-”

“She what?!” Gerard screamed getting off the couch. Kaysie shifted a little at Gerard’s sudden reaction.

“She ran off.” He repeated again, fairly annoyed at Gerard.

“And you just let her run off like that!” He screamed stepping closer to Mikey. “It’s almost midnight, Mikey! She could get hurt!”

“What did you expect me to do?!” He screamed back at him. “I can’t chase after her with asthma!”

“Guys, calm down.” Bob said stepping in between the two fighting brothers.

Gerard rolled his eyes. “I’ll look for her.” He stated and ran for the door.

“Gerard!” Came a shrill voice from the lounge. “You’re just going to leave me here?” She asked angrily.

“I’ll be back, don’t worry.” He sad aggravated. He honestly didn’t care if she was to stay or leave, he just wanted Julie his arms, where she was out of harm's way.

“Whatever.” She grumbled. Gerard wasn’t in the room long enough to hear her complains. He was in his car, with no seatbelt on and on the road before he knew it. He tried not to speed as he drove down the road, as he wasn’t in the mood for running over innocent people. His fingers began to tap on the steering wheel nervously; he knew he might not find her. He knew something bad would happen to her if he didn’t find her in time.

There were people in New Jersey that were capable of horrible things. Violence, murder, rape. You name it, it would happen here. Gerard’s thoughts began daunting him even more as he turned a corner. He didn’t want to think about the bad things that could happen to Julie. He bit his bottom lip and drove faster, his eyes darting form side to side to see if he could see the person he was looking for.


Julie sat down on the grass in a park by herself. This was all too much to handle for her. She looked around the park and saw she was all alone. A sudden feeling of fear overwhelmed her, as she knew she wasn’t in the safest place, but she couldn’t move. Her heart was broken without doubt. Mikey’s words had hurt more then anything, she knew that for sure.

But she couldn’t understand why she had run off. She didn’t understand why she didn’t even say one word to him about her feelings towards him. She wanted him to know, she wanted him to know tonight. That’s what she had planned.

She felt like telling Mikey was her only escape from this place. From the world that was once her home. Where she was ‘happy’ with herself. No one knew her problems, she never told anyone about her problems. She never told anyone what happened at home, not even Mikey. The violence, the pain and suffering was all apart of her everyday life, she was almost used to it now. As if she was immune to everything around her.

She had considered telling Mikey about the abuse at home. She used to trust everything with Mikey. But now she felt like she couldn’t. She couldn’t trust anyone at all. She wasn’t as close to everyone else as she was with Mikey. They’d known each other since they were young, maybe even birth. They played together at this very park sometimes, that’s why Julie came here. To remember all the happy times they had together while growing up.


Mikey still sat at Julie’s house more worried then ever. He never meant to make her upset, just jealous. He never knew she would run off without telling him where she was going. He now knew that Julie liked him too, thanks to Frank. Frank had told Mikey that she liked him. But Frank didn’t tell Mikey about Gerard, then things would get way more out of hand.

So Mikey sat there, worried and scared for his best friend’s life. Mikey knew Julie wasn’t the strongest person, so anyone could just take advantage of her. Mikey’s worries grew as the time passed, and he could only hope Gerard found her on time.

Mikey thought he was the stupidest person on Earth right now. Why didn’t he tell her his feelings before? Why did he want to get her jealous? They could have happily been spending this night together, and not separated like this.

“Please find her.” He muttered as he placed his head in his hands.


Julie still sat on the grass, but this time she was sobbing. She was hurt and felt like her heart was damaged, and it couldn’t be fixed. It was broken, shattered and maybe even completely gone from its original position. She didn’t understand why this boy had made her feel so much pain. One boy, and he caused a million tears. She wondered if Mikey wanted anything from her anymore, if they were even going to be friends anymore.

Their friendship had lasted so long over these years. But tonight, it could all be ruined. On her birthday! Off all days for all this pain to occur it happened on the day she was meant to be celebrating. The day she meant to be having fun, and being happy with all her friends who came to see her. The day she was meant to tell Mikey how she really felt about him. She was sick of lying to him and sick of being lonely.

More tears fell from here eyes as she rubbed them. She didn’t want to cry, but she couldn't help it. She hardly ever cried, she could vaguely remember the last time she did.

But, unexpectedly someone grabbed her shoulders form behind, causing her to scream out loud.

Flashback: By the way, they're 7 years old here

It was a sunny day in Belleville, and Mikey and Julie had spent the early morning eating ice cream and having water fights. They had decided to carry on the day by going to the park.

“Race ya there!” Mikey yelled.

“Okay!” Julie replied after pulling on one of her pigtails.

They began to speed up the footpath giggling away. Their minds had no problems, or so they thought. Being so young seems to make everyone happy, including Mikey and Julie. The sun was still shining brightly as they were still running to the park. Julie’s’ small girly giggles soon stopped as she tripped over a loose shoelace and hit the ground with a thud. She had scrapped her knee, and soon her eyes were filled with tears.

Cries of pain escaped her mouth as she grabbed her knee. “OW!” She yelled.

Mikey turned around to see Julie crying on the ground. “Julie!”

“It hurts, Mikey.” She whimpered.

“I’ll make it better.” Mikey said smiling as if to reassure her. “I always have emergency band aids.” He told her, smiling proudly as he reached into his left pocket and pulled out a band-aid. He pulled the wrapping off and was about to place it on Julie’s sore knee.

“No!” She yelled, making him stop.

“What? Mikey asked, confused.

“The band-aid has dinosaurs on it.” She said looking down at the band-aid with colorful dinosaurs on it, which all look playful with their happy smiles. “I don’t like dinosaurs.” She said and then pouted.

“But it will help you feel better.” Mikey said pushing his glasses back up his nose.

She paused for a minute but then sighed. “Fine, put it on.” She said closing her eyes, as she was hesitating about the whole situation. Mikey then placed the band-aid on her sore knee, and smiled humbly.

“All done.” He said bending down a little to kiss the band-aid that completely covered the sore.

“Thank you Mikey.” Julie said rubbing her eyes, as tears still fell from it. “But it still hurts.” She said out loud.

Mikey then pulled her into a hug, wrapping his arms around her shoulders as Julie did the same to Mikey. ”It’s okay Julie, I’m here.” He said as Julie cried onto his shoulder form stinging of her knee.

End of flashback

Julie’s continued to scream and cry as the strong hands grabbed her. She was turned right around to come face to face with Gerard. He was the last person she expected to see tonight. She looked over to the road and she could just make out the outline of Gerard’s car. More tears fell from her eyes as she clung on to Gerard’s shirt. She had begun pounding her fists into his chest, but it had no affect on Gerard. He wrapped his strong arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

“It’s okay, Julie. I’m here.” He whispered into her ear she continued to weep.


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