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Stupidly Crying

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Julie and Gerard talk.

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Yeah, I saw The Getaway Plan at JB Hi Fi
I probably scared them with all my screaming...

The two stood there in the same spot as before. They clutched each other with all their hope, as they didn’t want this moment to end. Gerard and Julie suddenly felt a sudden connection they had never felt before, like they were one person but with two minds. A link had been formed, and Gerard knew this was something special. He held Julie closer as eh sobs continued; and Gerard continued to rock back forth slowly.

“Please stop crying, Julie.” He whispered into her ear, only to have her cry more. He mentally cursed to himself.

“I…Can’t…Help…It.” She mumbled into his shirt.

“Come on, Julie, stop.” He said as he began to rub her back.

“I can’t!” She yelled slamming her fist into Gerard’s chest. Gerard had to admit; it did hurt, which was surprising as it came from a weeping girl.

“Look how about I take you back home?” He asked softly.

“I don’t wanna go back there.” He heard her reply.

“You could stay at my house for a while.” He offered, but knowing Mikey would be there he realized that would be a bad idea.


“Mikey will probably be at your house, don’t worry about him.” He said reassuring her.

“I dunno.” She said still clinging to him.

Gerard pulled away from her a little bit. “Julie, please. Just stay with me for a while, then I’ll dive you back home. Just let me do this for you.” He said stroking her cheek.

“ ‘Kay.” She mumbled. Gerard smiled and took her hand as they then walked back to his car. Gerard had just realized he hadn’t locked his car, but luckily the late night meant no one was out. They were both now seated in the car, secured with the seatbelt. Gerard looked over at Julie who was staring out the window. The drive would take about 15 minutes, and that meant the length of the awkward silence that might be approaching. Soon several minutes passed and Julie began talking.

“I didn’t get my wish.” She said, her voice hoarse.

“What?” Gerard asked confused.

“My wish…it didn’t come true.” She said sadly.

“What wish?”

“When I blew out the candles on my cake…I made a wish.” She told him.

“Oh.” Gerard said.

“I wished that me and Mikey could…Well, yeah.” She said still looking out the window.

“Julie don’t worry about Mikey.” He said his eyes still on the road.

“I can’t!” She yelled, making Gerard jump a little. He once again focused his attention on driving safely again.

“Julie, please clam down. You know I hate seeing you like this.” He told her truthfully. Julie suddenly felt bad, as she didn’t want Gerard to express sympathy for her. She didn’t need any compassion, or so she thought. She wanted to be strong about everything that was going on around her. As her feelings of despair were soon turned into anger she thought of Mikey. Her fists were now balled and she had a strange feeling of pure hatred.

“Were here, Julie.” Gerard stated as he turned off the engine. But Julie’s focus was on the night sky above them both. Her eyes were now looking over at the stars she was once staring at with Mikey hours before.

“Julie. Come on, were here sweetheart ” He said tenderly, trying to get her attention. She was still staring out the window but did eventually turn around. She gave him a soft nod as they both got out. The walked up the driveway and entered the quiet house.

“Mum and Dad are probably sleeping.” He whispered.


“My room?” Gerard asked trying to make sure she was comfortable being in the same room as him. He received a nod from her as they took slow and calm steps towards Gerard’s room. They stood outside the door and Gerard opened if carefully, being careful not to make any loud noise. Gerard placed his hand on Julie’s back and gently pushed her in.

They entered the dark room, and Gerard was the first to speak. “Why don’t you take a seat?” Gerard asked pointing at his bed. “You’ve had a long night, just relax.”

She gave no verbal sign of agreement but did walk over and sat down on the bed. She rested her back against the soft mattress and stared up at the ceiling. She noticed a whole bunch of sticker grouped together. Her eyes and mind wondered what it was.

“What’s with the stickers?” She asked aloud, pointing at the inorganic shape.

“I dunno. I guess I get a little excited when I get stickers. So I stick ‘em everywhere.” He said laughing a little, trying his hardest to cheer her up.

“ ‘Kay.” She replied, her voice soft.

There was about 10 minutes of another awkward silence, before Julie once again broke it. “Gee, can I ask you something?”

“Anything.” He said honestly.

“Do you think there is like a special person out there for everybody?”

“You mean like a soul mate?” He wondered.

“No…Not a soul mate. Just someone who…Who gets me. Someone who won’t hurt me.” She told him.

“I guess there is…”

“I guess it’s too late for me, though.” She said sitting up on the bed. “Because the person I thought the got me…He hurt me.” She told him, tearing up once again. “Tonight hurt more then anything.”

Gerard quickly walked to his bed and sat down beside her. “Mikey’s stupid, Julie. He didn’t realize how special you are.” Gerard said, trying to convince her how unique she was.

“You’re just saying that…”

“No, I’m not.”

“You’re lying…”

“I’d never lie to you.” He told her, caressing her cheek.

“But…But I-” She began nervously.

“But what?”

“I loved him!” She yelled, crying hysterically. They were both surprised that Gerard’s parents hadn’t woken up yet, considering all the noise they were making.

“Aw Julie, come here.” He said pulling her into another embrace. “You did realize what you said though, right?”

“What?” Julie asked, bewildered.

“You said ‘loved’…Not ‘love’.” He told, trying to boost her confidence they only way he could. Which was by stating the obvious.

“I don’t understand-“

“You don’t love him anymore, Julie. Mikey isn’t worth crying over.” Gerard whispered.

“Then why am I crying?” She asked, wiping her eyes.

“It’s normal to cry, sweetie…Even I cry.” He confessed.


“And Mikey is probably crying right now.” He said softly.

“Why?” She asked, not understand why Mikey would be upset.

“Because he knows he just lost the most perfect woman in the world.” Gerard said, what was truthful in his mind.

Julie blushed. ”I’m not perfect. I mean look at me. I’m a mess.” She said pointing to her face.

“You’re a beautiful mess.” He told her, as they both blushed a shade of crimson.

“But crying is stupid-” She began, but once again was interrupted.

“You’re stupidly crying over a stupid guy.” Gerard running a hand through her hair.

“Well Mikey is stupid.” Julie laughed.

“Agreed.” Gerard said laughing with her. He was glad to see a smile on her face. And he hated seeing her upset.

“Oh, shit! We have to Get back to my house.” Julie said just being able to make out the correct time on the clock close by.

“Hey, clam down. We have at least a half and hour before your parents get back.” He said, reassuring her.

“Oh, yeah.” She said, stupidly. “I just lost track of time.”

“Don’t ever run off like that again, okay.” He said seriously. “I was scared something would happen to you.”

“I didn’t mean to scare you…I just needed to get some thinking done. Just some alone time.”

“We all need a little alone time every now and then.” He said, agreeing. “But next time do it safely.” He said, genuinely concerned for her safety.

“I will…no need to worry.” Julie ran a hand through Gerard hair and let out a small childish giggle. “It’s soft.” She said crashing into his arms again. Gerard smiled, he knew what he was going to ask her next.


“Mmm, yeah?” She mumbled, looking up at him.

“Will y-you…C-can I…” He stuttered, not able to get the question out. “Willyouletmekissyou?” He asked quickly, but Julie caught every word of it.

“You can kiss me,” she whispered, moving her lips closer to his. When the lips meant, it was magic. Few words can describe what they were feeling at that moment. The enchantment of the connection between the two grew. Thy both knew that this was the beginning of something special.

I had a pretty crappy week. ((Besides seeing The Getaway Plan.)) This wasn’t the original chapter, the other one was deleted. School is starting soon and I’m pretty pissed off about that. I couldn’t get to sleep for the last few days; and I’ve had a friend upset. This week has been the worst. I also got thrown in a pool and my Chucks were ruined. I’m not happy at all. But still, thanks for all the reviews. Maybe some more sill make me feel better.

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