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Violence Lessons

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Gerard and Julie come back. Mikey starts some drama. I think the F-Bomb gets dropped too.

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“They’re gonna be fine, Mikey.” Frank said, annoyed by Mikey’s worrying.

“How do you know that?” Mikey, asked. He was clearly scared for Julie and Gerard. Although, Gerard didn’t really seem to care that Mikey did try his hardest to understand why Julie had left. He couldn’t recall saying anything directly mean or upsetting to her. So what could he of done wrong?

“Dude, just take a chill pill.” Frank said beginning to rub his forehead softly.

“A chill pill?” Mikey asked aloud bewildered, stressing the words ‘chill’ and ‘pill’.

“Yeah, a chill pill. God, do you want me to draw one for you?” Frank asked, throwing his hands up in the ear.

“Thanks, but no thanks. I think I’ll live without seeing a freakin’ chill pill.” Mikey said crossing his arms in anger.


“You look a little nervous.” Gerard said in his car, Julie in the seat next to him. He had noticed her constant fidgeting the ride back to her place. They were now parked outside, but still hadn’t gone inside yet. Gerard, still, waiting for an answer why she was doing such things.

“I don’t know why…” She lied. She knew the answer. Well, person actually. Which was Mikey. She was more angry than nervous, although she didn’t want to show anyone she had been defeated by his work.

“Your parents will be home in, like, 10 minutes.” Gerard stated after looking at his watch.

“I guess we should go inside then.” She said defeated, still not moving.

“Well?” Gerard said, egging her on.

“I don’t know why I’m so scared.” She said not looking directly at Gerard.

“Mikey isn’t a monster…He won’t hurt you.” Gerard said, speaking softly.

“Wrong.” Julie said, opening her door and steeping out. She forcefully closed it, making Gerard jumped at her sudden anger level.

“Wait for me!” Gerard yelled, closing his door and making sure to lock it this time. He raced to meet up with her walking stopped, but stopped when they both reached the front door. Julie reached into her jeans pocket, pulling out her key.

“Wait!” Gerard yelled, grabbing her hand before the key could go any further.

“What?” Julie asked, looking down at their hands touching.

“Is it me…Or are there dints in your door?” Gerard asked, as he gently ran his hand over the small marks visible.

“Huh?” Julie asked, confused. Julie remembered earlier that day, Frank had constantly hit it with his head. Which was his attempt to make himself known that he had arrived. “Oh, Frank-“

“Frank? I’m not even gonna ask.” Gerard said lowering his head as smiled appeared on both their faces. They entered the house, Julie stepping in first and Gerard soon followed. As the entered they saw Mikey, Kaysie, Ray, Bob and Frank…With Yellow Bob, of course. They all have mixed emotions plastered onto their faces: anger, sadness, confusion and happiness, because Gerard and Julie were both now back.

Mikey was the first to move, as well as the first to speak. “Where were you?” He asked, standing up to face the two that just entered. “I was worried sick.” He said, in a tone a parent would have when their child had done something wrong.

Gerard looked at Mikey, admiring the fact that he was scared for the girl standing beside him. “She went on a walk.” Gerard said, attempting to cover up for the both of them. They weren’t ready to tell anyone that they had shared a moment of romance.

“A walk? At this time? What’s wrong with you?” Mikey asked, furious with Julie. How could she just run off into the night like that? She didn’t even bother to call up. Sure, she was with Gerard, and Gerard would never let anything bad happen to her. But he couldn’t forget how much anger and pain, not to mention confusion, she put him through.

“Mikey, relax. She’s fine now, that’s all that matters.” Gerard told him, trying to calm his younger brother down. Gerard knew he would be in this position once they got back. Both Julie and Gerard would have questions to answer, and both them knew they couldn’t give the truthful answers.

“Stop answering for her.” Mikey said, narrowing his eyes. “She can do it herself.”

Julie gasped, wondering why Mikey talked about her like she wasn’t here. “I went on a walk. That’s all.” Julie said, crossing her arms.

“Did Gerard bribe you to say that or something?” Mikey asked.

“I can speak for myself, Mikey.” Julie said through gritted teeth. “I don’t need Gerard to tell me what to say.”

“It doesn’t seem like it.” Mikey said taking a step closer to Gerard. The two brothers, who once used to share their feelings with each other were now gawking one another down. Mutters escaped Gerard’s mouth, no one understood them very clear though. Bob knew what was coming as he stood between the two.

“Guys, come on.” Bob said, not understanding why these two brothers were now looking like they wanted to rip out each other’s throats.

“You better sit down, Bob.” Mikey said narrowing his eyes. “It’s finally time to settle this shit.” Mikey said, a small smirk appearing on his face.

“Mikey, no-“ Julie began, not liking the problems that had begun starting.

“Julie, stay out of this.” Mikey said, not looking at her as his eyes were focused on Gerard. Both brothers’ arms were squirming, trying to get Bob out of the small space between them everyone else sat near them. Frank was as shocked as Ray, who had never guessed this would happen. They sat there; no words were able to express what they were feeling.

Kaysie was annoyed as her boyfriend stood there angrily, and looked ready to fight. She had never in her life been so humiliated that night. When Gerard left. When he left to go chase after his brother’s best friend. Her heart didn’t feel broken, which scared her the most. She thought the situations that occurred tonight would make her feel hurt, more than ever. But instead, she felt…Happy. In a way, everything that happened tonight would add some spice to the relationship she had with Gerard. In all her honesty, she thought the first relationship she was ever in was completely boring. Her and Gerard hadn’t even had a fight. So Kaysie sat there, her arms crossed, waiting for the drama.

“Mikey. Please-“ Came Julie’s soft voice. She was scared. Scared beyond belief.

“Julie be quiet.” Mikey said getting more annoyed.

“No, Mikey-”

“Julie. Don’t start. I’m not in the mood.” He growled.

“But Mikey-“ she began, but was interrupted yet again.

“Fucking shut up!” He snapped, shocking everyone in the room. Bob’s eyes widened, and his arms which were once used to keep the boys apart, were by his sides. Mikey took this as an opportunity to hit. His right arm was thrown forward, power getting pushed into it as it collided with Gerard’s cheek.

Gerard’s eyes automatically closed with pain. He fell to the floor as he clutched his sore cheek. Soon enough, he felt collisions to his stomach; he looked up to see Mikey kicking him uncontrollably. Everyone gasped as Bob put his strong hands on Mikey’s shoulders, pulling him back.

“Frank, Ray, fucking help!” Bob yelled. On that note, the two boys ran. Frank chose to help Gerard who was now on the floor in pain. Ray, being the bigger person, helped Bob restrain Mikey. Everyone was surprised that Mikey had such anger and violence in him.

Julie felt tears in her eyes. She didn’t want any of this to happen. No one was meant to get hurt tonight, it was meant to be about love. She kneeled down next to Gerard who was groaning in pain. She softly ran a hand through his hair as he held onto his stomach, which had just been kicked hard multiple times. Soon, Frank had run into the kitchen for an icepack from the fridge.

Julie placed her face close to Gerard’s as his eyes opened. “I’m sorry, Gerard.” She whispered, hoping only he could hear it. “I’m so sorry.” Gerard groaned because of this serious pain he was in, so he couldn’t reply to Julie’s apologies.

Kaysie sat up from the lounge she was once seated in and walked over to Gerard and Julie. “Julie.” She said, getting her attention. “I’ll take it from here.” She said. “Gerard’s is my boyfriend. I can take care of him.” She said stubbornly as she kneeled down.

Julie gave her a confused look, not understanding why Kaysie was being so rude about Gerard being hurt. “It’s fine, Kaysie. This is my fault. You shouldn’t have to clean up my mess.” Julie said honestly.

“Julie. Just take care of Mikey, okay. I can handle this.” Kaysie said getting annoyed.


“Just go.” She said through gritted teeth. Julie sat there confused, as she wanted to help Gerard. “Now.” Julie nodded in defeat. She stood up to see that Bob and Ray had sat Mikey down on the couch. She turned around just in time to see Kaysie softly kiss Gerard’s lips. The lip she had kissed tonight. “My poor baby.” Kaysie whispered, but loud enough for Julie to hear. Frank had come back with the ice back, handing it to Kaysie who sweetly smiled as a thank you.

Everyone suddenly heard the sound of a car pulling up in the driveway. Clear lights of the car could be seen through the window. Soon, Julie’s parents entered their house and saw Gerard lying down on the floor in pain. Julie’s mother gasped when she saw Geared lying there helplessly.

“What’s going on here?” Julie’s father asked aloud. Everyone, besides Gerard, looked up in shock.

“Well, Julie? Care to explain?” Julie’s mother asked.

Omg…They hit each other…Well Mikey hit Gerard. I know what’s happening next, so for once I’m organized. Thank you to all that have read and reviewed, pretty please keep it up. Also, thanks to all that took a read at my one-shots. Also thank you VERY much to the ones who rated and reviewed the, you guys are awesome.
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