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You were my Angel

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"GERARD WAY! GET HERE NOW!" Gerard tensed beside me and we shifted so we stood back to back, I was facing God, he was facing Satan. I could feel his heart beating madly even with my back to his, it frightened me to know he was so nervous. Everywhere was silent, no one moved, no one spoke. "Gerard..." Even as a snarl Satans voice carried across the battlefield for everyone to hear. "You dare disobey me..."
"He's done nothing but disobey you ever since he got with that Angel." Came a demons voice. The others cheered in agreement, and the Angels gave roars of protest. "Its that demon thats the problem, he's the one whos made Frank the sinner he's become." One of them cried, I bit my lip and felt Gerard reach behind him to take my hand. More things were shouted until God yelled for silence and the sound left completely. God looked past me and Gerard and I presume he looked at Satan, they seemed to talk to eachother using their eyes before taking a step foreward, I knew Satan had too when Gerard stepped back, closer to me. God stopped about 15 feet in front of me and I looked over my shoulder to see Satan had done the same thing. "Frank Iero. What are your intentions by coming here?" Gods voice boomed out over the landscape and my heart beat picked up speed, I could feel the blood rushing through my veins. "I... We've come to stop the battle." I tried to sound brave, calm, but my voice wobbled and my fear was evident. The demons behind me laughed, Satan amongst them. "Stop the battle. Excellent idea. You do realise the only way for it to stop is for you two to pay your penances?" He asked. Gerards hand tightened around mine and I heard him swallow loudly.
"For what? I dont understand how what we have is a sin!" I cried. Amidst the shouts that came from this I heard Satan give an annoyed snort. "Because you are an Angel and Gerard is a demon, My head demon come to mention it - " He snapped.
"And your both men, homosexuality is a sin." God cut in. I frowned and pouted.
"Why? What has being men got to do with anything, its still love isnt it?" I demanded.
"No Frank. When I created love I did not intend for it to be shared between people of the same sex in the way you and Gerard share it." God answered.
"In the way we share it? So you admit it is love!"
"No, its lust." The injustice of this made my anger grow, but Gerard seemed to be getting more and more frightened and upset, it was like we had switched roles. "Lust!? You have to be kidding me, we havent even done anything!" I cried.
"That is not the point, I did not create this kind of love -"
"SCREW WHAT YOU MADE!" I screamed. Collective gasps surrounded me and I could almost feel Satans smirk. "I DONT GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU MADE! I KNOW WHAT WE HAVE IS LOVE BECAUSE IT CANT BE ANYTHING DIFFERENT AND NOTHING YOU SAY OR DO IS GOING TO MAKE ME LEAVE HIM." I yelled so loud my lungs felt like they were being shredded but I couldnt stop my shouting. Everyone was silent and Gods patient facial expression just pissed me off even more. "Please dont talk to me with such language Frank. Keep it civil -" He said politely. I felt myself going red from the anger.
"Keep it civil? Keep. It. Civil? FUCK NO! I'll talk to you how ever I fucking like, you want us to die because we love eachother? I dont get how someone who is supposed to love everyone and accept all people can turn round and tell me that homosexuality is a sin. Fuck you, your a hippocrite and I HATE you! AND I WILL NOT BE CIVIL TO PEOPLE I HATE!" I screamed, I felt Gerard turn around so his chest was to my back, he slipped his arms around my waist and pressed his forehead to the back of my head. "Frankie, shh, calm down baby. This isnt going to acheive anything." He whispered, kissing my hair gently, it had such a soothing affect and I melted against him with a sigh. The look of shock on everyones faces was priceless, I could tell they were trying to figure out if a demon really had just told me to calm down? God recovered from the shock first but seemed unsure of what to say. "Err... yes, thankyou for erm...calming him down for me err -"
"Its Gerard. And I didnt do it for you, I did it for him. Because I dont want him to get so stressed out when I can tell your not paying any attention to what he's saying." Gerard snapped. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mikey smirking, stood on the demon side. I looked round for Ray and saw him stood with the Angels, but he looked worried. God looked like he was trying not to show he was angry and it made me feel better. Gerard pressed his lips to my cheek and I leaned into him, closing my eyes. I could feel everyone staring at us but it meant nothing to me anymore. Gerard looked up through his eyelashes at God. "Lets just keep this nice and simple, I hate to complicate things. We're here, we're sinners and the love we share wasnt created by you. So whats going to happen?" He asked in a calm voice. God shifted his weight from one foot to the other and folded his arms.
"Well, there is only one thing that can happen. You must die. Either one of you, or both of you." This time it was Satan who spoke, he walked round so he was stood infront of us, a few feet to the side of God. I tensed, but Gerard stayed perfectly relaxed. "Of course, being a 'superior' being. It will be the true death so I say only one of you should die, since if both of you die you wont be together anyway." Satan added. Tears filled my eyes but I held them back.
"Whats the point in only killing one of us then?" I asked.
"Because either way you cant be together, if only on of you dies then the other will be away from the temptation and can be forgiven and placed once more on the path of rightouesness." Said God. I opened my mouth to complain but Gerard cut across me.
"Fine. Then I die, and Frank lives." My jaw instantly dropped along with many other Angels and Demons, even God and Satan looked shocked. I spun round and stared at Gerard in horror, he looked back at me with a calm but stubborn expression on his face. I couldnt speak so instead I shook my head. "Frank -" Gerard placed a hand on each of my cheeks. "This is the best way. Theres no point in us both dieing, and I couldnt live with myself knowing you sacrificed yourself for me when this is all my fault -"
"Its not your fault! Its mine too, you didnt do anything wrong! Please Gerard, I cant live if you die. I need you, we'll die together." I cried, seizing him by the shoulders but he shook his head. "No! The true death is the worst thing existing and too many lives have been lost here already. Please, lets not make it two more." He whispered. I shook my head.
"No. No I wont let you -" Gerard cut me off by turning away. Everyone was silent, everyone was staring.
"Frank lives. Forgive him God because he isnt a sinner, this wasnt his fault -"
"Gerard it wasnt yours either! -" Gerard ignored me and continued like I hadnt said a word.
"Kill me and save him. I've made my decision." God nodded, a look of sadness on his face. Satan looked pretty pissed off but nodded anyway. "Are you sure about this Gerard?" He asked. I yelled no but Gerard nodded, completely ignoring me.
"This was a noble decision Gerard, we will all remember you for this act of kindness." Said God. Gerard nodded and I saw Satan powering up a dagger of ice in his hand, this was how a Demon in disgrace dies. "NO! GERARD DONT LET THEM, WE DIE TOGETHER!" I cried, seizing him by the arm. He shook me off and faced Satan.
"No. The decision stands, I die. Thats final." He snapped. Satan looked at God who nodded, Satan shrugged and raised his hand, the ice dagger poised. "So be it -" He hissed, and with one wave his arm the dagger was sent flying at Gerard. I made a flying leap to block it but it travelled so fast Gerard didnt even have chance to brace himself before it hit. I heard his "Un..." Of pain and surprise and then I hit the sand, I scrambled to my knees and turned. Gerard had fallen back, one of his legs bent beneath him and his body twisted sickly to one side. There were some gasps and then silence, Satan lowered his arm and clenched his jaw as he stared at his fallen Demon. Angels made the sign of the cross along with God. I stared in shock at Gerard on all fours, I could feel it slowly sinking in as the blood poured out of his peirced heart. My breathing became heavy and frantic, as if I was having an asthma attack. "No...No...NO!!!" I screamed it at the top of my lungs and my tears began to fall, thick and fast. I scrambled over to his body, kicking sand up everywhere. I reached his body and out of the corner of my eye I saw Mikey running over with tears falling down his face, but Satan grabbed his shoulder and forced him back. "Gerard? GERARD!" I grabbed his shoulders and lifted him into a sitting position, staring at his face, his eyes still open and lips parted. The ice dagger melted even as I held him and the water mingled with the blood as it trickled down his shirt. My bottom lip trembled uncontrollably as I cryed. "Gerard...No..." I whimpered. I looked for any sign of life in his face but his once beautiful, sparkling hazel eyes were a deep stoney grey, glazed and dead. No air escaped his mouth, only a thin stream of blood which ran out of the corner of his mouth and down his chin. I wiped it away with my thumb only succeeding in smearing it across his cheek. "Gerard, talk to me..." I begged. But it was too late. I felt my heart beating and it felt as if it was pounding into my insides, bruising me and hurting. Like it was covered in broken glass and each beat drove the shards deeper. I began to sob, my strength failed me and I collapsed on Gerards lifeless form, sobbing into his chest and clutching his shirt so tight it twisted in my hands. "No, no no no no no." I whimpered, shaking my head. My shoulders shook, my body trembled and the pain I felt was so intense I couldnt breathe. I gasped and spluttered, praying, hoping, begging that he would suddenly gasp and hug me and everything could be perfect again. I dont know how long I lay there, clinging to him and crying but it seemed like forever and it hurt more with each second. Eventually I raised my upper body and looked down at him, his unseeing eyes made me sob more and I layed him down carefully on the sand. I moved his body so that it was no longer twisted and pulled his leg out from under him. "There you go baby, I dont want you to be uncomfortable." I whispered, choking on my tears. I brushed his hair out of his face and closed his mouth. Licking my dry lips and I took a deep breath to try and calm my sobbing. "G - Gee, oh fuck Gee I'm gonna miss you so bad its killing me. I just w - want to die Gee but I know you w - wouldnt want that and I just want what you did..." I sniffed and roughly brushed my tears away, but they just kept falling. I placed a hand on his cold cheek and bit my lip as my tears fell. "Fuck, theres so much I need to say. I'll always regret all the time we could have spent together but didnt. If only we had come here later...just five more minutes with you would have made it more bearable but... there was so much to say to eachother, Oh Gerard why didnt I tell you I loved you more? I need you Gee, I cant live without you, please Gerard I need you. I dont want you as just a memory -" I began to sob uncontrollably again and I could hear some of the Angels crying too, even some demons were biting their lip and wiping their eyes. Mikey cried quietly into his hands but all I cared about was finishing what I needed to say. "Gerard, I just...I just want you to know that even though you were a demon y -you were my Angel. And - I'll al - always miss you and... I love you so much." I bit back my sobs and leant forward, pressing my lips gently to his and allowing my tears to drip onto his face. I pulled back about an inch with my eyes closed. "I cant bear to know I'll never be able to hold you near, or kiss your lips again... I feel so empty without you but... Just know I'll always love you babe." I sat up and now more people were crying, some holding onto eachother. I used two fingers to gently close his eyes as I whispered "Sleep now Angel. The world can no longer hurt you."

A/N: Well...there it is. :[ I was almost crying as I wrote this, I hope you all liked it even though Gee's dead. I know you all probably hate me for this and I hate myself too, but I gotta get some drama in it. I tried to make this an emotional chapter so please let me know what you thought, I dont think this turned out as sad as I wanted, it was meant to be a right tear jerker but let me know what you all thought. Dont worry though, this isnt the end. I may make it all better.
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