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lets all say it together now - "go mikey, go mikey, go go, go mikey!"

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When I stood up I was in a daze, I kept my tears back until I had walked away from his body, about three feet away from the other Angels it all became too much and I collapsed to my knees sobbing into my hands. I heard movement all around me and countless hands on my shoulders, my arms, brushing my hair back, whispering empty consoling words. If I had had the strength I would have shoved them off, I hated them all. The death of Gerard had made me want to kill everything and everyone but the pain was too much to carry out said actions. Then I heard someone shouting at everybody to get back, the voice was male and sounded familiar. Like Gerard but not. I looked up through my tears and saw that it was Mikey, renching everybody back with brute force, tears running out of his eyes. "M - Mikey." I choked, he finally managed to pull the last Angel away before falling on his knees infront of me. We grabbed eachother and held eachother tight, I cried into his shoulder as he cried into mine. I had never really talked to Mikey but being the brother of Gerard he was like my key to him and I suppose thats how Mikey saw me. We clung to eachother for what felt like eternity but it couldnt really have been that long because Satan stepped foreward with a look of shock on his face. "Mikey! What are you doing!? This isnt right, hes an Angel get away from him!" He ordered. Mikey let go of me and spun round to face Satan with a look of pure rage on his face. "Dont fucking tell me to get away from him." He snarled. Slowly he got to his feet and Satan took a step back, everyone stared at Mikey in horror as his tears changed to blood running out of his eyes, I knew things like that happened when a demon got insanely mad and was best left alone. "You just killed my fucking brother, just stood there and watched him fall. You all did." Mikey didnt shout, he kept his voice low as he turned to face every Angel and Demon here, but the lack of volume seemed more frightening. "You stand there and listen to Frank talking to him like that and you still dont see that what they had was probably more natural than any of you mother fuckers here. You sicken me, you all fucking sicken me. And you know what? I dont think any of you truly understand that Gerards death is complete. Its not like you can try to make yourselves feel better by saying he's looking down on us all. The true death is complete. He is in eternal darkness and when judgement day comes and everyone is put in either heaven or hell he will still be darkness and it will stay like that forever and day!" Mikey turned back to God and Satan and spat at their feet, his spit steaming as it hit the sand. "Mikey stop it! This is madness!" Cried Satan. Mikeys eyes blazed red and even I shuddered. "No, I'm not the one thats mad. You are! Killing him just because he was in love. I - I just cant get my head around that. How the fuck can you justify that!?" He cried. Satan didnt answer and when God did his voice sounded weak and feeble. "W - well, it wasnt created by me -"
"So? Just because you didnt realise that type of love could exist for any reason other than lust you decide to make it a sin and kill people for it? I thought you were supposed to be great, something humans looked to in their time of need. But your just as much as a monster as he is!" Mikey pointed at Satan at this who gave an annoyed look. "Do you know what God? I think you were scared by it, you felt intimidated by it because you didnt understand it! And so that doesnt make you great, that makes you a coward. Infact, your all fucking cowards. Killing because of this, because they loved eachother." Mikey fell to his knees infront of me again and looked me in the eyes as he took my hand. "I wish this hadnt happened Frank and I want to apologise for not stopping this, if I had just done something, anything, then maybe Gerard would be here now." He whispered. I shook my head and swallowed down the lump in my throat. "No Mikey, you couldnt have done anything." I replied. Mikey bit his lip and then slowly pulled me into a hug. I held him close and tried not to cry again. No body tried to stop us this time and when we pulled apart God stepped foreward. "Frank...We should all return to heaven now." He said quietly. "Release your wings." My heart panged and I looked down at the floor.
"I... I cant, I dont have them anymore." I whispered. God gave me an annoyed look.
"This is no time to joke." He said. I glared at him.
"I'm not joking! Look -" I pulled my shirt up over my head, revealing the bandages and I quickly unravelled them turning so my back was to God. Revealing the wound which was just beginning to scar. I heard gasps from the Angels and I few strangled sobs. "Oh Frank... Were you really so angry you tried to stop yourself from being an Angel?" God asked. I turned to face him.
"Dont be stupid, when I was escaping from them lot so I could stop Gerard from being killed I crash landed and my wings were to badly damaged to heal. I found Gerard and forced him to cut them off for me. And just so you all know, he really didnt want to but when he did he took great care of me. Better care than any of you could have done." Nobody looked at me as I said this and I went to put my shirt back on when God stopped me. "Well... I suppose I could give you new wings. As a token of my apology for the pain this has caused you." I blinked at him stupidly before he told me turn round. I did so and he placed his hands on my shoulder blades and I felt a sweet warmth running across the top half of my back and I gave a content sigh and savoured the feeling until it stopped. But something had gone wrong. "I dont understand... it hasnt worked." Whispered God. I turned to face him.
"What? Why?" I cried. God stared at me, looking in my eyes before gasping. "What? What is it?" I asked.
"He's turned human." Whispered God. The Angels gasped and looked at eachother in horror.
"What do you mean he's turned human?" Asked Mikey.
"Its a very rare thing but when an Angel is made to suffer a great amount of pain they become human again. I have never really understood why." God replied. I stared down at myself in horror, I didnt look any different but somehow I could tell what he was saying was true. "Does this mean he cant get into heaven?" Asked an Angel. God nodded and I felt like if I had to take any more bad news it would kill me. "And even if we kill him he wont die a human death, but the true death." I sighed and kicked the sand.
"Great. I might aswell just die that way then, I dont have anything to live for." I said quietly. God looked at me thoughtfully.
"You really did love him didnt you?" He asked softly. I rolled my eyes.
"Only just catched on?" I snapped. God sighed and Satan took a step foreward.
"Cant we bring Gerard back? Its impossible for one of us to do it but if we team up then we can do it." God looked horrified at this.
"Team up? But you are the head of hell, I could never team up with such a sinner!" He gasped. Mikey stepped foreward.
"Your fucking kidding right? You've killed my brother and turned Frank human. Out of everything we should have learnt from this its that heaven and hell need to stop all this idiotic rivalry!" He cried. God shook his head.
"No. No no. Its just stupid, no, it changes everything." He said. Mikey stood beside me and took my hand.
"If you dont bring Gerard back then I'm not going back to Hell. I'm staying with Frank." He snapped. Satan gave an angry cry but God merely shrugged. "That does not concern me." He said. Suddenly Ray ran out of the Angels and stood on my other side, taking my other hand. "Then I dont go back to heaven until you bring the demo - I mean Gerard back." He said stubbornly. God looked shocked. "Ray!" He cried. Suddenly Renardo walked out and smiled at me before taking Mikeys other hand.
"Same here." He cried. Bob appeared and took Renardos hand. He didnt say a word but merely glared at God who was looking horrified, Satan looked shocked and the Angels and Demons were muttering among themselves. And then the demon I recognised as the first muse stepped foreward with about three other Demons who joined hands with Ray, and then more Angels stepped foreward and more demons until all of heaven and hell stood infront of God and Satan, hands joined and faces stubborn. Gods jaw had dropped and Satan was giving us a shocked but impressed look. "Team up you two, and bring him back." Snarled Mikey. Satan held his hands up in mock surrender. "Hey, I'm not the one who needs pursuading its prissy miss perfect here" He said, pointing his thumb at God. I looked up at him, the creater, the father, the one thing stopping Gerard coming back. "Team up God. Your the only one here he wont do it. Your being stupid." I said quietly.
"B - but. This is insane, all of you get away from eachother. Demons get back to your own side." He ordered.
"NO! Dont you get it anymore!? There are no sides, the only sides here is us and you!" Cried Bob. God stared at him in shock, he looked at Satan for back up but got none. Satan was stood there with his arms folded, smirking and then slowly, starting off quiet before getting louder we began to chant.
"Bring him back. Bring him back. Bring him back. Bring him back -" Satans smile widened.
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