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Predictable Decisions

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Jade and I spent an entire 5 hours total in the bathroom. The last thing I remembered from that night was laying against him as we let the warm, now contaminated water, soak us to the bone. When I woke up next to Jade that morning, I was covered by nothing but sheets. I was against Jade's soft, warm, bare skin. His sweet scent lingered at my nose as the memories from the night before flooded back into my mind. I snuggled closer to him, trying to get comfotable to get back to sleep again, but then Adam's voice rang out.

"So Sleeping Beauty finally awakes next to her prince charming after many wonderful hours in the bathroom. By the way dear, you have a fairly nice chest and ass, I wish I could squeeze those."

Jade pulled me closer before speaking, apparently awake, "Adam why don't you just go masturbate with a mirror since no one else wants you ass." Adam walks out and down the hall, leaving me and Jade to be alone. "Alone at last."

I giggled some and he crawled on top of me, feeling every curve of my body. I trembled at his touch. He nestled his head in against my neck and exhaled, allowing me to feel feel his warm breath against my skin.

My arms wrapped tightly around him and he grinned widely, kissing my neck softly. "So you want more?"

"Maybe." He nibbled into my neck and slowly left a trail of kisses on his way down me.

Although the sheets were covering me as Jade went farther down on me, when Adam and Hunter came walking in, then froze.

"Jade what are you doing to this poor girl?" Hunter spoke with a laught.

"Hunter go away!! Can't you see we're in the middle of something?!"

"Yes, we certainly can. You two should just make a sex tape and watch it when you're horny." Adam enjoyed what he said, regardless of how stupid it sounded. He then led himself and Hunter back out of them room.

Jade sighs, letting his head rest against my lower abdomin. "I fear we're never gonna get time alone for more than 5 minutes."

"We'll just have to work around that time then."

"I guess we will, but we'll have to continue this later, we need to get on the road." He got up carefully and started dressing, as did I.

"You mean you have to get on the road..." I was fully clothed and had my things together. Jade looked at me, pausing with his shirt in his hand.

"You're coming with. And that's that."

"Jade I can't get fired from my job. I need to make SOME money."

"But you don't need a job..." He closed the space between us, "...when you have me."

"But I don't want to rely completely on you."

"Don't worry about it." He kisses my forehead, puts on his shirt. He grabs his stuff, then my hand and we were out the door. But oh did I have a bad feeling about that decision.

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