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Awkward Moments **forgotten chapter**

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Sorry y'all... While I was in the zone typing these chapters all out a while ago, I forgot this one.. >< my bad.... Well here it is!! ^_^

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"Where are we going anyways?" I was the first to break the silence in the bus. I was forced to sit between Adam and Hunter as Jade and Davey were smushed together on the other seat, Still no one answered.

"Are you all always dead silent on the bus rides?"

They all shake their head's in a 'no'

I gave a confused look, "Then why aren't you talking?"

They all shrug. And then...


More silence...

The only thing that was able to break the silence for good was Jade's phone began to ring.

We all sat there for a second before Davey spoke to Jade, slightly angerly, "Are you gonna answer that?"

"I don't know...I was thinking I'd just let it go..."

"Just answer the fucking thing before we all go nuts!!"

"Okay! Okay!" Jade whips out his phone and flips it open, placing it gently to his ear.


The voice was oh-too familiar.

A/N: I really didn't mean to forget this chapter, hope the others make a little more sense now.. My bad.. ^_^ anyways......
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