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Choice Changing Phone Call

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"Why are you calling me?!"

"Because I needed to talk to you..."

"What the fuck for?" Jade got up and left the rest of us alone, allowing Adam and Hunter to freely feel me up. "It's obvious you've already ripped my heart into bits, what do you wanna do now?! Stomp all over the shriveling pieces left on the ground until they are no longer in existence?!"

"No that's not it at all! Jade I need you...Please..." The sound of crying was in the background.

"It's too late for this Jenny."

Sniffles, but no answer.

"Shit Jenny...Calm down...Stop crying...Please...?"

"Jade I love you, my life is falling apart without you..."

"Jenny you cheated. It's not something you can just forget."

"I know, I know...I'm sorry...It's not like I had a choice though..."

Jade froze, "W-what...? W-were you...raped...?"

Jenny bursted into tears, you could hear her wailing over the phone.

Jade continues, "Dammit Jenny why didn't you tell me this before?!" He was speaking in a loud whisper.

"I tried!! You were with that...that...that whore!!"

"...Shit...God I'm so sorry...Umm...We'll be in Los Angeles within a few hours. Call someone and come meet us."

"B-but...What about her?"

"I'll figure something out..."

"I love you Jade."

"Love you too..."

"I'll see you tomorrow sometime.."

"Kay, bye baby." He hung up the phone. I was standing at the door, listening to the entire conversation. Tears were welling up in my eyes, but I pushed them aside and sat back down with a smile.

Davey saw right through it, "Uh oh...What happened?"

"Nothing. Don't worry about it."

I answered much too quickly, Davey knew what ever happened wasn't good. Before he could protest and argue with me, Jade walked in like nothing even happened.

We all sat in an awkward silence. After a few hours, we arrived in our destination, the one place I was no dreading on getting to, Los Angeles.

A/N: So how is it? Do you like? :D Although it might be agonizing to all of you, I'm enjoying it. :) It's really torturesome isn't it. :) Well Review for more!
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