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Unfortunate Luck

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Jade, Adam and Hunter all went to unload all the equipment and bring them in for the weekend performances to come, leaving me and Davey alone.

We had been in the hotel room for a while, but I never bothered to unpack.

"Jenny was on the phone wasn't she?"

I remained silent.

Davey sighs, "Will you at least tell me what specifically is upsetting you?"

Tears were about to pour out of my eyes, "He's taking her back!! He told her he'd find a way to get rid of me and then told her he loved her!!"

There was an inconvenient knock at the door.

"Who the hell?" Davey got up and answered the door. "Yes?"

It was their manager. "Dinner time for AFI."

"What about Shayla?"

"AFI only."

I sopke up quickly before Davey said something more, "Just go Davey. I'll be fine." Half of a smile crossed my face.

Davey nodded in reply and walked out with his manager for a dinner Jade most like set up so Jenny could be there, leaving me out.

A few minutes after Davey left, I wrote a note and left it on the counter. I grabbed all my stuff, easily done, and walked out the door.

I got downstairs with ease and left out the back entrance to not bring any more attention to myself.

I quickly walked down the streets, taking random turns until I came to realize that I am lost with no money and no idea where I'm at. With that in mind, I knelt down and busted into tears.

I had no idea I was in a no loitering zone as I sat against the bricks of an old vacant building, trying to keep calm and figure out where I can go and what I can do.

My already depressed mood went deeper into the hole when a police officer on his beat noticed me, quickly cuffing me and taking me, and my stuff, to the precinct to be booked and barred until they know what to do with me, or someone bails me out.


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