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Goodbye Blues

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Back with the band, my hunch was correct. Jenny was at the table, but was the first one to leave. She was staying at the same hotel, even the same floor, go figure.

After dinner, Adam and Hunter went with their manager to go bar hopping, but Davey and Jade walked up to their room together.

Davey spoke first, "What's your problem?" Davey was slightly snapy.

"What do you mean?" A confused look crossed Jade's face.

"Why the fuck can't you decide between Jenny and Shayla?!"

"What are you talking about Davey? Me and Shayla have nothing but a solid friendship, me and Jenny are engaged. I'm happy, you should be too!"

"Dammit Jade!! Why can't you just fucking open your god damn eyes and see how much of a dumb ass you're being!!"

"Davey shut up. Shayla will understand. She's a good friend a wants me to be happy."

Jade opens the door and walked into a bodiless room. "Shayla?"

Davey looked in the connecting rooms as Jade looked for any sign of her elsewhere.

"Davey I found something!!"

Davey came racing back into the room and read the note with Jade.


I've heard the news of you and Jenny, congrats. I hope your relationship works out for you. All I can wish for is for you to be happy, but I fear I'm intruding. As you have noticed, I have left, I have no way home and no where to go, but I'll find my way. Jade I couldn't stay and watch your indecisiveness destroy anything you can have if I'm not there. Please understand I care about you more than anyone and I deeply love you, but I can't wait forever for a choice that may not be chosen. I wish you the best in what ever path you choose for your life..


Although we barely knew each other and had a rough start, you've become my best friend; but our paths lead in different directions, you know better than anyone why I left, if you must, explain. You know how much I care and how much I hurt. As much as I would love to see you all again, please don't look for me. I'm afraid my end is near since I have nothing in life.

I quit my job, left my home and anyone I had in any sense for Jade, but not everythings completely gone. I love you all, and always will.

Will all the love in my broken heart

P.S. Jade, here's an insight on Jenny; she doesn't love you for you, just your money and your publicity. You should also know that she was never raped.

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