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Coming to One's Senses

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SQUEE! :D It's all starting to go down. :)

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Davey sighs and sits on the bed, leaving a shocked Jade standing.

Davey broke the silence, "Do you see now Jade?"

Jade sat down in a chair behind him, not in one hand, the other on his forehead. "Why must she make things so depressing?!"

"Jade do you even fucking care that she's gone and has no urge to live because of you?!!" Davey was pissed and raging with anger towards Jade.

"But..." Can't quite fully grasp what's going on. Shayla's feelings with the note and everything in general was confusing Jade.

"God dammit Jade!! Get rid of Jenny and get Shayla back before anything happens to her!!"

"B-but...I love Jenny..."

"Jade she doesn't love you back!! I swear to fucking god Jade if you don't come to your god damn senses and something happens to Shayla, you're dead!!"

Jenny suddenly appeared in the doorway, or atleast seemed like she did. "Jade what the hell bullshit is going on in here?"

Davey answered for Jade, "Discussing stuff you don't deserve to hear."

"Filthy faggot."

"White trash that doesn't give a shit about anyone except her own god damn self and uses anyone and everyone to get what she wants. You selfish bitch."

"Ooo..I just oughta--"

Jade jumps in, "Hey!! Alright cool it!!"

Silence over came the room, along with alot of evil glaring between Davey and Jenny.

"Jenny. Tell me the truth for once in your life..Do you love me for me, or just who I am?"

Her lack of an answer was enough for Jade. He went over to her and took the ring back, pocketing it.

"I never want to see nor hear from you again, got it?" Jade was serious, which was a strange occurence.


"Good, come on Davey, we have a certain someone to find." And they left.

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