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And I guess we're really over, so come over, i'm not over it

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The party was awesome! It had started just an hour ago and there were a ton of people here. All of Decaydance was here. A lot of people I had never met before. Panic was able to take a break from tour in order to see Pete for his birthday. Gabe and his new girl arrived and he seemed really distracted the whole time. It almost seemed as if he wasn't that into her. Oh well, not really my deal anymore. Pete was pretty medicated in order to be walking around with everyone. Dirty showed up and I could tell it was physically hurting Pete to not do any damage. I left Pete with his friend and I decided to mingle. The cake was sitting on the kitchen table with all the presents behind it. Walking into the kitchen to grab a beer I noticed Patrick just standing in there watching the crowd.

"Hey Patrick," I said and grabbed myself a drink from the fridge. I couldn't really drink since I had to stay sober to take care of a drugged up Pete later.

"Hey Kiley. Seems like Pete is having a blast," he said and took a sip of his coke.

I nodded. "He really needed this, you and I both know that sitting in bed all day is killing him. He wants to get up and do so much, such as actually play his bass and walk to Starbucks every morning. I have to get his Starbucks for him."

Patrick laughed at this. Anyone who knows Pete knows that he cannot function without his morning Starbucks. Bredon walked into the kitchen to grab a beer.

"AWWW! Brenny Boo Boo!" I cooed his nickname I made up for him one night when Pete was talking to him.

Brenny Boo Boo cringed. "Please stop calling me that, I'll never get laid again."

I laughed so hard when he said that. Yeah right, a man that looks this good never getting laid again? Hell if he had AIDS someone would still sleep with him. "You're so full of shit Brendon." I said smiling and took a sip of my drink. Brendon laughed and sipped his beer.

We eventually sat Pete down at the kitchen table and sang Happy Birthday to him before he blew out the candles. No one smashed the cake in his face because it just looked too yummy! Pete was busy visiting with everyone still so I walked outside to let the dogs potty and sat on that bed on his porch. Gabe slipped outside and sat next to me with his slice of cake.

"Hey Gabe, enjoying the party?" I said smiling at him before taking a bite of my own cake.

Gabe shrugged. "Sure."

"What's wrong?" I looked at him. I could tell something was bothering him. "Problems with umm... Elle?"

"Elise, and well, not really." He took another bite of his cake and looked out over the dark night sky. It was actually extremely beautiful out here. "It's just that, I still love you Kiley."

WHAT! I thought he was over me! After I told him that I couldn't be with either of them right now he began dating again. This was probably the second or third girl he's dated, and he's been seeing her for almost a month.

"Wow," I said and took a big bite of cake. I wanted to make sure my mouth was full so I couldn't say anything else.

"I really thought I was over you. When I heard about you and Pete, I was slightly jealous for like a day, but seeing you again tonight made it all come back."

"Gabe, I... I can't do this! You both are driving me crazy!" I stood up and walked back inside with Gabe trailing behind me.

"Kiley, wait... I'm sorry, forget I said anything!" He said and followed me to the kitchen. I threw my plate in the trash and tried to walk away from him with no such luck, he blocked the path out of the kitchen. "Look, just forget what I said outside okay? I'll get over it. I will."

Pete saw Gabe and I talking and began walking over to investigate.

"Is everything okay over here?" He looked at me and then Gabe.

"Yea man, everything's cool. Happy Birthday, I think Elise and I are going to take off." He gently hugged Pete goodbye and just kind of nodded at me before walking away.

"What was that all about?" Pete looked at me with concern in his eyes.

"Nothing Pete, I'll tell you later, let's just enjoy your birthday." He smiled at me and kissed me. I pulled away and hugged him and caught sight of Gabe watching us before walking down the stairs to Pete's front door.


I totally lied to Pete about Gabe and I's heated conversation. He bought my story and the subject was dropped. I heard a few days later from Patrick that Elise had dumped Gabe because she had heard our entire conversation. What a little eavesdropper! Good thing she did because Gabe deserves better, and someone that he can love.

Pete's doctors appointment went really well today and he is able to remove the brace! YAY! An unbreakable boyfriend! Bring on the sex where I don't do all the work! Pete demanded that we walk to Starbucks. It's his first walk to Starbucks in months and he seemed happier than I had ever seen him. Fall Out Boy soon hit the studio to finish up their new album. Tour plans were beginning to be set and I realized that Pete would be gone for months at a time soon. I don't know how I will survive not seeing him for that long.
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