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I wanna feel something when I'm tangled inside of your arms

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Patrick came back the next day but didn't stay for long. I ended up going home for just a few hours before receiving a call from Pete. He wanted me to come back and stay with him. Of course I packed up my things and practically moved in. I know that Lady and Hemmy were just excited because they had each other to play with. I would lay in Pete's bed and write while he would work on songs on his bass, write them or watch tv and nap. It was so nice to just be around each other. I could really get used to this.

So Pete's casts were removed, but he's still been on bedrest. His ribs are taking longer to heal then doctor's thought it would. They ended up changing him to a better brace since and demanding that he don't move more than necessary. It was killing Pete to stay in bed this long. At least the driver of that fucking truck is paying for it. Lost his license and had to buy Pete another car and pay for living expenses while he is on bedrest, as well as what his car insurance won't pay for medical bills.

Tomorrow night was Pete's birthday and we were breaking the rules by having a party. Pete would be out of bed for just that night. The doctors hated the idea but knew they couldn't stop him. I was in the kitchen cooking for Pete when he walked in.

"What are you doing out of bed?" I asked in a motherly tone.

"I was lonely and I wanted to watch you cook for me," he said nonchalantly and sat at a stool. He winced slightly as he climbed onto it. "I need to take a lot of medication for tomorrow night."

"And wear a sign that says don't break me," I said giggling. Pete threw something at me, not really sure what it was because it bounced off my back. "Hey! Don't make me break you," I pointed the spoon at him and went back to cooking.

"We should move in together," he said as if it weren't anything big. I turned around and he was flipping through some magazine.

"You think so huh?" I said, playing it just as cool as him.

"I mean, I guess," he said. Now he was just fucking with me. I ignored his statement until he said it again five minutes later. "I'm serious though Kiley, I want you to live with me."

I put the chicken and veggies onto our plates and set his down in front of him and stood next to him and began eating.

"Are you sure you're ready for that? I mean, the entire beginning of our relationship you wanted to take things panifully slow, now you want to speed them up?" I took a bite. Damn I'm an awesome cook, no wonder he wants me to move in.

"I am Kiley," he said and took another bite of chicken. "Damn this is good. I need you here to cook for me, and because you're everything to me."

I smiled at his statement, half because it was funny and half because it was sweet. I kissed his temple and continued eating. He knew what my answer was from that simple gesture. We had become some close that we knew exactly what the other was thinking by body language and not words.

I cleared our plates after dinner and we decided to swim. He was getting better and could take showers without a brace, so we decided to take a dip since it was warm outside. We changed into our swim suits and descended the stairs to the pool with the dogs in tow. I helped Pete into the warm water and we looked up at the LA sky. The sun had just set and it was painted with purple and pink tones. I felt bad for Pete. He has been basically impaired for the past 3 months and will be for another couple of weeks. He's been a really good sport about the whole thing. I've only heard him complain a few times, and that was because he couldn't go do something he was scheduled to. Nordstrom BP has stopped by quite a few times to get designs approved for the BP Clandestine line. Pete sat himself on the stairs and leaned against the wall the keep his chest straight and still. God did he look sexy right now, shirtless and dripping wet.

"It's almost your birthday," I said as I swam up to him.

"Yep, I can't wait to see everyone again." He had been excited for weeks. I was excited for him to be getting better. It's been months since him and I had been intimate. I mean, we've only slept together that once. Of course we've fooled arounda little bit since he's been on bedrest, but it isn't the same. I glanced over the tattoos on his chest and stomach. God that one above his waistline drove me insane. I think Pete could read my mind because and tilted my chin up towards him and kissed me seductively. I put one hand on the side of the pool to steady myself since I couldn't lean my weight into Pete. He pulled away slightly.

"God I want you so bad, but this is killing my side," he said and I backed up. I helped him out of the pool and helped dry him off before putting his brace back on. This is what happened everytime we would get close to having sex. Something always interrupted. I helped Pete dress for bed and climb in. He fell asleep within a few minutes and I layed at his side and watched the TV that lit the room. I really wished he would get better because everything wears him out and he sleeps most of the time, or he's in pain. Damn medication!


I woke up in the middle of the night to a hand running lightly down my back. It was really dark in the bedroom and the clock said 3:30 am. Why was Pete awake. I turned my head and glanced up at his bright eyes. He gave me a small smile and continued to caress me. He trailed his fingers up my arm and then down my back. I sat up and began kissing him. I wish he wasn't so fragile because I needed him more than I think he realized. I slowly and gently straddled his lap and was pleasantly surprised by his erection pressing against me. His hands began to explore my back and hips and mine dipped down into his pajama pants. He sharply inhaled as I began stroking him. It was evident that he needed this as much as I did. We were probably the most sexually frustrated couple and all we wanted to do was have sex. But his injuries kept us from carrying on like rabbits.

I pulled Pete's pajama pants down slowly so I wouldn't hurt his ribs. He was sitting at just the right angle for his ribs to be propped up comfortably. I raised my hips, pushed my panties to the side and sat on him, pushing him up into me.

"Oooh," Pete groaned as he felt my tight walls close around his erection. God the way he filled me up was amazing. I held onto the headboard for support as I raised and lowered my hips. Pete held onto my hips and bucked slightly up into me. I leaned forward and our lips crashed together in a frenzy. It didn't take very long before I came violently, Pete following with a deep groan. No wonder guys like it when us girls are on top, it sucks doing all of the work. Out of breath, I raised myself up and climbed off of him. We got cleaned up and I laid back down on the bed. Pete's head as back and I could see his chest heaving with each breath he took. I kissed his hand and he looked down at me.

"I love you," he said breathlessly.

"I love you too Pete," I said and curled up next to him. We were asleep within seconds.
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