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Emily's first day at work

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Emily's POV

I have been awake since 4am staring at the ceiling, it was Monday morning. I can't believe how nervous I am feeling. I turned on my side and looked at Gerard. He was sleeping heavily with his mouth wide open. I smiled and cuddled up closer to him. It was chilly in the room and being close to him warmed me up. He put his arm around me and buried his head in my neck and began breathing heavily again. I looked down and touched the side of his face. I love this man so much. Sometimes I felt so un worthy of him and his love. He had stood by me all of these years even in the bad times. I felt his lips on my shoulder and saw him look up at me.

"Can't sleep" He said sleepily.

"No, I am to nervous" I said as he pulled me against him.

"You will be great" he said and kissed my hair. The day before he had taken me shopping. I had no clothes to wear to work since house mom has always been my title. We had such a good day, it took our minds off of all the mess going on at home.

"What are you going to wear" He asked.

"The black one, keep in simple for the first day" I said and kissed his neck.

"Are you trying to turn me on at 4:15 in the morning" He asked with a smile.

"Is it working" I asked with a raised eyebrow. He answered me with a passionate kiss, at least the morning was starting off good. When I walked down stairs later that morning in my new suit, Gerard had already had breakfast fixed and all the kids were eating.

"Thanks" I said an kissed his cheek.

"No problem" He said and sat a plate of pancakes in front of me. Breakfast was quiet, Mondays have that effect on my family.

"Well I am off, you kids have a good day at school" I said as they were all heading out. Gerard offered to start taking the kids to school in the morning. He was being so great about all of this. Amy and Jack were the last ones to head out. They were running late due to Amy's throwing up most of the morning.

"Get her some crackers and gingerale Jack" I said as they headed out.

"I will on the way to school. Good luck mom" He said and gave me a hug.

"Yeah good luck Emily" Amy said and kissed my cheek. I got into the car feeling good about the day. I got to work a little early. I told the receptionist it was my first day and she lead me over to a desk and said it was mine.

"Thanks" I said as she headed back to her desk. I stared and this little wooden desk a few feet away from another wooden desk. There were a few more desks packed into a good size room. I took a seat and looked around and watched as other people started to pile in.

"Hello you must be the new girl, my name is Jane" This petite red head with a brown and pink suit on.

"Yes I am the new girl and I am Emily" I said with a smile.

"This is me next to you so it looks like were neighbors. I can show you the ropes" she said with a smile and headed towards her desk. She and I seemed to be the only women in the office besides the receptionist. She seemed nice enough. I looked down at my desk and saw how bare it was. There was a phone and a computer and that was about it. I would have to bring in some things to make it my own. A few pictures and some post its. This was so much fun already. I sat there for a few more minutes and realized I didn't know what to do. I picked up my briefcase that G had bought for me this weekend, I smiled, he even got my name engraved on the top. I opened it and sat a notebook that I had bought and some pens and pencils. It had been so long since I had worked, I felt so out of place.

"Emily, Mr. Glenn wants to see you in his office" The receptionist said.

"I am Lucy by the way" She said with the first smile I had seen from her.

"Nice to meet you Lucy" I said before I walked into Mr. Glenn's office.

"Good Morning Mrs. Way how are things so far?" He asked as he took a seat behind his desk.

"Things have gone well, I've met a few people and I have seen my desk" I feeling awkward.

"Well I know you have been out of real estate for some time so I will help ease you back into it" He said with a huge grin. He had a mouth full of white perfect teeth. He gave me the name and numbers of some potential clients and Jane showed me how to access the system we used on my computer. I made some contacts and met some more of the staff. All in all my first day went well. The day went by so fast. By the time I got home my kids had been home for a few hours.

"So how was your first day" G asked as soon as I slipped my jacket off and sat my briefcase on the floor.

"It went well, the people are great and my boss is very understanding" I said feeling happy that I went for the job.

"Well go relax because I am making dinner. Jack and Amy are watching something in the living room, Angel is in her room playing, and Lena is off somewhere on the phone" He said and walked towards the kitchen.

"I headed towards the living room and slipped off my heels. That was something I would have to get used to again, wearing heels.

"Hey how was school" I asked Jack and Amy.

"It was school mom" Jack said rolling his eyes.

"Amy how are you feeling" I asked as I took a seat in the chase.

"Bad, I can't seem to keep anything down" She said sadly, she looked pale.

"It will get better I promise, just rest and take it easy as much as you can"I said feeling for her. Angel walked into the living room and climbed up onto my lap.

"Hi baby how was school" I asked and pushed some hair out of her face.

"Good" Was her only response. She stayed there on my lap until dinner time. Gerard cooked some BBQ chicken and salad. Later I helped him clean up while the kids went there separate ways.

"Thanks babe" I said and kissed him.

"No problem, I am happy to do it" He said as we finished the dishes together. I felt so content and for the first time in a while I felt like I had a purpose.

Jack's POV
I tossed and turned all night, it was hard to sleep when Amy was up and down all night. I looked over at the clock and it was 2 am and she was up again.

"You okay" I asked as I sat up with her.

"No" She said through her tears. I hugged her to me and ran my hands through her hair.

"I hate being sick like this, I just can't keep anything down but bread and I have to drink gingerale all the time" She said now sobbing.

"I am sorry baby, if I could take it on instead of you I would" I said kissing her for head. She looked up at me and touched my face.

"You are so good to me" She said and kissed me.

"I love you Amy, I would do anything for you" I said, she froze in my arms. It was the first time I had told her and it kinda just came out naturally.

"I love you too Jack. Please forgive me for being so fickle earlier. It is just so hard to read your emotions, I just wanted to fight what I felt for you" She said sadly.

"I thought kissing you, drawing you pictures, going on a drunken rampages because of you would state how I felt towards you" I said feeling a little irritated.

"I got that you liked me... I just didn't realize how serious you were" She said sounding a little defensive.

"Look I don't want to talk about all of that right now okay" She said as she got out of my lap. She headed towards the bathroom.

Sometimes I wondered if I had never gotten her pregnant if we would have ever ended up together. I tried to push back those thoughts and just be thankful that she was mine now, but still it was hard not to think about and question from time to time. A few minutes later she crawled back into bed and wrapped her arms around my waist and I smiled to myself, I loved her and I would try my best to push those thoughts away.
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