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Like Father Like Son

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Jack and Amy have some issues

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Jack's POV

It seemed like the weeks flew by and Christmas was upon us. I was so ready to be away from school, and I know Amy was too. Christmas was at our house this year so my mom had her hands full with the new job and getting things prepared for Christmas. I was in the mood to sketch today so I snuck away from the craziness of the household and shut myself up in my dads office. The girls were making cookies and my dad was getting the rest of the decorations down. I looked down at what I was drawing and it was darker than the stuff I had been doing lately. The run in with Mike the day we got out for Christmas break was still fresh in my mind and made my thoughts darker. He hadn't touched me since my dad said he made sure he wouldn't but he said a lot of things. This last time he told me Amy was screwing him too and that the baby probably wasn't mine. That she was a liar, and was just using me like she had before. I tried to push back what he said but they rang in my ears. What if he was telling the truth? What if Amy was sleeping with him too? I hated thinking these negative thoughts of her.

"What are you drawing" I jumped when I heard my dads voice.

"Nothing" I said and closed my notebook.

"You have seemed a little distant since you have been on break. You sure your okay" He asked.

"Dad I am sixteen and I am gonna be a father, no I don't think things will be okay for quite some time" I snapped.

"Okay, well I will leave you to your drawing" He said and exited the room. I know I shouldn't have snapped but I wasn't in the mood to chat.

Later that night Amy walked in to the room after a shower. I looked up then back down at my book. "You okay" she asked and slipped her towel off.

"I'm fine" I said not looking up.

"We haven't made love in a while" she said standing naked. She was trying to seduce me, I was not in the mood though I didn't look up because I know I might just give in if I did.

"I know, but I am reading" I said in a monotone voice. "

Oh okay" She said and pulled up her towel. She turned and changed then walked out of the room. Sometimes I missed when I didn't share my room, she was always here and I had no alone time anymore.

A few minutes later the door to my room swung open. I looked up and saw Lena. "What did you do to her" She asked. God I will never have a moment to myself.

"What are you talking about Lena" I said sounding annoyed.

"Amy, she is in my room crying. I assumed it was over something you did" She said with her arms crossed. I shut my book and sighed.

"Leave my room Lena, I just want to be alone! Can anyone understand that" I yelled.

"You are a real jerk. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and you have been nothing but a jerk since we got out for break. You need to come apologize" She said angrily.

"Don't tell me what I need to do Lena. Get the hell out of my room" I yelled again.

"What is going on in here" I heard my dad say then I saw him in the doorway.

"He made Amy cry and he won't apologize" Lena whined.

"Isn't that between him and Amy" My dad asked. "She is sobbing dad. It is so sad" Lena said sadly.

"Leave it be Lena. Go comfort her. She is really emotional right now as it is" Dad said and Lena reluctantly left. He turned and looked at me.

"What is going on. You have been a bit of an ass for the last few days" he said still standing in my doorway.

"I am allowed to be in a bad mood. I shouldn't have to explain myself" I said angrily.

"I just haven't seen you act like this in a while Jack. You need to be a little nicer to Amy since she is a little fragile right now. She is carrying your child remember?" He asked.

"How could I forget" I said and opened my book again.

"Make it right Jack" was all he said then he left. So many things were going through my head right now, I didn't feel like being friendly. I know I should be nice to Amy but Mike's words keep echoing in my head.

Gerard's POV
I walked into my bed room and Em was on her lap top. I got her a new one when she got the job. "There is something going on with Jack. And you might want to go check on Amy" I said and took a seat next to her.

"What is going on" She asked looking up from her computer.

"Jack is being a bit of a jerk and made her cry, or at least that is what Lena says.

"He has been a little grumpy lately, he hasn't acted like this in some time. I wonder what is bothering him" She said.

"Besides the whole being a dad thing" I asked.

"Well true but he has been good about it up till now" She said taking off her glasses.

"Just check on Amy and I will try to get to the bottom of Jack's ill mood later" I said.

"Okay I am off to calm down the emotional pregnant lady" She said with a smile and headed out of the room. I just hope I can get to the bottom of Jack and his mood.

Emily's POV
I walked into Lena's room and just like Gerard said, I found Amy crying. "She wont say what he did but she wont stop crying mom" Lena said looking concerned.

"Why don't you let me talk to her alone okay" I said and watched Lena exit the room. I sat down on the bed and hugged Amy.

"What did my son do" I asked.

"Nnnnoootthhhinng" She studdered.

"He had to of done something to make you cry like this" I said and ran my hand through her hair.

"I can't tell you" She said through her sobs.

"Yes you can, nothing will shock me Amy"I said knowing it had something to do with sex.

"He...he...he turned me down" She sad sadly. I tried not to giggle.

"Why" I asked.

"I don't know... I walked in and dropped my towel... and he turned me down" She said looking pitiful.

"I don't know what I did to him but he has been so distant lately" She said and the crying stopped.

"I know, he gets this way from time to time but that is just Jack. If something is bothering him he doesn't talk about it he just keeps it inside and it makes him not the best person to be around" I said tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.

"What is it that he is keeping bottled up? He tells me nothing" She said sounding frustrated.

"I know how you feel. Gerard can be that way to. It has caused us a lot of problems. He has gotten so much better though. Give Jack time. Let him know that you want to be involved in his life, that you want to know what is going on in his head" I said understanding how frustrating this situation can be.

"Okay, I will talk to him" She said looking calmer.

"Let him know Amy that you are here for him and you are not going anywhere" I said as she stood up.

"I will, thanks Emily" She said and walked out the door. As I watched her leave I sighed

"Like father like son."
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