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Show me this love

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Jack's POV
I looked up and saw a very red eyed Amy walk through the door. I felt a pang of regret for the way I treated her. I hated to see her cry.

"We need to talk Jack" She said and walked towards the bed.

"Okay" I said and sat my book down.

"You need to stop keeping me out. I never know what is going on in your head and I really don't know what has been bothering you for the past few days" She said looking me straight in the eyes. I didn't know how to respond. I didn't want to start a fight by telling her what Mike had said. I really didn't want to talk about any of t right now.

"I am just in a bad mood. It happends from time to time" I said trying to sound nicer.

"No there is something going on and you are keeping me out. We need to be a team Jack! We are going to have this baby together... we have to have communication".

"I know we are going to have this baby together and sometimes I think that if it wasn't for this baby we wouldn't even be together. We would be sneaking around still, and you would still be choosing Mike over me" I said angrily. I looked at her and I couldn't read her face.

"I apologized for us not being together sooner and that I stayed with Mike. What else do you want? I am having your child and I love you" She said her voice growing louder.

"When did this 'love' come about? Before or after I knocked you up?" I yelled.

"You are un believable Jack. What do I have to do to prove you are who I want? I could have gotten an abortion and went on with my life. I could have stayed with Mike and it would have been our seacret! But NO I chose to keep this baby and to be with you! I chose to bind myself to you forever. Do you want me to cut open my veins and bleed for you Jack? Is that what I need to do for you to believe that since I was ten I have dreamt of being with you? Yes my popularity was a priority for me and yes it had a lot to do with us not being together and I am sorry for that. I should have been with you from the start but I made an immature mistake and chose a different course! But I do not regret it Jack because those events lead us here, to this baby that I am carrying that is yours! To this link that will forever bind us. I love you, but I don't know what I need to do to prove it to you" The room grew quiet. I didn't know how to respond. I felt like a jerk.

"I'm sorry" I finally said. She brushed a tear from her face and I grabbed her hand.

"Show me this love" I said and pulled her to me.

By the time I shut my eyes to sleep later that night, I had no doubt in my mind that this girl loved me. Mikes words were def to my ears and all I could feel was happiness and gratitude that Amy was mine. When I woke up the next day Amy was asleep across my chest. I just laid there and ran my hand down her face. She looked up and smiled.

"Morning" She said sleepily.

"Morning" I said and kissed her. It was quiet for a few seconds.

"Amy I am very insecure and well... I guess I fear losing you and I have such a hard time trusting and you have hurt me before" I said. She said up and looked at me.

"Don't feel insecure about what we have Jack. I will always be here with you and for you. Always" She said and kissed me passionatly.

"I love you" She said and laid back on me.

"I love you too Amy".

Later that night we all gathered in the living room, it was an Christmas Eve tradition for everyone to open one present, which was usually pajamas. We all had our hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies.

"Okay everyone we are all going to open one gift as we usually do. Since Amy is new to this tradition we will let her go first" My mom said and handed Amy her gift. Amy smiled and quickly opened it.

"Pajamas Thank you so much Gerard and Emily" She said and jumped to hug them both.

"No problem, we are glad you like them" My mom said with a smile. I was next, then Lena, then Angel. As usual it was pajama's. The rest of the night was great. I'm glad Amy and I talked and made everything right. We all headed off to bed around 11:00pm. Amy cuddled up against me, and I felt her shudder.

"What is it" I asked.

"Your family is so great" She sounded like she was crying.

"I am sorry to be crying again, it's just they have been so good to me" She said and cried some more. I jut held her until she fell asleep.

Christmas morning was always exciting here in the Way house. Lena was up at the crack of dawn and she usually made sure she woke everyone up with her. "Jacky, Amy get up it is Christmas" She said excitingly.

"Lena it is like 5am, let us sleep" I said and turned back over. I felt Amy crawl over me.

"Your getting up" I asked.

"Yeah it is Christmas" She said and ran off with Lena. I sighed and rolled out of bed. I bumped into dad in the hallway.

"It seems were the last ones out of bed, as usual" He said with a yawn.

"Yeah Lena even got Amy all excited" I said as we headed into the living room. All the girls were sitting around the tree. Angel was in Amy's lap and Lena looked impatient.

"Come on, you two always make us wait" Lena whined. Dad and I took a seat and mom began to distribute the gifts. Amy looked surprised when my mom put a pile of presents in front of her.

"Merry Christmas Amy" my mom said happily.

"Thank you so much" She said with tears in her eyes. Man she cries so much now. My mom got Amy some maternity clothes and baby books, my dad got her an ipod since she was the only person in the house without one. She got a lot of other little things as well, she was so happy.

"Okay I have a big gift for all the ladies in the house. Jack went in on it with me so we hope you all enjoy" Dad said and gave me a wink. The girls opened up their envelopes and Lena immediately squealed.

"We thought you all could use a spa weekend" Dad said with a grin. My mom lunged herself at him.

"Thank you baby" She said and kissed him hard on the mouth.

"Thanks Jacky" Angel said happily and gave me a hug.

"Babe thanks so much" Amy said and kissed me soundly on the lips.

"So you girls like it" Dad asked.

"Yes daddy I can't wait" Lena said jumping up and down.

"There is one last gift for you Amy" Dad said, she looked surprised.

"Really" She asked.

"Yep go get it Em" My dad said. Mom walked back in with a box.

"This is from us all Amy" My mom said. She opened it and began to cry again. It was an Apple Lap top, a pink one at that.

"You guys" She said with her hand to her mouth.

"Thank you so much" She said and jumped up and gave us all hugs.

"You guys are such a gift. You have taken me in and loved me like you own. Thank you so much" She said with her arm around my waist.

"You are one of us now" Lena said with a smile.

"Thank you. I love you all" She said with a smile. A

fter we cleaned up we all headed off with our new stuff and mom went to start cooking. Amy and I closed the door to our room and she sat down on the bed. She was quiet.

"You okay" I asked as I sat a few of my things on the bed.

"Yeah I am just happy, I mean I have never had a Christmas like this. My parents really never have gotten along and my mom was always to busy to cook. It feels good to have family and just spend time together" She said and grabbed my hand.

"I'm glad you got to spend it with us" I said and kissed her temple.

"I hope I spend all the rest of my Christmas's with you" She said and ran her hand down my face.

"Me too Amy".

Emily's POV
I looked over at Gerard and smiled. He was dicing some onions and had tears in his eyes. "Thanks for helping me" I said, he looked up at me and smiled.

"I like helping you" He said and leaned over and kissed me.

"It has been a good Christmas hasn't it"I asked.

"Yeah, it felt good to include Amy and to get her those gifts" He said and went back to dicing.

"I hope she and Jack make it, I really like her" I said and turned the stove on.

"Me too, we made it and Jack really loves her" He said and handed me a bowl of onions. I heard the doorbell ring and went to see who it was. "Hey mom and dad" I said as Don and Donna walked in.

"Hey darling how are you" Donna said as we embraced.

"Good, just finishing up some cooking. Hey Dad" I said and hugged Don.

"Oh Emily I can help you finish" Donna said happily.

"You don't have too" I said reluctantly.

"Oh Emily hush and let me help" She said and headed towards the kitchen.

"Were are my grandchildren" Don asked.

"Checking out all their new gifts I am sure" I said.

"Well I think I will go say hi" He said and headed up the stairs. I had to remember not to mention the baby since we hadn't told them yet. I walked into the kitchen and G and Donna were talking and Donna of course was making herself useful.

"Oh I have gifts for you two and the kids in the car" She said.

"I can run and get them mom" G said and headed out.

"So how are things over here" She asked while checking on the turkey.

"Good" was my only explanation. Just them Jack and Amy walked down together.

"Hey Jacky" Donna said and walked over to hug him.

"Hey Gran, this is my girlfriend Amy" Jack said and put his hand on the small of Amy's back.

"Hello Amy, it is very nice to meet you. How did you snag Jack" She laughed and hugged Amy.

"Oh well I have known him since elementary school" she said happily.

"She left and came back in high school and well... we just clicked again" Jack said awkwardly.

"Well Donna come help me got out some appetizers" I said trying to lure her away from them. Over the next twenty minutes everyone was in our house.

Some of Gerard's uncles and aunts, a few cousins, Mikey, Alicia, and the kids, and the guys would be over later after they spend Christmas with their family's. Dinner went well, the baby was not brought up. Everyone is in the living room watching a movie and Alicia and I are in the kitchen fixing coffee and getting the desert ready.

"So you haven't told mom and dad yet" She stated. I sighed

"No, I don't know how to tell them".

"They were pretty great when you got pregnant. I am sure they will be shocked but you know they will support Jack and Amy" she said pouring herself a cup of coffee.

"I know, but today is definently not the day to break the news" I said then took a sip of my coffee.

"Speaking of babies, do you and Mikey want to have anymore" I asked. "I don't think so, I think two is the perfect number for us. Our kids seem to be accident prone so we have our hands full enough" She said and we both laughed.

"You two gonna chat all evening or bring us out some coffee" Gerard asked and poured a cup for himself.

"Were coming" I said rolling my eyes.

The guys and their family's came over later and the rest of the night went great. We all exchanged more gifts and then around 10:00pm everyone headed out. Another successful Christmas at the Way's house.
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