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I think it was Fate

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Baby talk and dinner meetings

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Jack's POV

New Years had came and gone and now we were heading back to school. It seemed like Christmas break had gone by too fast. "Just think we will be out of school in five months" Amy said trying to make him feel better.

"I know but getting threw the five months is what I am worried about" I said as we walked towards her locker.

I looked at Amy while she pulled out some of her books, then popped about three mints in her mouth. Mints were the only thing that seemed to settle her stomach these days. We headed towards our first class of the semester which was history. We had tried to get as many classes together as we could. At lunch we sat with Deek as usual, but he seemed a little bummed today.

"I am gonna go get a soda" He said then left the table.

"I wonder what's eating at him" Amy said as she popped another mint in her mouth.

"I don't know" I said brushing it off.

"Why don't you ask him" She asked.

"Guys are not like girls babe, we don't discuss our feelings" I said shaking my head. She rolled her eyes and took another sip of her sprite. Deek came and sat back down.

"So Deek what's wrong" Amy asked him. He shrugged and didn't talk the rest of lunch. Later on we were heading out to her car when I spotted Mike.

"Whore" He yelled across the parking lot. I turned and began to walk quickly over to him.

"No Jack" Amy said and grabbed my arm. I shrugged her off and began to walk towards him again. She put herself in front of me and grabbed my face.

"No Jack, you will get suspended. It is not worth it" She said looking into my eyes. I closed my eyes trying to calm myself down. I turned and quickly headed towards the car. I got in and slammed the door.

"Jack he is doing it on purpose" Amy said as we headed home. I didn't answer, I was still fuming. When we got home I didn't speak to anyone and headed up the stairs. I heard Amy walk in behind me.

"Are you okay" She asked.

"No Amy I am NOT okay" I said and kicked my desk.

"I am so fucking sick of the way they look at you! I am sick of Mike and his comments. I am just SICK" I yelled and punched the wall. I was breathing heavily and kicked at the desk one more time. Amy was quiet, she just stood there with her arms at her side. I sat down at my desk feeling frustrated. I felt her hand on my head, pulling me against her. I wrapped my arms around her waist and my breathing got slower.

"I am sorry" I said.

"I shouldn't take it out on you" I said looking up at her.

"It's okay, I just wish you would let me in on what is going on in that head of yours" She said with a slight smile.

"You are what is going on in my head" I said and grabbed the back of her neck and brought her lips to mine.

"I love you" I said against her lips.

"I love you too" She said and kissed me again. I brought her down into my lap and deepened the kiss. Kissing her was something I was sure I could never get sick of. I ran my hand over her stomach and smiled against her lips.

"My baby" I said and ran my hand over her stomach again. She placed her hand over mine and broke the kiss.

"Do you regret this baby" She asked me.

"Never" I said and she kissed me again. "Me neither, I think it is fate" She said looking into my eyes. I kissed her forehead and we just sat there in silence. I breathed her in and hoped that she would be mine for the rest of my days.

Emily's POV
I sat down at my desk and inhaled and exhaled. Today had been busy and I still had paper work. I had shown four houses today and my feet were throbbing! "Good work today Emily, you're a natural" Mr. Glenn said.

"Thanks, I'm enjoying myself" I said.

"What are you doing after work" He asked.

"I am going home and having some dinner, why did you need something" I asked, hoping that there would be no more paper work.

"Well I just wanted to see if sometime after work this week we could go get a bite to eat and discuss some projects I would like you to be involved with" he said sitting on the edge of my desk.

"Okay, I will put some time aside a day this week" I said with a smile.

"Okay sounds good, just let me know" He said and walked towards his office. I got home and it seemed deserted, I heard Lena and followed her voice. I found her in the computer room on the phone as usual.

"Hey where is your dad" I whispered.

"Hold on Becca" She said and covered the receiver.

"Dad is at the studio, Angel is playing in her room, and well Jack and Amy haven't left their room since they got back from school" She said rolling her eyes.

"Thanks" I said and headed towards Angels room. I opened the door and she ran and jumped in my arms.

"Mommy, you are late" She said and kissed me.

"I am sorry baby, what are you playing" I asked and followed her into her room.

"I am playing dress up" She said and slipped a tiara on my head.

"Well thank you" I said with a laugh.

"You can be the queen" She said a matter of factly.

"Does that make you the princess" I asked and sat on the floor next to her.

"Yes" She said and slipped on a pair of plastic slippers.

"When's Jacky's baby comin" She asked as she brushed her Barbies hair.

"In about six months" I said, she looked over at me with a surprised look on her face.

"Why so long" She asked.

"Because the baby has to grow, the baby is very small right now" I explained.

"It is in her belly"She said.

"Yep it is. You were in my belly once to" I said, she looked up at me.

"Really" she asked.

"Yep, you were in there growing for nine months" I said brushing my hand through her blonde hair.

"Wow" She said.

"I know, you used to kick me, and daddy used to talk to you" I said remembering my pregnancy with Angel.

"You loved me" She stated.

"Very much" I said kissing her temple.

"I can't wait for the baby" She said with a smile.

"Me neither, I wonder if it is a boy or a girl" I said.

"It is a girl" She said so matter of factly.

"Oh is that so" I said.

"Yes, it is a girl" She said again.

"How do you know" I asked, curiously.

"I dreamt it" She said slipping a dress on to her Barbie.

"A dream, how do you know it is true" I asked.

"They usual are" She said with a toothless grin. Was she like me? Did she have prophetic dreams?

"How often do you have these dream" I asked.

"They come and go" She said and sat in my lap. I kissed her head. If she was telling the truth then she was more like me than I thought. I played with her a little while longer then gave her a bath and tucked her in. I assumed Jack and Amy were not leaving their room and Lena was already in bed.

I slipped under my comfy covers and looked over at the clock, it was 11:30 and Gerard still wasn't home. I guess I am going to sleep alone tonight. I felt him slip his arms around me and looked over at the clock that now read 1:30am.

"You on a role" I asked.

"Yeah, sorry I am home so late. Go back to sleep" He said and I did just that.

The next day I was yet again busy all day at work. By the time the day was coming to an end all I wanted to do was slip into a hot bath and go to bed.

"You on for dinner" Mr.Glenn asked. I had forgotten all about taking him up on dinner.

"Sure, just let me make a call" I said and hit Gerard's number on speed dial.

"Hey Em" He answered.

"Hey I have a dinner meeting tonight about some projects coming up with my boss, do you think you will be home early tonight" I asked.

"Um, I can be. How late are you going to be" He asked.

"I should be back no later than eight" I said, he was quiet for a minute.

"Okay, I will give Jack a call and tell him to hold down the fort until one of us gets there" He said.

"Thanks babe, I will see you later" I said then hung up the phone.

"Okay tonight is fine, just let me get my purse" I said to Mr. Glenn, then we headed out for my very first dinner meeting.

Gerard's POV

I hung up with Emily and took a seat on the couch in the recording studio. "You okay dude" Bob asked.

"Yeah why wouldn't I be" I asked him.

"You seem a little upset" he said. I shook my head no and he shrugged and headed back in to record.

"Gerard were going to need your vocals soon, you might want to do your vocal warm ups" Our producer said to me.

"Okay" I said and headed off to a side room to warm up. I felt weird. It bothered me that Em was going to a business dinner with this boss I have never met.

"You look pale" Frank said and handed me some hot tea.

"Emily is at a business dinner with her boss, I don't think I like it" I said and took a sip of the tea.

"Aw your jealous" He said and pinched my cheek. I yanked away from him.

"Stop! I am not jealous" I said and stood up.

"You are so jealous. Why would you care so much that she was off with her boss" He said and popped a piece of gum in his mouth.

"Just let me warm up Frank" I said and he left. I warmed up and recorded my vocals but I still felt distracted. I got home around 7:30 and found Amy washing the dishes.

"Hey is Em home yet" I asked.

"No not yet" She said and sat a dish aside.

"You okay Gerard" She asked.

"Yeah I am fine. Where is Jack" I asked.

"Finishing up some math homework. I told him I would finish the dishes" She said with a smile.

"Okay, well I will be in the office" I said and headed out of the room. Man jealousy is a feeling I haven't felt in forever. I sat down at my desk and got out my sketch book. I looked over at the clock a while later and it read 8:30. Where was she?

*Okay I just want everyone to know that I am on a role with this story. I sat down the other day and wrote alot of new chapters and it is going to get good ;)! So just hold on and keep review and it will def be worth your while!
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