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That is why you knock!

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Emily is out late and Lena see's something she had rather not seen

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Jack's POV
I looked up as Amy walked into the room, she smiled and came and stood by me. "How's it going" She asked. I looked down at my homework then back up at her.

"It's going. Math has never been my best subject" I said then looked back down.

"Let me know if you need some help" She said then walked over and sat on the bed. I watched her lay down on her side, she looked sad. I put down my pencil and walked over to her.

"Are you okay" I asked her. She shook her head no.

"Why" I said and sat next to her.

"I am fat" She said sadly. I looked down at her stomach and then back up at her.

"What do you mean your fat" I asked confused.

"I am fat! I feel like a blimp" She screamed. I just sat there stunned. She did not look fat, I was confused.

"Just leave me alone Jack" She said and turned over.

"Okay"I said and backed away. I walked down to my dads office and opened the door. He looked drained.

"Hey, have a seat" he said and I sat down.

"Dad Amy is crazy" I said shaking my head.

"Why is that" he asked with a smile.

"One minute she is sweet and in a great mood, the next she is crying or she is upset. I don't get it" I said running my hands through my hair.

"Welcome to the next six months of your life Jack. They are moody, sick, emotional, hungry... it can get very confusing at times. Just have patience with her" he said and sat back in his chair.

"She is upset right now because she thinks she is fat. I told her she wasn't and she wanted me to leave. But dad she doesn't look any bigger to me" I said feeling frustrated. He laughed.

"Yeah your mom was like that too, it took her a while to get used to the extra weight. She will be okay with it as she grows. Especially when she starts feeling the baby" He said and stood up.

"I hope so, because she is driving me crazy" I said. There was a knock at the door and I turned to see Amy walk in.

"Sorry to interrupt but Jack can you come lay with me" She asked almost in tears.

"Sure" I said and turned to role my eyes at my dad.

"Remember what I said" He said as we left the office. Man I couldn't wait for these six months to be over with before I lose my mind.

Emily's POV
"No they were nice, picky but nice" I said with a laugh. Tyler and I had just finished our meal and were discussing my latest clients over desert.

"Well you managed to sell the house to them despite there picky taste. They said you were great to work with" He said with a grin.

It was odd being around him. I realized over all these years I had never been around any men but the guys, Gerard, and their crew. None of them were like Tyler Glenn. He was a smart business guy who would rather listen to mozart over Bowie. He liked expensive art and lived in a pent house in Manhattan. He had never been married and had no children. He was fun to talk to and I realized we had a lot in common.

"So what I brought you to dinner for was to ask if you would be interested in some new clients. He is an up and coming actor and is looking for a bachelor pad in the city. He, like your recent clients, is picky, but seeing the way you handled the Grey's I think you can tackle him and give him a great area to live in. What do you think?" He asked.

"I would love to. I like the challenging clients" I said with a smile.

"Well now that, that is settled tell me about your kids" He said and took a bite of his cheesecake.

"Well Jack is my oldest, he is very much his fathers child. He is very artistic, creative, he is good at music, is a tough one to get to but a sweet kid at heart. Lena is my middle child, she is very much like me but has her fathers dark features. She likes boys already and wants to be involved in school. Then Angel is my youngest, she is quiet and really smart. You never know what she is thinking. She is a great mixture of Gerard and I. They are all great though" I said smiling at the thought of my kids.

"You said you met your husband in high school" he asked.

"Yep, total opposites. We hated one another then later fell in love. Opposites really do attract I guess" I said and we both laughed. I looked down at my watch and realized it was almost nine o'clock.

"Oh man, I need to head home. It is nearly nine. My husband is probably wondering where the heck I am" I said and stood up to slip on my coat.

"Let me help" he said and helped me with my jacket.

"Dinner was lovely, thank you so much. See you tomorrow" I said and rushed out. Oh man I hope Gerard isn't worried.

Jack's POV
"I am sorry I snapped at you" Amy said as we lay there together later that night.

"It's okay" I said still feeling the effects of our love making. The second we walked through the door she attacked me. She pushed the sheet down to her hips.

"You sure I don't look any bigger" She asked. I looked and felt very distracted by the rest of her body.

"Oh Jack seriously" She asked. I looked down and realized I had gotten myself turned on again.

"Sorry" I said and pulled the covers up to my chest.

"Can't you look at me without reacting like that" She said pulling the sheet up to her chest.

"I'm sorry. I can't help it. Most girls wouldn't be upset that they can turn their boyfriend on so easily" feeling a little irritated. She looked at me seriously and I thought she was gonna freak out again, but she began to giggle.

"Your right" She said and jumped on me.

"Amy I don't get this math...." Lena had just burst into the room.

"Shit seriously" I said as I pushed Amy off of me.

"Get out" I yelled.

"Sorry" Lena said and ran out of the room red faced.

"I am so embarrassed right now" Amy said looking humiliated.

"She needs to knock" I yelled angrily. I got up and pulled on my jeans and walked towards Lena's room. She was on her bed looking a little upset.

"You need to learn how to knock!" Screamed.

"You need to learn how to lock your door" She yelled back.

"What is the yelling about, Angel is trying to sleep" I heard my dad say from behind me.

"He is yelling at me because I walked in on him and Amy having sex" Lena yelled while looking at me angrily. I saw Amy in the hall behind my dad, she put her hand to her head and shook it.

"That is why you knock" I yelled again.

"Okay you two stop yelling" I heard my dad say. But we kept on screaming back and forth.

"What is going on here" I heard my mom say.

"Seriously" I said loudly.

"Why don't we wake up Angel and include her In on this" I said and turned to leave.

"That is enough" My dad yelled and Lena and I stopped.

"Jack lock your door and please try not to have sex with Amy while everyone is home. Lena knock on Jack and Amy's door just like you knock on me and your mom's. Now please stop yelling. Jack take Amy back to your room, Lena go to bed" Dad said then walked out.

"You caught Jack and Amy" I heard my mom ask Amy as I walked out.

Amy and I headed back to the room and shut the door. "I am humiliated, how can I ever look at your sister again" She said and sat on the bed.

"I wish we freaking lived alone, not having to worry about people walking in" I said wishing we didn't live here at the moment.

"I just want to sleep" She said and curled up under the covers.

"Me too" I said and got up under the covers. It took me a while to get to sleep, I felt embarrassed, I wished that Amy and I could live on our own. Some day, man these last's years of high school couldn't go by fast enough.

*There should be an update everyday for the next three or four days... It is about to get crazy!
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