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I feel so different

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Gerard and Emily talk about her dinner date

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Gerard's POV

I walked into my room and Emily followed not to far behind. "Well I didn't expect to come home to that" Emily said with a slight grin.

"How was your meeting" I asked with an irritated sound in my voice.

"Good" Emily said as she slipped out of her skirt. I watched her pull her shirt over her head.

"You okay, you sound irritated" She asked then slipped off her bra.

"I um... I just...Can you put a shirt on" I said and ran my hand through my hair. She smiled deviously and turned around.

"Why" She asked, she was playing with me.

"Because, I cannot talk with you when you are standing there only in your underwear" I said and looked up. She walked towards me and straddled me.

"I don't want to talk" She whispered in my ear. I closed my eyes and felt her lips on my neck. I was angry with her for being late, and now I could care less what she was doing before.

"I am sorry for being late" She whispered against my lips. She was distracting me, she knew what she was doing.

"It's fine" I said and kissed her hard. She was late, who cares. She's here now, and she is all mine.

Later that night we laid there in the dark. She put her head on my chest and sighed.

"I never get tired of this" She said and looked up at me.

"Me neither" I said and ran my hand down her face.

"How was your meeting" I asked.

"It was good, he wants me to help find a place for this actor. Evidently I do good with the picky people" She said with a smile.

"He took you to dinner to ask you to help out a client" I asked and sat up a bit.

"Yes, he wanted to let me know that I was doing great and see if it was okay to give me more clients" She said sitting up with me.

"When am I going to meet this guy" I asked angrily. She looked at me in surprise.

"Gerard are you jealous" She asked.

"No I just want to know why my wife went to dinner with her boss to 'talk' about work then she shows up an hour late" I said calmer than I felt. She didn't speak for a few minutes.

"This is a big deal to me. It is huge that he is trusting me with bigger clients. It feels good to be appreciated" She said and slipped out of the bed.

"What do you mean? You don't think we appreciate you" I asked angrily.

"No I don't think you always do" She said and slipped on a t shirt. I stood up and pulled on my boxers.

"Oh but he does appreciate you. So much that he felt he needed to take you to dinner to show you" I said and looked over at her. She had her hands on her hips which was never a good sign.

"When was the last time you took me out?" She asked. I ran my hands down my face.

"I am not arguing about this Emily" I said and pulled on a shirt.

"Oh so you wanted to argue about it before! What because I have made a good point you don't want to argue anymore" She asked now crossing her arms.

"Whatever Emily" I said and threw open the door to our room.

"Your going to run now" She taunted. I shook my head and walked quickly down the stairs. I could hear her following me so I turned around mid stairs.

"You know what it is Gerard? You can't handle the fact that I am being successful, you like it when you're the big shot and I am the helpless wife who sits around and waits for you, who depends on you for everything" She said loudly.

I walked up to her and my face was only an inch from hers. "You have no clue what you are talking about" I said and turned and walked out the front door.

"Fuck" I yelled and slammed the door to the car. I lit a cigarette and drove off. I was not coming home tonight!

Emily's POV
I sat on the steps wearing only my shirt. I was angry, he had no right to attack me like that. "Mom" I heard Lena say from behind me.

"Go back to bed Lena" I snapped.

"Okay" She said sadly and shut the door. My anger was slowly fading and sadness was consuming me. I heard the front door open and looked up thinking it was Gerard, but it was Alicia.

"You okay" She asked and sat next to me.

"How did you know" I asked.

"Gerard called Mikey" She said and hugged me to her. I began to cry.

"It's okay, it was just a fight" She said and kissed my head. I laid my head in her lap and cried harder.

"What is wrong with me Alicia? Lately I have felt so different" I said wiping my tears with my shirt.

"What do you mean" She asked.

"Just... I have felt so useless and then I got this job and I feel like I am doing something productive. I feel... I don't know... I feel like for the first time in eighteen years, that I don't need to depend on Gerard" It was the first time I had said it out loud.

"He has always been the one who has provided for me, protected me. I have always needed him and now... now I feel like I don't have to depend on him so much" I said and looked up at Alicia.

"Well that is not entirely a bad thing" She said brushing a piece of hair out of my face.

"I know, but... I sometime think there is more to this life than what I have experienced so far" I said sadly.

"And now he is leaving again, off to see the world and I am here".

"I thought you were going with him" She asked.

"I am a little, but I have our kids, and Jack's baby on the way. I can't just be gone for a long time like he can" I said wiping off my face.

"I would just for once like to be the number one love of his life. He was so jealous tonight because my boss took me to dinner, I am jealous all of the time, but over his music" I said, feeling horrible for saying it but it was the truth.

"Maybe you need a break Em, a vacation away from it all" She suggested.

"Maybe. Thanks for coming over but I think I am going to head to bed. There is nothing else to be done tonight" I said and stood up.

"Well call me if you need me okay" She said as she hugged me.

"I will. Love you" I said.

"Love you too" She said and headed out the door.

I tossed and turned all night thinking about everything that happened. I needed a change... but I didn't know if that change included Gerard.
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