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Jack gets an interesting email and Emily makes a big decision

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Jack's POV

I hated school without Amy. She had been to sick to come today so I left her on my moms care. My dad hadn't came back last night or this morning. Mom was quiet, she knew we heard them fight last night. It was a rare occasion to hear them yelling at each other. Even Angel was upset. I turned around and headed to History alone. As I passed a side hallway I noticed Deek, he was standing with a girl. I looked closer and noticed that it was Sam. What is he doing with Sam? She leaned in and kissed him straight on the mouth. What the hell was going on. I walked off quickly and sat down in history. Deek kissing Sam? It didn't make since. Or did it? Hadn't he been acting strange lately? At lunch he took a seat across from me as usual. He was quiet like he had been lately.

"So what's new" I asked. "Nothing much, my dad's girlfriend moved in. She is like 22. My sister is furious" He said and grabbed my sandwich and replaced it with his.

"That sucks" I said and took a bite of food.

"How is Amy? I notices she isn't here today" He asked.

"Yeah she was to sick to come" I said, this was an awkward conversation. Should I just say I saw him with Sam? My eyes found Sam in the lunch room. She looked straight at me with disdain. She was sitting with some girl I had never seen before and that guy who threw the party. The party where I freaking made a baby. I shook my head.

"Well I have to go finish up some research, see ya later" Deek said and quickly exited the lunch room.

My period after lunch was study hall. I had it in the computer lab. I decided to check my email and see if Amy was online. I opened my email and noticed I had something in my mail box from an email address I didn't recognize. I double clicked it and it popped up. It read: "You want to see what a lying bitch she is, watch this" And it had a link. What the hell? Who was this from and who were they talking about? Should I click it? What if it is a virus. Something in me told me to open it so I did. I couldn't believe what popped up on the screen. It was Mike... It was Mike having sex with Amy!! My breathing sped up and my face grew hot. She was a liar! I exited the video and immediately stood up! I headed towards the door.

"Mr. Way where do you think your going" I heard my teacher ask. I didn't listen to her, I headed out the door. I walked over to Mike's mustang and punched it, I punched it until my knuckles bled.

"Ass hole" I screamed as I kicked the side and made a dint. I headed down the road walking quickly. I would kill her! I would fucking kill her for lying to me!

About a half an hour later I walked into my front door and spotted her in the kitchen with my mom. "Jack what are you doing...." I cut her off and grabbed a hand full of hair from the back of her head.

"You lying little bitch" I spat.

"Jack let go of her" My mom said looking angry.

"This doesn't concern you" I said.

"Jack your hurting me" Amy said with tears running down her face. Her tears had no effect on me.

"I loved you, I trusted you" I said yanking her head.

"Ow" She cried out as I dragged her with me up the stairs.

"Stop it Jack! Stop it right now" I heard my mom yell as she followed us. I Shoved Amy in the room and shut the door, I locked it behind me and heard my mom bang on the door.

"Let me in. What the hell is going on Jack" My mom screamed.

"I am calling your father" She said and the banging stopped.

"Jack what is wrong" Amy cried.

"You lied to me! Right to my face you deceiving bitch" I said loudly. I turned my computer on. She got up and walked towards the door.

"You better not go out that door" I snapped. I got up and sat her in the computer chair. I clicked on the link and the video popped up.

"You told me I was the only one, you told me that you and Mike had never had sex! This is proof" I Yelled. I heard the door bust open and saw my dad.

"What the hell is going on Jack" he said then he looked at the screen.

"Turn it off Jack. It is not what you think" She cried.

"I don't care what you say. I believe nothing that comes out of your mouth" I said and turned around.

"I want you out of my house now" I said in an icy voice.

"Jack you need to think" My dad said.

"This is none of your business" I yelled. I saw my mom in the doorway crying.

"Out Amy" I yelled.

"What about the baby" She cried.

"It probably isn't even mine" I said and walked out of the room. I was sick to my stomach. I slammed the door to the bathroom then vomited! I loved her with all of me! I trusted her and she betrayed me! I vomited once more then collapsed on the floor. The baby...the baby I began to love so much was probably not even mine. I felt hate... I felt dead!

Emily's POV
I looked at Amy who was doubled over on the floor sobbing. "I am going to check on Jack" Gerard said and headed out the door.

I leaned down on the floor next to Amy and hugged her to me. "Oh Emily it is not what it seems. Why... Why would Mike do that?" She cried. I felt so bad for her, and upset with her at the same time.

"Is the baby his Amy" I asked.

"Yes" She barely got out. I grabbed my cell out of my pocket and walked to the other side of the room.

"Mom. Hey it is Emily. Look is it okay if Jack's girlfriend Amy comes and stay's a few nights with you guys" I asked my mother in law.

"Of course. Is everything okay" She asked.

"I will explain it all to you when I get there" I said.

"Okay bring her over whenever" She said and I said good bye and hung up.

"Amy I am going to help you get your stuff together and take you over to my in laws okay" She just nodded and got up slowly. I walked out of the room and saw Gerard outside the bathroom door.

"He wont open the door" He said looking tired.

"He grabbed her by the hair Gerard and pulled and shoved her up the stairs. I have never in my life seen him that angry" I said not believing the monster I had seen my son turn into.

"He is hurt, I get it" Gerard said and ran his hands through his hair.

"Gerard... I need a break" I said slowly. I hadn't meant to say it but it came out.

"From me" he asked.

"Yes" I said sadly.

"I will get my stuff" He said and walked into our room.

I walked into the kitchen and began to watch the dishes. Tears began to fall, what was happening to my life. I heard Amy walk into the kitchen.

"I will take you to Don and Donna's" I said and she just shook her head in agreement.

After I dropped her off I just drove, I didn't have a destination I just knew I couldn't go home. I couldn't watch Gerard walk out the door.
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