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What's right for me

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Gerard, Emily, Amy, and Jacks POV's

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Gerard's POV
I just walked into my room and collapsed on the bed. She dismissed me, she needed a break from me. What kind of man was I ? I had failed her! The tears came, I wasn't prone to crying but the love of my life tells me she wants a break? I can't fathom it. I called Mikey after I composed myself.

"Hey can you get Angel and Lena?" I asked him.

"Yeah, are you okay" He asked.

"I just need you to get her and Lena and let them stay with you tonight" I said then hung up before he could say another word. I packed some clothes and walked out of my bedroom.

"I am coming with you"I saw a red eyed Jack say. I just nodded in agreement.

"I will be down stairs waiting for you" I said and headed to the couch. Jack came down the stairs later with his book bag and we headed out the door.

Neither of us spoke as we pulled up to a hotel. I checked in and requested a suit. We walked into the room and sat on the couch.

"Your mom told me she needed a break" I said breaking the silence.

"I watched Amy have sex with my worst enemy" Jack said in a mono tone voice.

"I am going to go sleep" Jack said and headed towards one of the bedrooms.

I sighed and headed towards the other room. I shut the door and sat in the dark. When did my life get this way?

Emily's POV
I came home to an empty house. It seems that Jack went with Gerard. Alicia called and told me that she and Mikey were keeping Lena and Angel. She wanted to come over but I told her I needed to be alone. I walked into my bedroom and sat at the end of the bed. I had told Donna and Don about the baby. They of course were great about it and said they would take good care of Amy. I couldn't believe I told him I needed a break. I mean I had thought about it but I didn't expect to just blurt it out. I knew I needed time to see who I was since most of my life I had defined myself through Gerard. I fell asleep some time through the tears that night. I woke up the next morning and just laid there.

"Emily" I heard Alicia say. I rolled over and didn't answer.

"Were gonna find you" I heard Jamia say. Man they both were here.

"She is probably in her room" Oh my gosh they brought Robin too. I turned back over and stared at the door. It slowly opened and within minutes all three women were in my bed.

"What the hell is going on Em" Alicia asked. I sat up.

"I just need a break" I said not wanting to explain myself right now. I looked over at Robin who was beginning to show.

"Is this about the whole you can't have a baby thing again" Jamia asked.

"No" I simply said.

"You just want a break from your husband" Alicia said.

"Yes is that so hard to believe" I said angrily.

"Give her a break Alicia" Robin said and shot me a smile.

"All our husbands can be hand fulls at time" Robin said.

"Your not getting divorced are you" Jamia asked.

"No, I just need to be away from him right now and whether you guys agree with it or not I am doing it. Can you just be here for me" I shouted.

"Okay okay don't blow a gasket" Alicia said and gave me a hug. Then I felt all there arms around me.

"We are here for you Em, we are just worried" Jamia said.

"Mikey went over to see Gerard this morning, he said Jack was there to" Alicia said.

"Yeah Jack is a whole other story" I said sighing.

"Well we are going to cook lunch and be here for you all day so get used to it" Jamia said. Robin just laughed. She was much quieter that the out spoken Jamia and Alicia.

"Okay, I am going to go take a shower first" I said and they headed down the stairs.

I should have know that they were not going to leave me alone. I stripped and got into the shower. The hot water felt great. I knew the tears were going to fall and fall they did. "God what am I doing" I said out loud and began to cry harder. Did I make the right decision? Could we have just talked? God I missed him already but deep down I knew it was the right decision for me right now.

Jack's POV
I walked out of the hotel room and saw my dad pouring some coffee. "Want some" he asked. I shook my head yes.

"You going to school" He asked.

"No" I answered and took a sip. A knock came at the door and I walked over and opened the door. It was Uncle Mikey.

"Hey guys" He said and walked over to Gerard and hugged him. They embraced for a few second then Mikey pulled back.

"What can I do for you" Mikey asked.

"Mikey I need to stop the recording, I will not participate in a tour, and I will do no promotional stuff for the album. I can't" Dad said, I was surprised.

"Dad" I said. He put his hand up to silence me.

"Don't. I just can't right now" he said and closed the door. Mikey turned and looked at me.

"How are you" He asked.

"Bad" I answered.

"You and Amy over" He asked.

"Yes" I said. "What about the baby" He asked.

"It probably isn't mine. I am going to lay down" I said and left the room.

I didn't want to think about Amy right now. I never knew I could hurt this bad, to the point it effected me physically. I couldn't get the image of her and Mike out of my head. It just played over and over in my head.

Amy's POV
"Honey you need to eat, at least for the baby" Donna said to me. I was laying in Gerard's old bed. I hadn't left since Emily brought me here last night.

"I can't" I croaked out. I had cried so hard my eyes were raw and my throat was sore. I felt her hand on my hair.

"It will work out Amy. If you say it is his he can't banish you forever" She said.

"He doesn't even want to hear me out. It is like he was waiting for something like this to happen. Like he never trusted me really" I said with a few more tears streaming.

"Well tell me the truth then Amy. What happened" She asked. I wiped a few tears.

"Come on honey just test it out on me" She said sweetly.

"Mike called me after the news about the baby broke. He asked me to come over so we could at least talk. So like an idiot I went. I got there and he acted nice and asked me to tell him the truth about what happened, so I did. He poured me a glass of water and I sipped it throughout the conversation. The next thing I knew I woke up in his bed" I began to cry harder.

"I didn't know what happened and I couldn't remember anything from the night before. So I got up and left. I pushed it in the back of my mind because I didn't want to think about what probably happened. I didn't want to face it. I should have known Mike would do something like this. He knows Jack's temper" I said as Donna hugged me.

"Oh honey if he knew he wouldn't have reacted that way. You have to tell him" Donna said.

"I can't he wont look at me right now. He wont believe me. He wants to think the worst of me" I said and sat up.

"I still think after he cools down a bit you should tell him. He loves you and you are carrying his child" she said touching my belly.

"Give him a few days you also need to report the incedant with Mike" She said and kissed my cheek.

"Now you rest and I am going to make you some soup" She said and exited the room.

I laid there lost in my thoughts. I felt hopeless. I didn't know what more he wanted of me? I wanted this baby to have both of us in it's life or according to Angels predictions, her life. I smiled. I had to at the thought of a little girl with Jack's eyes and smile, and my hair and nose. The thought of this little girl I was carrying would keep me going. I would win him back, I would prove to him how much I loved him. I would prove to him that he was the only one for me.

*Okay guys just a little heads up. I might not post a new chapter for this story for a few days. I need to write some more :)! Hope you like it!
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