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A little Jack with your guitar?

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I absolutely love this story. i have all of the first part written! it's so amazing.

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CHAPTER 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~

‘Do you have to play that over and over again?’ Brendon asked late that night as he laid in his bed while Grace laid next to him while she played Jack Johnson on his ipod.

‘Jack Johnson was my favorite when I was alive. I loved him. I always wanted the boy that I was in love with to sing me Jack Johnson songs.’

‘He’s lame.’ Brendon said rolling over to face her.

‘You know what I never understood about you stupid boy band types.’

‘I’m not a boy band type.’

‘I never understood why you guys hated it when other people judged the music you play but you are so quick to judge others music. I bet that all of the songs Jack has written have more meaning then anyone of your songs.’

‘How do you know?’

‘All of his songs are written about his wife. You can feel the love in the songs. You can feel how much he loves her just by listening to the song.’

‘Love is over rated.’

‘How do you know? Have you ever been in love?’


‘Then how do you know?’

‘Have you ever been in love?’

‘No but I never said that I had been in love.’ Grace snapped back.

There was silence for a few minutes before Grace finally broke it again, ‘What is your ideal girl like?’

‘I don’t have an ideal girl.’

‘Every guy has an ideal girl, you can tell me. Who else am I going to tell?’

‘I want a girl that can take being picked on and a girl that I can take out with me and she gets more attention than I do. I want a girl that is there to comfort me when I need her, one that can take the fact that I’m touring all the time but one that will support me in all of my decisions.’

‘That’s not too hard to find.’ Grace smiled looking over at him.

‘What about you? You have a perfect guy don’t you?’

‘I think it hardly matters now Brendon. You can have boyfriends when you’re dead.’

‘But when you were alive you had one right?’

‘I suppose so.’

‘What was he like?’

‘He was someone who could watch football with Tom and I. Someone who would sing to me. Someone who would wrap his arms around me from behind and never let me go. Someone I could go to sleep with while he held me in his arms and I’d actually be comfortable I guess I didn’t really sleep well with others.’ She chuckled.

‘For what it’s worth, you would have made some guy the happiest man alive.’ Brendon smiled.

‘It’s okay because now I can make a happy guy dead?’ Grace said before realizing what she said causing Brendon to crack up.

‘So what do I start with tomorrow?’ Brendon asked.

‘You start your therapy and your support group. With a little help you can be out of here in six weeks.’ Grace smiled.

‘What if I don’t want to be here for six weeks?’

‘Brendon, you don’t really have a choice. Besides, once you get this done, you’ll be finished and you won’t have to worry about it anymore so just do it and stop whining about it. Besides, I’ll be here to keep you company except in Therapy.’

‘Wait wait wait you’re supposed to be with me all the time right? Why not therapy?’

‘Because it’s your time, you need to be by yourself.’

‘I don’t want to be alone. I’m scared.’

‘Grow some balls and get over it.’ Grace said lying back on his bed.

‘What are you going to do?’

‘I don’t know, I might learn to play your guitar.’

‘Yeah right, it takes long than an hour to learn to play guitar especially acoustic.’

‘I think I’ll be just fine.’

‘Whatever you say.’ Brendon rolled his eyes. Grace had picked up his guitar and had begun playing a couple of cords that sounded a lot like a Jack Johnson song.

‘Can you already play?’

‘I guess so.’ Grace said as she played the song along with the Ipod ear bud in her ear.

‘I thought you didn’t know how to play.’

‘I don’t remember learning.’

‘I wish you remembered more about your life.’

‘Me too! It seems like kind of a waste to spend 20 years doing all of this stuff and then not even be able to remember after I’ve died.’

‘I’ll help you. When I get out of here, I’ll help you remember.’

‘How about we just focus on you right now, we can cross that bridge when we get to it.’ Grace smiled as there was a knock on his door. A nurse walked in as Brendon quickly sat on the bed picking his guitar out of Grace’s hands.

‘Brendon, it’s time for dinner.’ The nurse said. Brendon set the guitar down on the bed and got up followed by Grace.

Brendon sat alone at a table in the lunch room area. For the first time, he felt alone. He had Grace, but for some reason it just didn’t feel the same. The rest of the day was filled with Brendon and Grace in his room together. They joked and laughed and talked; Grace tried to remember anything but she couldn’t. She couldn’t remember anything from her life before the accident.

It was finally time for lights out. Grace lay on the bed next to Brendon on her side facing him as he lay facing her, ‘Grace.’ He asked as he looked at her with her eyes closed.

‘Yeah Brendon?’

‘Do you think we would have ever been friends before out accidents?’

‘I don’t know, we lived on completely different sides of the country. It would have been hard for us to be friends.’

‘I guess you’re right.’ Brendon whispered.

‘Grace?’ Brendon said again.

Grace chuckled, ‘Yeah Brendon.’

‘For what it’s worth, I think you’re beautiful.’

Grace opened her eyes and looked at him; she made Brendon’s heart melt as their eyes connected. She smiled and took a deep breath, ‘Thank you Brendon.’ She said closing her eyes again. This time it was Brendon’s turn to smile as he shut his eyes falling into a peaceful sleep.
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