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Rude awakenings.

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Ladies and Gentlemen...BRENDON URIE!

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CHAPTER 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~

‘Brendon get up.’ Grace said into Brendon’s ear early the next morning startling him out of bed landing him on the cold hard wood floor.

‘Jesus I thought you’d be gone by now.’

‘First off, I’m not Jesus and second, get up you have a lot of work to do today.’ Grace said as she took her spot back on the bed looking through Brendon’s senior class year book.

‘It’s 10:45 who do you think you are waking me up this early.’ Brendon asked getting back into bed.

‘I’m warning you get up or you’re not going to be very happy.’ Grace said in a sing song tone.

‘Oh yeah what are you going to do?’ Brendon sneered.

‘Just get up. I’m not feeling very mean today.’ She said as she laid down against his pillow, ‘God I miss sleeping.’

‘You can’t sleep anymore?’

‘Not really. I just go into this weird dream state and stay there until the morning but its not real sleep. You know the type of sleep that is the greatest thing in the world?’

‘You mean the type of nap where you could do it forever and still feel okay about that?’

‘Yes that type of sleep. I really miss it.’ Grace smiled as she closed her eyes. Brendon lay down on the bed next to her.

‘Grace.’ Brendon said looking over at the girl lying next to him.

‘What Brendon?’

‘What were you like when you were alive?’ he asked rolling over on his side to look at her.

‘You know, I don’t really remember. I don’t really remember much about my life except my brother.’

‘What do you remember?’

‘I remember the day my nephew was born. I was so excited to see him. He’s so beautiful and small and perfect. I remember my first day of school. I remember the day Tom was drafted but other then that I just don’t really much at all.’

‘That must suck to not remember your life.’

‘It does kind of. I mean I don’t even really remember what I look like. I could be really ugly for all I know.’ She joked.

‘But you aren’t.’ Brendon whispered, ‘Want me to help you?’

‘I’m supposed to be the one helping you.’ She said looking over at him, ‘Besides you probably need to get into the shower soon and start packing. You leave in two hours for Utah.’

‘Two hours?’

‘Yeah you should be an expert at this.’ She said shoving him into the bathroom.

‘You’re not going to see me naked or anything are you?’

‘Get into the shower.’


‘Alright so we’ll come visit as soon as they let us.’ Mrs. Urie said as she let a tear roll down her cheek while they stood in the airport.

‘Alright mom.’ Brendon said softly as he hugged his sister and two of his brothers followed by his parents.

‘Let’s go Brendon.’ Grace said softly dodging his dad’s arm.

‘Alright I’ll see you guys soon.’ Brendon said as he felt as if his whole world was crashing down. Brendon turned and started to walk away as Grace followed him.

‘You’re going to be okay Brendon.’ Grace said as she put her hand on top of his while she sat in the chair next to him.

‘How come you can touch me? I thought if you’re a ghost you can’t touch me.’

‘Well that’s easy, I’m not a ghost but you’d better stop talking before people think you’re crazy.’ She said as she laid her head back against the chair and shut her eyes.

The flight to Utah was short but very boring. As was the first four hours Brendon was in the rehab building. All of the normal introductions were done before Brendon was shown to his room where he began to unpack his belongings.

‘This is such a small room.’ Grace observed as she sat down on his bed.

‘Well its rehab not some beach resort.’

‘No kidding speaking of, I’m getting kinda pale.’ Grace said looking down at her arm. Brendon gave her a blank stare.

‘How did I get here?’ Brendon asked dropping his head into his hands as he sat down on the foot of the bed.

‘Well if I remember correctly eight beers, three long island ice teas, six shots of Jack Daniel’s, and four Gin and tonics.’ Grace said.

‘Aren’t you supposed to make me feel better?’

‘Brendon if it were my job to make you feel better I would have given you a fifth of vodka and a blow job two days ago.’ She said catching Brendon off guard just a little bit.

‘How long are you going to be here?’

‘How ever long it takes for me to get the old Brendon back.’

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