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The little emo kid.

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Chocolate freight trains....

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Name: Brendon Urie
Age: 16
High school: Belleville State High School

First day. i"m new at belleville state high school. Just moved here with my parents from new york.

i hated it in new york. Everybody hated me, just because i was different.
I don't really know what i'm supposed to do right now.I'm at school but i don't know where my form class is...ah! i'll just ask that teacher.

"Excuse me, i'm new at this school and..."
OH!!! are YOU brendon urie????"wow she's kinnda freaking me out...
"FOLLOW ME! I'M your new home class teacher MISS JANET!!!!" she sang the last few words...scary.
"thankyou" well what else could i say?
"hahahah don't worry it's my personal duty to freak out the new students."
"oh,okay then, that makes alot more sense"

I follow miss janet up a few flights ofsairs into a dimly litroom.

"everybody, i would like you to meet our new student Brendon Urie"

damn! i hate it when teachers introduce me to classes.

"And now i'm expecting that brendon now hates me. Just to let you know brendon, i would prefer it if you attacked me with a box of chocolates, they work a lot better then a chain saw"

heh i guess this teacher was acctually pretty good.....
i hear a little giggle in the back corner.
Well, if i have to sit somewhere i don't want to sit next to any of THESE people. They look like they might kill me if they had a shot gun (or a freight train.....or a box of chocolates...the list goes on.)
i think i might go and sit in the corner. Chancing the fact that the boy there might be a little bit more....well lets just say that i hope he doesn't want to kill me with a box of chocolate eclairs...

I go down the aisle in beween the seats and go and sit next to "the boy"

"Hi i'm bren...." oh my god........

I am sittingnext tothe most beautiful person in the world.Soft..moist..lips..,liquid gold eyes,a thick long dark brown fringe and extra long eyelashes..not to mention his skinny frail body looks so good in his extra tight skinnys...andextra tightshirt....Beautiful.

(Author):i told you it wan'tgoing to getany better. STOP READING NOW IF YOU VALUE YOUR CHOCOLATE FREIGHT TRAINS!!!!!!!
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