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English...same class..what a shame :)

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Ryan and brendon are in the same class....ha ha.

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"Hey i'm Bren..."
Holy shit.I'm in fucking love. He's so beautiful....and he's wearing a hoodie. a thing that normalishh peopledon't usually wear. Now normally i would fin a unicorn ona purple and black hoodievery amusing. but on him....justsexy.
"H-hi" I manage to blurt out. "i'm wait...Ry...Ryan! yeah i'm Ryan Ross."Why do i always haveto mess up my conversations?
He's looking at me in a weird way...His eyes are like....massivey oversized puppy dog eyes made out of chocolate.i'm so nervous. i feel mytounge curl slowly around my mouth.DAMN! why do i always have to be so nervous. He's looking bright red....damn. i just keep messing up. one thing after the other.

Ryan Ross. That is an amazing name. He's staring at me.....did i do something wrong? i'm scared. what if i accidentaly stared at him?what if i did something even worse?????he's licking his lips...slowly...sexily...DAMMIT BRENDON STOP THIKING ABOUT IT!but it's to late. i'm already bright red....blast!I try to smile but i can only manage a small goofy showing of teeth.i'll try to start a conversation without killing myself with embarasment.
"So where are you off to next?"
he looks stratled.then he opens his mouth slowly and shakily
"i'm in english with miss janet. I stay in this room."
Damn! i'm in the same room....this is bad. i don't think i can go through much more holding back a boner......shit.
"r-really? that's great i'm in this room too....."
"oh thats good....."
We sat there in silence as people filed out the room to their next classes.
"so where you from anyway?"

i start explainging to him that i'm from new york...and theni get into more detail. on how i hated it there because everybody hated....well they hated everyone who wasn't a clone of them (a.k.a emos,goths,punks...etc.)..I acctually went on for quite a while becausewe were already half way through english when i stopped. I hope the teacher isn't tooo mad at me...i don't know why i'm tellingRyan these things.I've only known him for like half and hour. And i've never told that to anyone else.What's wrong with me?

(author): ahhaha i had to mould 2 stories 2gether because they were both too short. and my space bar went spastic so i had to go through and put space in each sentence!!!gah!ahha miss janet is a copy of my fav teach ...awesome! Have fun!
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