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The Tree

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Hahahahahaha This tree is special....just like you!

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Okay, so there's this guy. Who is the most beautiful person i've ever seen. And i've only known him for like half an hour. and now he's reveiling all these personal things about himself to me.
Wow. and they are not exactly happy personal things. i mean, he's been through so much torment!

i'm trying really hard not to look too sad right now. It's kinnda hard. especially the bit about how his dad used to beat him when he was drunk.

....well, that was the most interesting thing about double english. oh apart from how i kept on licking my lips all annoying.

When the bell went to go to recess i tok brendon to the special place that i like to sit. Behind a big tee on the oval.

It took me a while to realise that he wasn't eating.
"Aren't you hungry?"
"no. You?"
he's looking at me with amazingly exadurated eyes.adorable.
I see a football fly straight towards us and hear a little "thunk" as it hits brendon square in the back.
He lets out a little squeak and falls into my arms.

why did i have to go and do that??? AAAAnd here comes the blushing. Fabulous! I tyr to get up but i accidentaly kick Ryan in the shins
"OOOWWW!!" I'm such a clutz.
"sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry" i feel so bad.
"Brendon it's okay" It sounds like he's straining his voice.
"Do you want to go to first aid??" now i'm panicking...what do i do?what do i do?
"NO!!!!" now he's angry. what have i done?? he's tryingto get up but he can't.his shin is bright red and swollen...
"Brendon i'm sorry...just leave me here. i'll be fine"
here behind the tree?
"uuumm...okaaay..But what about classes?"
"i died"
"haha very funny"
"just don't say anything"
And of course the bell just happens to ring...What are the odds?
"You sure you'll be okay Ry?"
"just hurry up and go to class.See ya"
I run back to my locker and get ready for art.

(author): hahaha the next one gets all emo-tional. i won't be able to type it tommorow i got to go act in a movie. (literally) drama. theonly way to lose sanity and have an excuse.

good night everyone.
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