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I Bet You Just Can't Keep Up With These Fashionistas

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The next day, she showed up bright and early to the strip club, ready for her lessons. The guard led her to a different room this time. It kind of looked like a ballet room, but it had a few metal poles from ceiling to floor. She swallowed hard as Paul greeted her.
“Now, honey, don’t be afraid, this isn’t even the hard part. Now, we’re just going to start you off slow. Lets see what you can do. Go on, straddle that pole.”
Sarah frowned and walked over clumsily and straddled the pole.
“Now move.”
She grinded slowly on the pole, looking more than a rusty pump than an exotic dancer. Paul sighed.
"I see you’re going to need lots of work. That’s fine, now watch.” He walked over, pushing her out of the way, and ground into the pole with skill. He looked up at her.
“Now you try again.”
After about an hour, Sarah thought she had the pole down. She could even flip upside down. She didn’t like it, but she could.
“Okay, that’s it for today, doll face. Come back tomorrow, we’ll work on a few more moves, then, we’ll get onto the hard stuff.”
Sarah raised an eyebrow.
“Yeah. You know what’ you’ve been doing for the last hour?”
She nodded.
“You have to do it in pumps.”
It was a week later and it was “Sparkle’s” first time dancing. She sat in front of a theatre-style mirror as Bobby-Joe styled her hair and did her makeup. He made her eyes smoky with dark grey eye shadow and black Kohl eyeliner.
“Usually I stay away from Kohl,” he told her as he did it, “But I think it looks adorable on you.” He finished her face off with a pink lipstick and a light gloss coat. He stood as she looked herself over in the mirror and grabbed a small, black outfit. It was a bikini style clothing, though way more revealing, complete with a mesh, sparkly scarf and a sarong. She stared at it sceptically, but took it, also standing, steady now, after much practice, in her three inch black heels.
“Where can I change?” She asked. Bobby-Joe tsked.
“Honey, you’re a stripper, and I’m not interested. Strip.”
She nodded, taking a deep breath, and changed in front of him. When she was finished, he led her out and a bar co-ordinator, Phil, led took her. She stood behind the red curtain until someone sat at an empty table, then it was her time to Sparkle.
That night, Sarah walked into her hotel room with a smile on her face- and three hundred and seventy two dollars in her pocket. She loved the dancing, and the money was just small part of it. It was just something about being able to show off her body, and have someone admire it, that made her feel more confident, more edgy. Excited. Just like she’d wanted.
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