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Somewhere Downtown Where A Burlesque Queen May Even Ask My Name

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FINALLY a Panic boy comes in. xD

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A month later, Sarah had moved out of the hotel, into a ritzy apartment, donated for cheap by Tim. She was doing better than she ever had been. She had friends, she had a job she loved, she had a life. She stood behind the curtain, laughing and chatting with Phil, dressed in a peacock blue “dress” and matching pumps.
“Okay, girlie, it’s your time to shine. Looks like he’s a youngin’, too.” He chuckled and she laughed, walking out, across the stage, onto the table.
“Hey.” she greeted in a breathy voice she had mastered, just for customers. The young man looked up at her, smiling nervously. He was wondering why he’d gone there in the first place. Who said Brendon was always right? Oh, Spencer did. Right. He sighed. He should have stayed at home. At least there he didn’t feel so out of place. Sarah smiled at him and began dancing. He didn’t even seem to be watching her, he just stared around the place, occasionally glancing at her. She sighed, shaking her head, and bent down. How was she supposed to make money if they didn’t watch her? She put a finger under his chin, making him look up at her. He was younger than she expected. Not even legal, she guessed. She smirked.
“You’re a little young to be here, aren’t you?”
He shrugged.
He looked her over once. She was a very beautiful woman, like all the women there, but there was something different about her.
“You’re not very old yourself.” He pointed out. She laughed, standing.
“But I don’t need a fake ID to get past Al there.” She pointed to the tall, buff man who she’d talked to her first day there. Again, the boy shrugged and she continued dancing. Again, he looked away, calling over a topless waitress, ordering a cocktail. Sarah looked over as the waitress left and the boy looked after her. She reached back slowly, unclipping the top of her two-piece dress, shedding it. She dropped it on the table in front of him and he looked down at the blue fabric, then looked back up at her, swallowing hard. She noticed off handed-ly that he had gorgeous eyes and smiled as he watched her. He reached down, into the pocket of his tight blue jeans, and pulled out a twenty dollar bill. Slowly, he slid it across the shiny black table top towards her. Sarah looked down at it and laughed.
“This is your first time.” She said. He nodded silently, looking anywhere but at her bare chest, and she reached out with her leg, sliding the twenty back towards him with the toe of her heel.
“It’s free.” She smiled. She could stand to lose one twenty, she was sure. The boy blushed. Now he was getting hospitality from a stripper who was probably no more than two years older than him! He tried to find his head, looking back up at her, not knowing what to do.
“What’s your name?” He asked.
“It’s Sparkle. It’s on my shirt, if you want to look.”
He shook his head.
“I mean, your real name.”
She grinned a now flawless, white smile, paid for in full by Tim.
“It’s Sarah.”
He held out his hand awkwardly.
“Hi, Sarah, I’m Ryan.”
She shook it, laughing.
“It’s lovely to meet you, Ryan.”
He nodded again, then slid out of the booth.
“Well, thanks, for the dance,” he stuttered, “Bye.” And he made his way out of the club, Sarah staring after him in disbelief. She grabbed her top and made her way back to Phil, bursting into laughter as the man stared at her curiously.
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