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Suzume is a girl like none other. Her perception of the world revolves around music or otherwise nonchalant sounds. With the constant problem of men attacking and/or raping her and falling in love ...

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Longer Summary/Story Explanation: Suzume is very different from your normal school girl of this time period. (The 1990s) The way she sees the world all connects with music or some sort of instrument, as you will notice throughout this story. Also, her past is rather shady and has some shaky lines drawn in. As is obvious, she has a Japanese name which means 'Sparrow' while the 'Suzu' part of it means 'Bell' thus connecting to her viewpoint of the world. Even with that, she is not asian, but her biological mother named her that for reasons you will see in later chapters. I will add to this as needed or edit this chapter, as needed so if you have any questions or comments, do tell.

PG-13 for language and some violence.

Whoosh! The wind struck hard, sending shivers down her spine while tossing the hem of her dress up two feet higher than it was supposed to be. The solitude of her location covered for that which had occurred numerous times at which she had learned to ignore because it wasn't really bothering her. So what if her long hair blew in her eyes and flipped around performing crazy movements like that of a harp string uncaringly plucked? Nothing but the sea was important whenever she came here. It wasn't just the strum of the acoustic that each coming wave reflected, but the idea of being able to think and do whatever she wanted just for that little portion of time before she had to go back or face the loud dissonant cymbals that was her mother. Visibly wincing, Suzume forced those thoughts and sounds out of her mind for the moment as the wind started to die down and turn into a warm breeze; the lowest notes of a recorder. The bronze penny that was the sun had already began to morph into the colour of the brightest persimmon and sink lower in the berry-blue sky by the time Suzume finally returned to reality and decided it was a good time to head home. After all, when it got dark in Shoreline, the suburb of Seattle, Washington, where she lived, it got really dangerous. Spotting her tossed aside shoes about a five metres away from her current location, she gracefully rose to her feet and started to half-skip through the sand by standing on the balls of her feet in order to make good time by not sinking into the sand too much. Just as she was merely one metre away from the worn strappy pink sandals that were her only shoes, a hand snatched them out of the sand and twirled them around. Shock caught Suzume standing still stooped over, about to grab her possession. When had that man (for it was an obviously masculine person)arrived on the beach? Its not like anyone came down here this time of year besides Suzume; according to most people it was still too cold to go to the beach.
"Hey, little mouse," the man's harsh voice drawled cruelly, "You looking for something? Far as I'm concerned, leaving anything on the beach is a fucking felony. You planning on going downtown this evenin'? 'Cause I could very well arrange that for ya'." Suzume remained silent. The man's voice sounded like a trumpet emitting a gravely sort of sound when the tubes are clogged with spit. "Ya' listenin' bitch? I'm talkin' ta' ya'! I guess I'll jus' hafta' teach ya' a lesson, then." With this he seized a handful of Suzume's lengthly hair and pulled it back so her face was totally exposed and her neck straining in the awkward position it was being held at. "If you're not goin' ta' listen to me, then I'll hafta' snap this pretty lil' neck o' yours. Shame somethin' as pretty as ya' would have to die this way. But I'll make it quick." At this Suzume tried to speak to counter that statement, but pressure was casually being applied to her neck from the man's grimy hand and the effort merely sounded like a whimper. "Oh, so ya' wanna' play?" His eyes bulged, "Alright then, we'll play, we'll play." Suddenly a cold, hard object pressed against Suzume's arm. Knowing what was about to happen, she braced herself. Sure enough, the thin layer of skin was not nearly enough to stop the blade of the knife and the cold sound of chimes rang in her ears as the flesh was penetrated. A gravely laughter echoed out of the body inflicting her. Looking down, Suzume saw red beads trail down from her upper arm to her wrist where the gently rolled off, one after another, just like the closing drum roll. Even with that, the enemy didn't relent; he pressed the knife in harder adding to the pain until her arm was simply numb and cold with the feeling. Just before reaching her muscle and slicing it, the knife was removed, but the same action was repeated at her other arm. Suzume cursed at herself for wearing long sleeves today, and a white shirt at that. The cloths' edges stung as the sticky blood dried and touched the wounds. After the second arm was 'done' the man lifted the knife away and held it in front of Suzume's face as he breathed heavily. A line of crimson blood made its way down the silver of the weapon and dripped onto the nose of Suzume. It was warm and metallic smelling before it dried and became crusty-feeling. All that was heard was the rhythmic breathing of the two persons beating like a warning drum, waiting for the right time to stop. A new sound emitted from the man, half-shout, half-animalistic cry. Bringing up the knife and slashing out violently, as though he was the bass guitar in a metal band, Suzume's shoulder was struck first, then her waist and several other places around her body supported minor, but painfully white-hot cuts. With each blow, Suzume imagined the pain giving her strength, and the more pain taken in, the stronger she will be the next time she is attacked. Pain? Suffering? Those are unknown to Suzume, she will beat each one away with pure force and will. The stench of her own blood in the air filled her nostrils and she had to force herself not to throw up. The only good thing was she wasn't being held down any longer. However, running away was useless as her exposed legs were just a bloody mass. The world started to spin and dematerialize as black crept in and the sky was the last thing seen and a voice the last thing heard.
“Suzume! Are you alright?”

a/n And that’s the end of the first chapter. Really sorry its so short, wanted to publish it so that my friend could read it. Writers’ block is gone! I will update my other story too. =D Review, pretty please?
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