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shouldnt have felt so good

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Gerard can Fly? o:

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It shouldn’t have felt so good, so exhilarating, running through the dark, the rain and the fear with Gerard’s hand clutched between my sweating, bloodstained fingers. The steady pounding of our feet against the sidewalk echoing off the brick walls – thick with a dozen lifetimes’ of graffiti. The artificial golden light, cast by the streetlight, flooding our faces as we dashed across the long, empty road and dragged our heaving bodies over the cast iron railings – gasping for air.

It shouldn’t have felt so good – but it did.

Stepping over the railings into the park was like stepping back in time. Everything in here seemed to whisper memories to me, from the grass beneath our feet to the swings, swaying to and fro in the lonely swing park, hidden behind a line of untrimmed rose bushes, dripping with rain water.

Gerard caught my eye and smiled – I could feel he felt exactly the same way. Without a word he led me across the swing park to the jungle gym and climbed up to the highest bar. He reached out, took my hand and pulled me up to sit opposite him. The steady pressure of his knees against mine, and his palms on my thighs made my skin crawl with happiness.

“Frankie?” his beautiful eyes bored into mine, full of dreams and hopes and happiness. “I love you.”

Dear god, I love you too, Gerard.
I’m in love with you Gerard.
I never want to leave your side; I want to spend every day of the rest of my life with you.
You, Gerard, are my true love; the love of my life.

“I love you too, Gerard."

Gerard’s eyes lit up. In a very excited, high-pitched squeal, Gerard shouted, “We’re in love!” and dived onto me, across the gap between the bars and sending me flying through the air, backwards off the jungle gym. I braced myself for the inevitable crass into the wet grass – but it didn’t come! I was lying in Gerard’s arms – suspended in the air! Gerard shot me a mischievous grin and let me fall softly down onto the grass, his body flopping gently on top of my own. Our lips met. His sweet taste filling my mouth – I realised I could taste blood, I couldn’t tell if it was his or my own but I found I didn’t care. All that mattered right now was Gerard and the fact that his hands were inching ever closer to my crotch!

I let my own hands trickle slowly down his spine, gripping his hips and pulling them harder against my own. Forcing his body to press against mine. I could feel Gerard’s heartbeat racing against my chest as his hands slipped down my stomach to the buttons on my jeans. He raised his body slightly off of mine as he unbuttoned them and slipped his hands inside, running them over my legs. All awareness that I was in the middle of a public park seeped out of me, leaving me with nothing but complete and utter happiness.

The infinite grey of the sky towered over our bodies, lying, entwined in the untamed, rain-drenched grass. Total, indescribable bliss burned though every inch of my body – I couldn’t contain it. I needed to tell, to show Gerard just how much he meant to me. Following his lead, I began to undress him.
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