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someone's set out to ruin everything...

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Gerard Way was making me the happiest man alive.

I never imagined I could feel this good. I never thought anyone would love me, but now I’ve found out how wrong I was. Gerard loves me; there wasn’t a doubt in my mind of this fact as I lay on my back in the dirt and mud, Gerard’s warm arm around my shoulders, trying to catch my breath.

Gerard loves me.

And I love him too. More than I ever imagined I could love anyone, more than I thought possible. I turned my head towards him and found he had been watching me all along. His eyes met mine and I felt my skin tingle with excitement – just by being looked at!

Gerard smiled and planted a kiss lightly on my lips.

“You’re going to have to go home at some point…” he sighed. I didn’t want to go home though; I didn’t want this feeling to end.
“Will you come with me?”
“I’ll be right beside you.” He reassured me. I knew Gerard would always be there when I needed him. God only knew how much I loved him.

click. click. click.

Sharp, stiletto heels pounding against the brick path, muffled by the carpet of moss and lichen, suddenly shattered the perfect silence of the evening. Growing ever closer, Gerard and I reluctantly gave up trying to ignore the noise, and sat up.

The shadow of a woman; tall, slender, hair billowing out behind her in the wind, was visible, standing between two twisted, gnarly old oak trees. Right then we could only see her shadow across the path, but as she stepped forward I felt Gerard’s fingers clasp around mine with an iron grip. His palm was sweating.

The woman was young - probably around twenty - and my god, she was beautiful! Long black hair fell down to her waist, a blood red rose held loosely in one blood red taloned hand, and a shiny black revolver in the other. I shot a glance at Gerard. It was impossible to tell if that was rainwater or sweat running down his forehead, but his bottom lip was certainly shaking in terror.

“Gerard? Do you know her?”

Seemingly unable to get out the right words, Gerard simply nodded. The woman stood only a couple of paces infront of us, as we crouched low to the ground; cowering together; Gerard's hand cluthed so tightly in mine as though my life depended on it. An air of superiority seemed to emit from the figure standing tall on the lawn. Even through the storm she maintained her beautiful but somehow inhuman feautures in stoney perfection. Two peircings glittered on her lower lip and her eyes appeared sunken and dead.

Opening her red-painted lips, she spoke in a light-hearted tone, but with just a hint of sarcasm in her voice and a cold, dark sparkle in her black eyes.

"Gerard Way. Now I havent seen your face around here in - oh - must be at least two years!"
"Get out of here, Kathleen..." The obvious resentment in Gerard's voice shook me to the bone. He better watch how he spoke to her - she had a gun in her hand after all!

She ignored Gerard's demands and turned to me.

"And who's your little friend? It's not him is it? The one you were always spying on?"
"I - I wasnt spying! I was only making sure you kept your filthy, vampire hands off of him!"

She laughed coldly. God dammit, I swear she must have been able to hear my heart pounding right then as she scanned me, up and down, with those eyes of hers. My mind was racing: Gerard used to spy on me? This one stumped me, as I couldnt see why this woman would want anything to do with me - I had never seen her before in my life!

"Well it doesn't matter now, anyway - you wasted all that time and effort protecting him for nothing. I've got you both right where I want you now!"
"What are you talking about?"

Gerard shot me a terrified glance - what was going on?

"Well he we are - dark night, no one around, neither of you with a gun - its just so simple Gerard, surely even you can see that?"

She let another cold laugh ring through the park. Gerard tilted his lips towards my ear and whispered to me, "Promise you'll do anything I tell you?" His lips barely moved but I got the message. I nodded once, barely moving my head a fraction of an inch, but Gerard too, got the message.

We both turned back to the woman - Kathleen, with determination pounding in our hearts. It felt strangely like Gerard and I were connected in some way - I could sense everything he was about to do before he did it. I can't be sure, but I'm pretty sure Gerard felt that too.
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