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what could i do but run? -

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I hate Kathleen, evil bitch! theres been a little bit of a mess up in this chapter, but i think its all sorted now. if not let me know (:

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“What do you want with me?”
Kathleen’s black eyes bored into me, and I couldn’t help but back down slightly, into Gerard’s warm arms.
“What do I want with you, Frank Iero? Revenge!” Gerard’s body stiffened at her words.
“Frankie hasn’t done anything! I will never let you hurt him!”
“Oh you think you can stop me? Gerard, Gerard – you know that I am stronger than you, and smarter than you. Do you really think you can protect him from me?”
“I can do my best. You’re not as strong and smart as you might think. You can’t fool me - I’m not afraid of you anymore.”
Eager to fully understand what was going on, I hung on to Gerard’s every word.
“I let you manipulate me for long enough Kathleen. I let you feed me your lies, and I believed them. I believed you when you told me that what you were doing was for the best, for my own good. Well now I can see it wasn’t Kathleen! I was nothing to you, I was an animal, a toy, that you kept caged up in your damn basement for your own amusement!”

Hatred directed towards Kathleen welled up inside me. I beat down the urge to get my hands around her neck. All I wanted to do was hurt her - because she’d hurt Gerard. How could she hurt Gerard!? God dammit I wanted to hurt her, she deserved it after all, but instead I sat tight, bottling up my anger, ready for the right moment.

“Not afraid of me anymore?” Kathleen screeched. “We’ll see if I can change your mind!”

Kathleen pounced on me, like a wild cat on prey. Cold hands closed tightly around my neck, the cuts where Gerard’s fangs had ripped into my skin were re-opened by her rough grip on my throat. Blood trickled, warm and wet onto the collar of my shirt. I gasped for air, fighting to remain upright, keep hold of my dignity.

Pain was shooting unbearably through my lungs. Though I couldn't see him, through the screen of tears glistening over my eyes, I felt Gerard fighting Kathleen, screaming for her to 'Leave me, take him instead.' With uncommon strength Kathleen hung on ; Gerard was unable to fight her off of me, no matter how hard he tried.

The pain was begining to become more than I could handle. I couldn't take anymore! Gathering up all the remaining strength I had in me, I tore my fist out from where it was pinned to the tree behind my back and sent it flying, blindly, in the general direction of Kathleen's face.

The hands loosened instantly and Gerard was able to wrestle her off of me and throw her face down into the mud. Breathing deeply I grabbed Gerard’s waist with both hands and turned him to face me.

“How are we going to get out of here?”
“I want you to run, okay? Just get as far away from here as you can okay?”
“Okay – I love you.”
“I’ll love you forever, Frankie, now run."

what could I do but run?
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