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See You Love Birds Later.

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Frank's finally healed! =D

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Today is the big day. The day I've waited almost three months for. I finally get to hold my dear fucking Frankie without barriers. Over these past weeks we've been sharing tender kissed and long hours together. I tried to make it as best as I could for him, but it was hard when he was in pain. Despite him still being sore. After he got up and out of the hospital bed, he still had to make daily visits and sometimes spend the night there. It was still hell having to live with him bot not being able to be rough with him. Everyday I would look at him, slinking around the hotel room or laying in his bed, just wanting to attack him right then and there.
But today was the end of his healing and I was officially allowed to have him to myself. I was so damn excited! I got up extra early today because Frank had spent the night at the hospital in one of the rooms. They ran their final tests and gave Frankie all of the medicine he would need for the next year. Despite the fact that I wasn't into pills anymore it still interested me to know how many meds he was getting. Agh, now I feel horrible about thinking that. Stealing meds from my own boyfriend- wait... boyfriend? Was he really my... /boyfriend/? I really did want him to be though. He was so amazing that knowing he was within my grasp sent chills up my spine.
I ran around the house, grabbing articles of clothing. It reminded me of the time when I spent the whole day cleaning when Frank just got into the hospital. Everything went to fast back then. It seemed like forever ago. Our days were spent either visiting Frank, talking on the phone with our manager, getting coffe, and renting movies and video games. What a life for rockstars to leade, huh? I slipped on a blank black t-shirt, a black jacket, and a pair of black skinny jeans. I wanted to look especially nice for Frank today.
I heard Bob stirring in the bedroom, he must be waking up finally. I wanted the guys to be awake before I left, since we had decided that I was just going to go get Frank today. Bob walked out into the living room wearing a t-shirt, boxers and some fuzzy blue slippers. He made me smile.
"I'm going to head out the door in a second Bob, tell Ray and Mikes I say goodmorning." I told him, scurrying around still.
"Y-yeah" Bob said yawning.
He walked into the living room and flipped on the TV before walking into the kitchen. I watched as he fixed himself and I some coffe.
"There's coffee in the pot, Gee." He said lazily walking back to the couch.
I just nodded and continued about my business. After a few moments I was finally done getting ready, it took me much shorter than usual seeing as I was so eager to be at the hospital today. Just as I was about to head out the door Bob stopped me.
"Gee." I turned to see a glaring Bob. What now?
I noticed he was pointing into the kitchen.
"Eat." He told me.
I had become used to not eating much, just sipping coffe and having a poptart every once in a while. I was eating as I had promised, just not as much as Frank was probably hoping. Frankie and I had talked to the whole band and they were all filled in, on everything. I was glad to know that they were here to support Frank and I no matter what.
"Yeah, yeah." I batted my hand at him as I wandered into the kitchen.
I put a poptart into the toaster. I had never eaten many poptarts before these past few months, it was odd how I was just as addicted to them now as I was to coffee. My poptart finally popped up and I grabbed a thermal mug filled with coffee. What a healthy breakfast. I waved at Bob as I sipped my coffee and closed the door. He held his hand up in response. Bob was such a sloth in the mornings.
We had rented a hybrid car while we were in Portland, we had gotten pretty sick of always taking cabs around. One time a cab driver tried to kidnap Ray. After that we never really trusted another cab. It made me smile thinking about it as I got into the car. The drive was smooth and quiet, I smiled the whole way there actually. How could I not be happy on a day like today? Everything was going to be fucking perfect today. Nothing could get me down.

----At The Hospital----

I walked quickly into the hospital with my coffee. I had already finished my poptart on the way, and surprisingly it stayed down better than usual. I checked in the the nice office lady and she told me that Frank was in the waiting room. My feet carried me so that I was almost running down the hall. I pushed opened the door hastily and there, dozing off in a chair, was my Princess Frankie. He was just so cute. I wish I had a camera so I could cherish the moment. I snuck over, being as quiet as I could be. I stood there, pretty close to him. I was surprised he hadn't noticed me standing there, but it was cute none the less.
I bent in slowly until my lips were merely an inch apart. My lips finally reached his, letting my tongue brush along his mouth. I watched as hazle eyes flickered open. Good, so I hadn't startled him. Frank stared at me with his glistening eyes for only a few seconds. Then they shot open, finally waking up completely. As he hopped up I took a step back, making sure we didn't collide.
"Gerard!" Frank grabbed me around my neck so fast I didn't know what was happening.
All of a sudden he violently pushed our lips together, helping my head with his palms. My hands slid around his waist, pulling him closer to me. I made our groins rub together and I heard him let out a tiny giggle. Finally, Frank was all mine! Even though I had seen him a few days before, it was just too good to be true.
"Are you ready to go back to the hotel?" I asked him, parting out lips for a moment.
I noticed that one of his feet were popped, he was such a cute little kid. His arms hung around my neck and my hands stayed on his hips. Classic movie pose, I guess. We smiled at eachother for a few seconds. He nodded quickly, it made me smile. I really did miss this eager little Frank of mine. I clasped his hand in mine as we walked through the hospital. He skipped a few times on our way out. We were both finally happy.
The car ride home was nice, his hand rested on my lap all the while. He turned up the radio really loud and rolled down the window, letting the wind blow in his face. Again, Frank Iero made me smile. My heart skipped and my stomach did flip flops the whole way home. The music was all I could hear as I drove, I loved it. We got closer and closer to the hotel and my heart beat got faster and faster.
We pulled into the parking garage and we just sat there for a couple of minutes. I hadn't noticed that he was staring for a while, but then I finally looked over at him. The cutest look was on his face, he looked intruiged for some reason. I chuckled a little.
"What?" I asked him.
"well... I've waited and dreamed about this moment for so long," He told me, still focusing on me.
"I just want to know that this is real, that I'm not dreaming." His words were so fucking sweet.
I leant forward and kissed him gently.
"It's as fucking real as it gets, babe." He smiled at me, a big, idiot smile.
"Oh Gerard!" He laughed at me and he tackled me in my own seat.
He hung onto me for several seconds as I lay my head on top of his. I could sit here forever. After a little bit he let go, hastily getting out of the car.
"Let's go let's go let's go!" He squealed, jumping around behind the car.
I got out and looked at him, just waiting for me to walk over. Every moment was one to cherish. I just couldn't help but constantly stop and stare in amazment. I walked over to him and interlocked our fingers, prepairing to walk inside and up the elevator to our little hotel room. It wasn't the first time Frankie had been in the hotel, but it sure as hell felt like it. Frank started running and laughing as we made our way into the doors. I followed after him, just smiling and running along.
When we got to the elevator he probably pressed the up button about twelve thousand times. We had to take the elevator to the 7th story. I liked being on the floor, we were high up, but not too high. After what seemed like forever the elevator dinged, Frankie jumped a little bit and I gave him a peck on the cheek. We stepped into the elevator and Frank, once again, pressed the 7 button more times than needed. He stood infront of me, pressing his body weight onto mine and we waited. His head was resting firmly on my chest,
"I'm listening to your heart beat Gee." He looked up at me with those killer eyes and smiled.
All I could do was look down at him and kiss him on the top of the head multiple times, possibly as many times as he had pressed the elevator's buttons. Another ding startled Frankie, it was the same noise, but it had different meaning. We were finally on the 7th floor! God, could this go any slower today? It felt like I had woken up five hours ago when it truth I had only woken up two hours ago. This time I was the one who was dragging someone behind them. Frank just kept giggling as we ran down the hall and around the corner. Our room was across from a window, overlooking the river and a bridge. It was nice to see in the morning when you leave.
Upon sticking the key in the door I noticed yet another stickey note, this had become a habit and casual way of communication since the accident.

We all went out for some coffee and probably a movie. See you love birds later.

There were two litte hearts on the note. Damn you Bob. He thought that it was all very funny. Despite my annoyance I was actually happy that they had left, they knew that Frank and I wanted some alone time. Wow, I sound like a rapist. Ignoring the creepy feeling I got from myself I took the note from the door and pushed the door open casually. Yay! We were home! Er... not really "home", but he were back! I walked Frankie into the bedroom(of course) and took him by the hips. I walked forward with him in front of me, walking backwards. After a few steps he fell backwards onto the bed. We both crawled further back onto the bed, positioning ourselves right below the pillows.
I grabbed his shirt and pulled it up over his head, shortly after I removed my own jacket and shirt, tossing them to the floor. I planted sweet little kisses all along his collar bone and up his neck. He arched his back upwards as I tickled him with my gentle lips. He giggled a little bit and it made me get to the point faster. I licked all along his jaw bone and finally rammed my lips onto his. I broke us before there was a tongue involved,
"I love you so damn much Frank Iero."


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