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Do You Really Want To Lose Him Too?

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borednessss... I hate holidays... I hate school too.... I'm just an awkward fuck. Okay. blah, whatever.

Frank's POV

/The Next Morning/

Gerard was in the same position he fell asleep in when I woke up. He was slightly snoring. By slightly I mean, if you didn't know him like I knew him you would have never heard it.
I gently slipped my arms out from under him, trying my best not to make my sleeping angel.
I successfully freed my arms and stretched them and wiped the sleep from my heavy-feeling eyes.

I inhaled deeply and slowly sat up, squinting my eyes from the sharp pains shooting up my spine. I took deep breaths and finally, but painfully stood up.
When I thought everything was okay, I carefully tip-toed towards the bathroom, dodging various items on the floor. I quickly looked back at Gee and that was quick enough for me to lose my concentration and stub my toe really hard against a chest of drawers.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" I squeeled, obviously waking Gerard and also scaring him out of bed. He fell to the floor with a thump but quickly stood up again.
"FRANKIEEE!!!" He ran over to me as quick as he could.
"Fuuuuuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!" I yelled, said and whispered.
I was hopping on one foot, not knowing which pain was worse. The shattering pain in my lower back or the throbbing of my toes.

"Damn, Frank. What the hell were you doing?" Gerard asked, as I fell in his arms, tired of jumping.

"Looking at you." I mummbled.

"You should really carry a picture with you." He joked.

"Oh I do!" he looked at me confused as I stuck my hands in my jeans, which I had not bothered to change from yesterday and flipping out my wallet.
Inside, there was a small picture of Gerard, which was taken at one of our photo shoots. His mouth was slightly open and his eyes were wide as his messy, shoulder leangth hair hung over his face.
And in the back pocket, where I kept all of my notes, there was the pictures from the day before in the photo booth.

He laughed and shook his head.

"What!" I asked, sharply.

"It was a joke." He rubbed his eyes and wrapped his arms around me. He helped me to the bed, where I sat down next to him. "Alright, so what's really wrong?"

"I told you! I was looking at you! You look sexy when you sleep." I purred.

Gerard turned red. He Beamed at me, before softly kissing me on the lips.
"I Guess I have some explaining to day, hey?" he whispered in my ear, which sent shivers down my spine.

"Oh yeah. A bit." I said, quietly.
He looked around the room for a second before letting out a small sigh.

"Well, umm. I was acting so weird yesterday 'cuz, my dad. He. He was shot. In the head."
My heart instantly fell to my feet.

"G-Gerard. Are you serious?" was all I managed to get out.

"No, I was kidding." He said sternly. "Why would I lie, Frank?"

He didn't sound angry, but I knew this made him uncomfortable. So it was best to just make this quick.

"Is he alright?"

Gerard shook his head, sadly. "They don't think he's gonna make it."

I shuffled closer to him.
"Its gonna be fine, Gee. Okay?"

"I know. Its... it's not like its my fault, right?" he gave me a weak smile, but all I did was nod, since my voice would be shaky.
Gerard's father. Wow. That man, was one of the nicest men you would ever have the privillege to meet. This man was so kind, good-hearted. Mikey and Gerard are lucky to have a father like him. If Don didn't pull through, it would be like losing another father.
And I, sure as hell didn't want that.

Gerard pecked my cheek lightly and said,
"Pack your bags, Sugar. We're going home."

I smiled widly. Back to Jersey, but refrained my smile after thinking of the reason we were returning.

Within two hours, everyone was in the lobby, packed and ready, waiting for Bob and Gerard to sign us out.

I looked over at Mikey, and spotted a huge bruise on his eye.

"Oh my fuck, Mikey! What happened to you?" I exclaimed, a little too loud, making Bob turn around.

Mikey shot a look over to Ray.
"I bumped it, when I got outta bed this morning." He grumbled.
I knew it wasn't truthful, but I decided not to argue.

Another hour later, we boarded the plane. The next flight for Jersey. The plane was small. It only held about 30 people.
Gerard and I had the window seat and the rest of the band had the isle.

Gerard was staring out the window, a glimmer in his green-ish/hazel eyes.
Seeing him like this killed me.
This situation was tough. I knew Gerard was strong but I didn't know how this would affect him.
I don't know what he will turn to, to deal if all goed wrong but I pray, he doesn't go back to the booze and prescriptions.
What would I do then? I wouldn't know how to stop him.
God! I sound so fucking selfish! This isn't about you, Frank. Its about Gerard. Your love. Do you really want to lose him too?


Sorry, its short. I'm extremly tired. Maybe another one tomorrow, kay?

Review please!!!!! >.<

Ps. Just started a New fic entitled; I Wish I Were A Ghost.

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