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How Did A Harmless Group Hug Turn Into A Wrestling Match?

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Mikey's POV

"Whaaa! Whost! Waggy Wun!" The annoying cartoon character yelled as a ghost, who always turned out to be fake, approached him.
If you haven't guessed alreay, Bob, Ray and I were watching old re-runs of 'Scooby Doo' on the television in my room.

"Oh my God. No, don't go in there!" Ray said, hugging a pillow.
Bob and I looked at Ray, who was in between us, and then at each other before bursting into laughter.
Ray looked at each of us with an expression of warning. I immediatly stopped my laughter in fear what he would do to me if I continued. As Bob was doing. And before you knew it, Bob was on the ground, pleading for Ray to stop bashing him with the pillow.

"Ray!...Get..Foff! Shforry! Shforry! Juft get off!" Bob muffled in between hard collisions with the cusion.
I laughed, along with Ray as Bob tried to retaliate but failed.
Suddenly there was a loud know at the door.

"I'll get it! I'll get it!" Bob laughed as Ray poked him in the ribs.
"Not getting out of it that easy Fucker!" Ray quite enjoyed torturing Bob like this. But who wouldn't? Beating up the big kid.

The knock at the door disturbed them again. It was loud and hard.

"I'll get it." I sighed.
I slowly got up and walked towards the door. I laughed, as Bob was almost in tears and opened the door.

Gerard, who looked really angry, pushed his way inside without a word. I frowned in confusion.

"Okay, Fuck off guys. I need to talk to Mikey. Alone." Gerard said bitterly.

"As soon as Ray moves his fat ass!" Bob laughed.
"Not gonna happen" Ray replied.

"I said, Fuck off! okay?"

"Umm guys..." I shot each of them a look and hoped they understood. Ray nodded and helped Bob up. They exited the room, without another word.

Gerard hadn't looked up at me. He continued to stare at his feet in complete silence.

"Umm..." I broke the silence. "So, uuh. Anything... wrong?" I silently cursed myself. Of coarse there was something worng! Can you get any more pathetic?
Gerard sat down on the bed. I followed and sat next to him after turning off the television.

I placed my hand on his shoulder.
"Is it Frank?" I asked.
No reply.
"Is it? What happened?" I asked again. Still no reply.

"Gee, talk to me. You just chased the others out of the room and if your not gonna talk I'll call them back in."

He inhaled deeply before his hazel eyes met mine.
He was frowning and his tear stained cheeks glistening in the light.

"Its not Frank." He said softly. "Its Dad..."

Oh shit.

My eyes were already filled to the brim with tears. It was predictable that the news would be bad.

I'm a baby, let me tell you that. If I see a puppy that was accidentaly run over on the side of the road, I would cry my eyes out. I'm weak. This will kill me.

Silent tears flowed down my pale face.

"H-he's alive. But barley." He whispered.
I covered my open mouth with my hand and quietly sobbed.
I took another deep breath as if he was about to say something but instead he shook his head and burried it in his hands.

I moved a bit closer and wrapped both my arms around his shoulders.

"Its not your fault Gee." I said, my voice very shaky.
He shook his head again.

"Come on. Lets pack our things. We'll leave first thing in the morning, kay?" I forced smiled, trying to be strong. Strong for everyone.

"Everythings j-just going wrong, Mikes." Gee cried. I haven't seen him like this in 4 years. And I hated it.

"Its alright Gee. Come on, don't cry. Please?" like asking was gonna help. Well, I'm not much of a Dr. Phil.

"F-Frank will probably never talk to me again, he probably h-hates me. I haven't spoken t-to dad in like. Fucking two years, a-and now I'll never get to say goodbye to him. Life's hopeless." He sobbed.

"No, Gerard, no its not. Dad's gonna be fine, trust me. He's strong. And Frank... wait, what happened with Frank?" I stroked his hair, while he cried in my arms to try and comfort him.

"He's... He's gonna hate me!" he cried. "He tried to stop me, but I just ignored him. He stopped right in front of me and it was like... it was like the voice in the back of my head returned. He's yelling at me! I just did what it said. It took over. I threw him on the ground. I didn't apologise, I didn't even turn around to look at him again. I hear him cry as I entered the elevator but..." he explained, sounding scared and confused. Which made me feel the same.

"I'm a horrible boyfriend." He whispered.

"Your not. He didn't know what was wrong. He wouldn't hate you Gee. He would never hate you. He loves you with all of his heart. He's gonna be here for you." I said, certain of what I just said was true. Frank was the best think that has happened to Gee. He's never been happier.

"I-i guess..." he mummbled.

"Alright, lets make some coffee, kay?" I said, trying to sound cheerful, though it was really killing me inside, that my father was lying on his own fucking death bed.

He nodded and shot me a shaky smile.

I scratched my beanie-covered head as I walked to the kitchen. I turned on the filter and took out two mugs. As I waited for the water to boil, I checked my phone, which was flashing in blue meaning I had a pending message.

"New Text Message From; Ray

When can we come hme? Its fuking freeeeezing out here!
-Ray and the fat kid."

I laughed as I read the last line, reffering to Bob.

"Hey, Gee? Is it okay if Ray and Bob comes back? They say its cold." I asked, pouring in our coffee.

"Fucking pansies." I hear him mumble. "Yeah, that's 'right."

I replied to the message;

"K, com on up. Coffee?
-The nerd."
We always told each other who we were at the end of a message for some strange reason. Don't know why but we did.

Withing 10 seconds it vibrated again.

"New Text Message From Ray;

Please :)"

I took out another two mugs and then withing another ten seconds the door clicked open.

"No, your the only fat one around here! You probably screwed all my intertines when you sat on me." Bob growled, throwing his scarf in a random direction.

Instead of retaliating, Ray just rolled his eyes. "Hey guys." He smiled.

"Sup." Gerard nodded.

"Coffee's in the filter."

"Thanks man" Bob said, running to the kitchen.
Coffee was probably the only thing that keeps us alive. We can survive off that alone.

Ray and Bob joined Gerard and I on the little wooden table with their coffee.

"Hey, look, guys. I'm sorry I kinda... lost in earlier. Its just that, ahh." Gerard looked at me to finish.

"You don't have to say it if you don't want to." Ray said kindly.

"Yeah, we won't force you to say anything." Bob joined.

"Well, umm... dad was, uhh. Shot..." I said, swallowing tears that dared to enter my eyes.

Bob and Ray stared at me, their jaws on the ground.

"D-daddy Donald?" Ray whispered.

"Oh my God, Guys. Is he okay?" Bob gasped.

"N-no. He was shot twice. In the head. There's not much chance of survival." Gerard sighed.

"Well lets pack our fucking bags!" Bob said, standing up.

"Nah, man! You, Ray and Frank stay here. You were supposed to see your family. Me and Gee will get a plane in the morning."

"Mikey, we're all family. We're coming with you." Ray smiled.

I returned it and looked over at Gerard who was grinning twice as big as us.

"Know what? You guys are the best. I couldn't ask for better friends." He said.

"Aww shucks!" Ray giggled.
I laughed at his cheesey comment.

"I can feel a group hug coming on. What do you think?" Bob laughed, making his way to us.

We all wrapped our arms around one another, cherishing this moment until...

"Ow Bob! You stepped on my foot!" Ray groaned, shoving his foot on Bob's.

"Urgh. Maybe if your feet were the size of a human being not Godzilla I wouldn't have." Bob stomped his foot back on Ray, who then broke the hug. He faced Bob, the look on his face was saying "Oh! Your In For It Now!"

"Dudes! Stop!" I said, pushing in between them and pushing Bob a bit too hard, making him fall back on the ground.

"Hah. You did not just push me... did you?" he asked, slowly, helping himself up and straightening his, previously crinkled clothes.

"Touch him and you'll die mother fucker." Gerard said, stepping in.

"You couldn't hurt a fly, Gee." Ray scoffed.

"Oh yeah?" he asked.

"Yeah!" Ray sounded a litle too confident.

"Lets see how you like this" Gerard pushed Ray back. He collided with the couch, making him topple over it.
Gerard laughed and stepped back, pushing me back into Bob, who spilt his boiling hot coffee all over himself.

"Ahh!" Bob, put the glass down quickly and turned back to me. "Oh, your gonna pay, nerd." He approached me and tried to tackle me but Gerard stepped infront of me and copped it for me.

"Don't fucking touch my baby brother!!" Gerard and Bob rolled around on the floor.
Ray, who was finally up, then tried to tackle Gerard.
"Fuck you!" he screamed.

"Get off him!" I half yelled half laughed and jumped on Ray who jumped on Gerard.
You know in cartoons how all there is, is a huge puff of smoke and random arms and legs sticking out everywhere? Yeah, it was the same here.
First it was Gerard and Ray and me and Bob, then Me and Ray and Gerard and Bob. Next it was me and Gerard and Bob and Ray. And so on and so forth.
We'd probably wake up with a few briuses but who cared?

All thoughts of tonight were cleared and the only question that circled my head was, How did a harmless group hug turn into a wrestling match?


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