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Book 1: Chapter 5

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Prank and the start of classes

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Disclaimer: This is fan fiction people. We own none of this stuff.

A/N: I apologize for the delay in getting this chapter up. Real life caught up to me. So my original plan of a chapter every two weeks is not going to work. I will be continuing the story for as long as I can but I do not know how often I will be able to put out new chapters. Any way enjoy.


Chapter 5

Harry found a packed common room when he arose the next morning. Apparently, everyone had made the subconscious decision to go down to breakfast together. Therefore, when Tonks and Harry proceeded out the portrait hole they were followed by the rest of Gryffindor tower. Upon entering the Great Hall Tonks and Harry took note of the packed Slytherin table.

Making sure, they had an excellent view of the Slytherins, Harry and Tonks sat and awaited breakfast to appear. After a few minuets of pointless morning chatter, breakfast appeared and everyone dug in. Harry had a bit of toast and eggs. As Harry was finishing up his eggs, suddenly about a hundred owls soared in through the high windows of the Great Hall. The owls circled the tables until they saw their owner and the swooped down to deliver packages and letters. As Harry was putting the last bite of egg in his mouth, Hedwig landed on his shoulder dropping a note into his lap. “Thanks, Hedwig,” Harry said offering the last bit of toast to his owl. As Hedwig munched on the toast, Harry opened the note and read the untidy scrawl:

Dear Harry,

I know you get Saturday afternoon off, so would you like to come around and have a cup of tea with me.

I want to hear all about how your first week goes. Send us an answer with Hedwig.


Harry pulled out a quill and quickly wrote out his reply of, ‘Yes, Please,’ on the back of the note and handed back to Hedwig who took off back out the window.

After the post owls left Professor Dumbledore rose in his place at the High Table and said, “I have an announcement for you before the Professors come around with your class schedules for the year.

“Mr. Draco Malfoy, the first year that was not present for the sorting has been found. Some one had placed a sticking charm on his unconscious body, sticking him to the ceiling of the cargo hold on the Hogwarts express. Draco does not remember how he got stuck to there or how he was rendered unconscious. Due to his state, his parents felt that it best that he not attend Hogwarts. Therefore, Draco will be attending Durmstrang.

“Now, I wish you good luck this year in your classes.”

As soon as Professor Dumbledore sat down the Heads of House approached their house tables to begin passing out schedules. However, before Professor McGonagall could hand out the first schedule a loud popping noise was heard and a burst of flames appeared at he Slytherin table.

Professor Snape was quick to react, he hurried over to the flames and a fountain of water shot from his wand. However, this did little, as the water evaporated doing nothing more then sending a cloud of steam into the air.

As Professor Snape tried to deal with the flames, another loud pop was heard followed by a burst of flames from the seat next to the first burning seat. By now, many of the Slytherin students were clambering to get away from the flames, when suddenly a tremendous pop was heard and all the Slytherin students disappeared in a burst of flames. Professor Snape quickly jumped away from the table and many of the Ravenclaws, whose table was closest to the Slytherin table, screamed and fled to the other side of the hall. All of the professors at this point rushed to the table to try to control the fire that was consuming all of the Slytherin table.

Nothing any of the professors tried worked. Suddenly a streak of fire could be seen extending from the fire. The streak suddenly shot up in the air and arched back to the table as Professor Dumbledore flicked his wand. “Place shields around the table. Let none of them out. There is nothing we can do until they burn themselves out,” Professor Dumbledore called out. A dome suddenly appeared around all of the Slytherin table. “It is safe now. The flame will not harm you. However I do not suggest standing to close to the flames for they are still hot.”

“What happened?” A older girl from Hufflepuff called out.

“It seems someone played a bit of a prank on the Slytherin House. All of the students have been transfigured into salamanders. However, the prankster did not realize that they would be magical salamanders, thus they burn any wood that they touch. The flame is relatively harmless to anything other then wood, however it is hotter than regular fire,” Professor Dumbledore answered.

“Oh, you couldn’t let us have the first prank. You just had strike the first blow. I see how it is going to be. Harry we are going to have to play dirty if we want to beat those two pranksters,” Tonks yelled down the table at Fred and George. Harry did all he could not to laugh.

Professor McGonagall came sweeping back to the Gryffindor table pinning the twins to the spot with a glares.

“I told you we had to watch those two,” George said turning to his brother.

“Yea, in less then twenty-four hours they plan, execute, and frame us for a prank,” Fred responded.

“Are you saying that those two first years are responsible for this prank?” Professor McGonagall said without the least bit of belief in the twin’s story.

“Yep that’s our story,” Fred responded.

“Not much else to say, other than we didn’t do it,” followed George.

“A weeks detention and 50 points each from Gryffindor.” Professor McGonagall called.

“I guess they win,” Fred said with a smile.

“They are good, and they are only firsties,” George said shaking his head.

As the fire at the Slytherin table could only burn itself out the professors escorted all the students out of the Great Hall and passed out schedules. The day’s classes continued went on with out the Slytherin house. Not a single Slytherin would be seen until dinner, sitting around a new table. And Fred and George could be seen roasting marshmallows at lunchtime over the smouldering Slytherins.

The excitement at breakfast was only the beginning of a very interesting day for Harry Potter. His first class was Herbology.

Professor Sprout was a squat little witch with flyaway grey hair. Professor Sprout’s hands were stained with dirt and earth. She lead them into greenhouse one and started with a tour of the plants that were kept there. On one of the passes along the back wall, a large green mass of what looked like ivy covered the wall. As Professor Sprout stopped to show the class a tray of talking plant that were talking about the group of shrivel figs two rows over, the large ivy plant reached out, grabbed Tonks and Neville, and lifted them and pulled them into the rest of the mass of greenery covering the wall.

As Professor Sprout charged over to free her students, Harry joined her yelling, “Put them down, NOW!”

Tonks and Neville were unceremoniously dropped to the ground and the tendrils of ivy bowed in what could only be described as shame.

“Good. Don’t do it again.”

A tendril slowly extended and gave Harry a apologetic squeeze.

“I’m not the one you should be apologizing to.”

Two tendrils slowly extended and helped Tonks and Neville up off the ground dusting them off when they were back to their feet.

“Very good, Ivy. Now you behave.”

All the tendrils retreated back to the black mass and settled down.

Harry turned back to Professor Sprout, who just stared at Harry gobsmacked. “Right good…” For the rest of the class period Professor Sprout kept shooting glances at Harry as she finished her tour of the greenhouse.

On the way back up to Hogwarts after class, Harry was walking with Neville and Tonks. “It really is always going to be something with you isn’t it? I’m not going to be able to take you anywhere with out you doing something impressively strange, am I?” Tonks said shaking her head but looking happy all the same.

“Yea mate. Thanks and all. But that was just plain weird,” Neville said.

“Well I just reacted to it grabbing you. I didn’t know it would actually listen to me,” Harry said with a shrug.

“Well at least we know it will never be dull around you,” Tonks said with a giggle and bump of her shoulder against his.

Things continued to be fun and entertaining in their next class as well.

The Charms classroom was on the third floor and was taught by a short little man, Professor Flitwick. Professor Flitwick you was a perpetually happy and jovial man.

Professor Flitwick dove right into teaching after calling the roll. Professor Flitwick gave a little demonstration by juggling, with his wand, giant pink bubbles that he made appear out of his wand, all while explaining that concentration and focus was the key skill needed to be able to perform well in his class. He had thirty-six pink bubble in the air when a loud boom was heard at the back of the room. Everyone’s attention was drawn to the noise and Professor Flitwick dashed to the back of the room to see what the cause was. When nothing could be identified he slowly walked back to the front of the room when the class realized that the pink bubble where still being juggled at the front of the room with no one doing the juggling. Everyone turned to look at the laughing Professor Flitwick. “I love that trick.”

After explaining the different charms used to pull off his little trick, he started them on the basics needed. They were starting with the flying charm. Professor gave them all a feather to fly. He described the wand movements and the words, and set them to the task of making the feather fly.

Harry had achieved the charm on his first try and earned Gryffindor 10 points. After awhile Harry got bored of making the feather fly around the room and decided, he was going to have a little fun.

Harry had been working next to Tonks. While Tonks’s face was scrunched up for extra concentration, Harry gave his wand a little flick in her direction. Tonks suddenly floated off the ground not enough for her to realize what was happening. Soon Harry raised her a little farther off the ground. In frustration, Tonks took a step to turn to Harry and ask for some advice. Since Tonks was no longer touching the ground, her first step threw her off balance and she tripped. She braced herself to hit the floor. The impact never came. She suddenly realized she was floating off the ground she looked over at Harry and saw him giggling.

“Put me down now, Potter,” she said in mild amusement.

Harry slowly lowered her back down to the ground. “What you don’t like flying?” Harry said with a laugh.

“Urr…” Tonks growled at him and lept, prepared to tickle him.

As soon as Tonks left the ground, she stopped, floating in the air again. “Actually this is kind of fun.”

Harry put her down and Tonks got a mischievous glint in her eye. While Professor Flitwick was on the other side of the room with his back to them helping a pair of Ravenclaws, Tonks climbed up on her desk gave Harry a wink and jumped off. Harry quickly flicked his wand at Tonks and she stopped in mid air. With another flick, she was flying around the room arms out stretched like she was a bird soaring on an air current.

Tonks was laughing like a hyena. With another flick, four pink bubbles popped out of Harry’s wand and started circling Tonks. With one last flick, Tonks started doing flips inside the circling bubbles.

Professor Flitwick turned to see what was causing the commotion in his classroom. His eyes were drawn to the spectacle that had the class’s attention. Professor Flitwick was to shocked do anything. When his senses came back to him, his eyes scanned the room to see which one of his students was demonstrating such excellent command of magic. The problem was that no one was showing signs of doing magic. “Who ever is making Miss Tonks fly around the room please put her down.”

“Sorry, Professor. We got a little carried away,” Harry said as he flicked his wand at Tonks. The bubbles vanished and Tonks slowly descended to stand next to Harry. The smile on Tonks’s face was so big that her face was starting to hurt.

“That was an impressive bit of magic. Who taught you how to move the objects around while they were in the air?”

“No one sir. I just did it. I wanted them to move so they moved.”

“Impressive,” the bell ending class rang as Professor Flitwick looked at Harry sizing him up. “For those of you that did not get the charm to work, Practice. But please do not try to fly your friends around the room until you are sure you can do the charm correctly.”

The class quickly packed up and filed for the door, it being the last class of the day. “Mr. Potter, Miss Tonks please stay behind for a moment,” Professor Flitwick call before they could get out the door.

Harry immediately knowing that he was in trouble hung his head. Slowly walking to the professor’s desk not daring to look up at Professor Flitwick. After everyone had filed out of the room, Harry quickly said, “I’m sorry professor. I just got bored floating the feather around so I floated Tonks off the ground and… well… I got cared away. It won’t happen again.”

“Harry that was a very impressive bit of magic you did, for a first year. Was that really the first time you did either or those charms or have you been practicing?” Flitwick asked with a big smile.

“Before school started I did float my book around my room. But it was the first time I floated a person. When Tonks jumped off the desk, I just reacted. I wasn’t going to let her crash into the floor.”

“Miss Tonks you jumped off the desk? Why?”

“Well… I knew Harry would catch me. I knew he wouldn’t let me get hurt and I wanted to see what it would be like to fly,” Tonks said to her feet.

“Impressive, impressive indeed. First, you are not in trouble. In fact, take 20 points for some of the most impressive spell work out of a first year I have ever seen. Second, even though you are not in trouble, please do not do anything like that in class again. I don’t want the others getting ideas from you and trying foolish stunts and getting hurt in my class,” Professor Flitwick said all the while grinning like a school kid. It was obvious that Flitwick was happy to have a student with such potential in his class that he would let some of the less harmful antics pass.

The next day continued the trend of interesting classes. Where the morning started out absolutely dull with a lecture in Defence Against the Dark Arts, that could have been made more exiting if Professor Quirrell had just told them to read the first chapter of there text book, class would have gone faster if he had as well.

Transfiguration was held after lunch. Tonks and Harry were running late for class since they had decided to have another eating contest, Harry winning just barely. The whole class was already seated even though class had not started. The only seats available were two seats in the front row next to a the teacher’s desk were a tabby cat sat watching the class. Harry and Tonks took their seats and Harry looked at the cat closely.

The bell rang to start class but Professor McGonagall did not show. After five minutes the class started getting restless, suddenly Harry disappeared and in his place sat a tabby cat that looked almost identical to the cat sitting on the desk. The cat let out a loud meow and the class turned to see where Harry had been a minute ago. Suddenly the tabby sitting on the teacher’s desk transformed into Professor McGonagall.

“I will be starting class now, Mr. Potter. If you would care to join us as a human again,” Professor McGonagall said in a very stern voice, trying to hide a bit of amazement.

The cat was replaced with Harry again. “That was fun. Why didn’t you tell me that wizards could change into cats,” Harry said turning to Tonks.

“Mr. Potter, was that the first time you had changed into an animal?”

“Yes Ma’am.” Harry said stiffly because of the stern voice Professor McGonagall was using.

“Why did you do it then?”

“Well when I walked in, I notice that the cat sitting there was not a normal cat, but it seemed familiar. So I figured it was you and when you didn’t start class, right away I wanted to know why. So I changed into a cat as well so I could ask you.”

“Are you saying to chose to be a cat only because I was a cat? Could you do other animals?”

Harry had disappeared again, in his place sat a large black dog, it barked and was suddenly replaced with a white owl, that hooted and changed into a white lion that let out a roar, and was replaced by a Gryphon with pure white feathers, it let our a screech and Harry sat his desk. Upon Harry’s return, Professor McGonagall quickly sat down on the edge of her desk and just stared at the boy. “I guess so,” Harry said.

“Again, there’s always something. I am not even amazed any more. I think it would be more interesting if you didn’t do something weird,” Tonks said shaking her head and rolling her eyes in happy disbelief.

“Mr. Potter I would have said you were an Animagus like my self but an Animagus can only change into one mundane animal. You, however, changed into many animals and even a magical one at that. Do you posses any other abilities pertaining to transfiguring of yourself?”

Harry shot a glance at Tonks and quickly said, “No.”

“In that case please stay after class I would like to talk to you then.”

Harry nodded and Professor McGonagall turned to the rest of the class. “I had planed on surprising you with a bit of self transfiguration. However, that stunt backfired on me a bit. However…

“Transfiguration is some of the most complex and dangerous magic you will learn at Hogwarts. Anyone messing around in my class will leave and not come back. …” Professor McGonagall then proceeded to give them a lecture on safety and lots of complicated notes, and then they were each given a match and instructed to turn it into a needle.

On Harry’s first attempt, he turned his into an ornate ivory knitting needle. “Mr. Potter, what kind of needle is this?” Professor McGonagall said with a bit of a sigh.

“A knitting needle, Ma’am,” Harry said with a small smirk.

“And why did you turn your needle into a knitting needle, and not into a simple sewing needle?”

“I felt that was too simple,” Harry said, and then he blushed, “also I once saw a lady with a needle holding her hair up in a very pretty swirl. I thought it might look pretty in Tonks hair. I was going to give it to her as a Christmas gift if I was allowed to keep it.”

“That is so sweet,” Tonks said as she reached over, grabbed the needle and pulled her hair up in a swirl using the needle to keep it in place.

Professor McGonagall walked away shaking her head and said, “20 point to Gryffindor.”

Harry spent the rest of the class time encouraging and giving Tonks pointer until she was able to change the match into a simple sewing needle minutes after Hermione changed hers into a knitting needle as well, although it was not as fancy and was only made of wood.

When the bell rang and the students started packing up their things Professor McGonagall called over them, “I want a foot of parchment on your thoughts on why Harry and Hermione were able to change there matches into knitting needles and not just sewing needles, due in one week. Harry, Hermione, you are exempt from this assignment. Harry, remember, I want a word with you.”

Harry packed his bag and then sat in his seat waiting for the room to empty. He didn’t think he had done anything to get himself into trouble like when he was playing around in charms.

When the room final emptied, Professor McGonagall addressed Harry, “Mr. Potter you have surprised me again… When I asked if you possessed any other abilities you were not truthful. Were you? So I will ask the question again, reminding you that anything you share with me will be between only us.”

Harry looked down at his hands, “Well… I do have another ability but I really don’t want to say.”

“Mr. Potter, Harry, I am your head of house. I will not be gossiping about with your abilities. You can trust me.”

“Well when I first met Tonks, I said something and she got sad and her hair changed colours. When I saw her hair change I tried to change mine as well and found out that we are both Metamorphmaguses.”

“Metamorphmagi,” Professor McGonagall said in both a shocked and correcting tone. “Professor Dumbledore warned us that you may be powerful, but this is something else. Mr. Potter, do you realize that no one has ever been known as both a Metamorphmagus and an Animagus. The two abilities were thought to be in opposition, that they could not both be possessed by one person… I believe that is why you are able to change into more than one animal, maybe any animal that you wish.”

“Really, Tonks is right it is always something with me.”

“Harry I would like to discuss this with the Headmaster if you will allow me.”

“Why?” Harry said with a bit of a tremble in his voice.

“Well I would like to get you plenty of training in your abilities, plus as an Animagus you have to register with the Ministry of Magic, although I don’t know how you are going to when you have more than one form, possibly infinite forms.”

“Well… I would like to get training. I guess you can talk with the Headmaster but can we put off registering?”

“I will wait to see what the Headmaster says before we contact the Ministry, yes.”

“Good, is there anything else you want to talk to me about?”

“Yes,” Professor McGonagall said as sat up straighter and became more formal. “Your performance in class showed a exceptional ability in transfiguration, as well as when I visited you before classes started. I was hopping you would take me up on private lessons.”

Harry sat and looked at Professor McGonagall and then looked down at his hands thinking.

“The lessons would be more advanced and I would teach you thing that you would not learn in the regular lessons,” Professor McGonagall said trying to convince him.

“Thanks for the offer Professor but… I’m not a Ravenclaw. I don’t want to spend all seven years deep in studying. I am a Gryffindor and crave adventure, excitement. Maybe later I will, but not now. I am however reading the fourth-year book. If I finish all seven years of school books and am still interested in learning more then can we have private lessons?”

Professor McGonagall could tell it would be pointless to argue with him, he was too young to realize that studying and learning are important. She was confused at how he only wanted to have fun and could not be bothered to do extra studying. “Yes, Harry. I am a bit disappointed, but if you continue to show the promise that I saw today, I will be available to help you learn when you are ready.”

“Thanks, is there anything else we need to discuss?”

“No, Mr. Potter there is not, you may go.” With that, Harry stood and left a confused Professor to her thoughts.

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