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Book 1: Chapter 4

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Day before class

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Disclaimer: This is fan fiction people. We own none of this stuff.

A/N: I am looking for a beta to do a little proof-reading for me. Any volunteers just leave your name in the comments and I will get back to you. Chapter 3 and 4 were originally one chapter but I felt to much was happening for just one chapter so I split it into two smaller chapters. I have through chapter 8 written but I will be releasing it slowly so I can stay ahead. Hopefully my new classes will not get too much in the way and be able to keep up with writing. I will be continuing this story just I might have to take a small break to get a lot of writing done.


Chapter 4

When Harry woke Sunday morning, it was to find the dorm room empty. Harry quickly climbed out of bed, grabbed his close for the day, and headed for the showers. When he later entered the common room, it was to see Hermione curled up in the same chair as last night while Tonks sat impatiently in the chair across from her.

Harry made his way over to the two girls and said, “Remember what I said last night Hermione… All work and no play will make Hermione a grumpy girl.”

“Well said, Harry. Now lets go eat I’m starved,” Tonks said bounding out of the chair and grabbing Harry’s arm and pulling him to the portrait hole. Tonks was pulling Harry at such a fast pace that Harry could barely keep his feet under him.

As Tonks started pulling Harry down the stairs, Harry quickly said, “There is a secret path that leads down to the Entrance Hall just up a head. And maybe you can let me walk on my own instead of dragging me across the ground?”

“Oh, sorry,” Tonks said quickly as she let go of his arm. “What path?” Looking around confused.

Harry led Tonks over to one of the paths he had found last night. “This wall is just like the platform at Kings’ Cross, you just walk right through it.”

Harry and Tonks stepped through it and found a very long and very steep staircase. As they began to walk down the steps Tonks asked, “And just how did you know this was here?”

“Well… I went exploring last night after you went up to bed.”

“You were supposed to wait for me,” Tonks stopped on the steps and looked at Harry with watery eyes.

Harry turned to Tonks to explain and when he met Tonks eyes he heard, “… ran off to have fun on his own the first chance …” Harry quickly looked away from Tonks.

“I’m sorry Tonks. I didn’t run off to have fun on my own. It’s just that I don’t need sleep as much anymore. I guess since I can do my shadow thing I don’t get tired. So when I was bored last night I went out as a shadow and looked around. I only got to about the fourth floor when I ran into Fred and George. Oh, by the way when Fred and George challenge us to a prank war, I think I have our first prank. Anyway, if you want we can explore more today and maybe you can come with me tonight to snoop around in shadows, I can usually bring stuff with me. Maybe I can take you too.” Harry desperately looked back at Tonks to see if she was still upset.

“Don’t lie to me. If you don’t want to hang out with me just say so.”

“Tonks, I like you. You are my best friend why wouldn’t I want to hang out with you.” Harry said a little frustrated at Tonks.

“OK, but you owe me one.”

“Sure anything you want.”

“Well…” Tonks said as she started walking again with a wicked grin. “I think I will wait until you owe me enough and then really cash in.”

“What ever Tonks.” Harry said as they continued down and into the Great Hall.

They found two open seats, sat down, and started to shovel breakfast onto their plates. While eating Fred and George entered the Great Hall, spotted Harry and Tonks, and rushed over to sit across from them. “Harry, Tonks…” George started.

“What are…” Fred continued.

“Your terms?”

“First, stop with the twin speak. Second, what are you talking about?” Tonks said quite annoyed with the way the twins were talking.

“Well Tonksie. We are talking about the terms of the challenge you made yesterday.” George said.

“What challenge?”

“You challenged our pranking ability, we accepted, now we negotiate terms of said challenge,” Fred stated in an overly official manner.

Tonks quick looked at Harry. He gave a little smile and turned to the twins, “I say we prank the other houses. No use getting caught in the crossfire of a prank.”

“Deal. How do we determine when we have won?” Fred said.

“First one to get punished for a prank is the loser?” Harry said. All the while, Tonks sat stunned that Harry knew the twins would challenge them to a pranksters duel and that Harry seemed to have a plan to beat them at their own game.

“Deal. First to get punished for a prank loses and we don’t prank Gryffindors.” Fred said and stuck out his hand. Harry nodded and shook Fred’s hand.

George suddenly jumped up on his seat and announced, “We have been challenged to a pranksters duel! Harry and Tonks vs. Fred and George! May the best twins win!”

“Was that wise?” Tonks asked of Fred.

Just as Tonks finished asking her question and George sat down, Harry quickly jumped up on he seat and said, “And we plan to strike first,” and made a big show of sticking his tongue out at the twins. He sat back down and Tonks just stared at him.

The twins laughed and got up and left saying in their twin speak, “Definitely have to… watch that one… he’s crafty… To bad… they are going to… lose.”

After the twins were gone, Tonks looked at Harry and said angrily, “What are you doing? You except a challenge by two of the best pranksters the school has seen, and you tell the school we are going to strike first, guarantying that we will get blamed for the first prank and then lose.

“Tonks I have one question that might answer and solve all our problems.” Harry said calmly. “Do you think you could make your self look like one of the twins?”

“Yea, the face and some of the body but not fully. Why?”

Harry just looked at Tonks and smiled. Tonks just sat and gapped at Harry until suddenly. “Oh,” she said turning to a whisper, “we pull off pranks as Fred and George. You’re brilliant.” Harry’s smile grew wider and he went back to finishing his breakfast.

“I told you I think I have our first prank too. We will have to sneak out tonight so we better get to know the secret passages today.” Tonks smiled and turned back to her food and started eating at a disgustingly fast pace.

The rest of the day was spent sneaking around the dungeons and the corridors that Harry had not yet explored.


As the day wound down, Harry and Tonks could be found in the Gryffindor common room. Harry playing a game of wizard’s chess with Ron and Tonks lightly chatting with Hermione while watching the game, having finally convinced her to put her books down for a little while. Harry and Ron were in the middle of there third game of chess, Ron having dominated Harry in the first game but Harry pulling even with Ron after the second. Their current game had been raging for over two hours and it looked as if the game was going to continue that way until Harry worked Ron into a very sneaky trap and suddenly the pieces started flying and Ron’s King lay down his crown.

“That was great. I thought after the first game you weren’t going to be any good at this, and that second game was just a fluke, but you worked me into that trap and there was nothing I could do. Where did you learn to play like that?” Ron said with tremendous excitement at having a worth opponent for the first time in a long time.

“I never played before but I knew the rules. After the first game, it just all made sense that the pieces should move were I told them to. This game was fun because I could tell you knew what I was trying to do but couldn’t fully fight it off,” Harry responded putting his peaces away.

“Anyway, I’m going to bed. First day of classes tomorrow, don’t want to be tired and fall asleep on the first day,” Harry said standing up and pulling a fake yawn and stretch.

“Me to,” said Tonks standing up.

“Well I’m just going to read for a little while longer, but I will go to bed in a little bit,” Hermione said pulling out her Charms book.

“Oh no you don’t, bed time for the book worm. If I leave you down here to read, this is where I will find you in the morning,” Tonks said grabbing Hermione’s arm and pulling her out of the chair and to the girls’ dorm.

“All work and no sleep makes Hermione a sleepy head,” Harry called after Tonks and Hermione as they entered their dorm.

Ron stretched and followed Harry up to the dorm. When inside Ron and Harry changed in silence and crawled into their beds. Some time later Ron’s muffled snores could be heard so Harry as quietly as you could snuck out of bed and headed down to the common room. When he got there Tonks was already waiting for him in one of the squashy armchairs.

Upon seeing Harry, come out of the door to the boys’ dorm Tonks stood and made her way out the portrait hole. As the pair made there way away from the fat lady, Harry said, “I think we should do some exploring and then make sure we are seen by one of the professors or Filch after we set our prank in motion. If it is Filch that sees us let me do the talking other wise run for it.”

“OK, now let’s see this shadow thingy you keep talking about.” Tonks said as they entered one of the secret passages Harry had discover the previous night.

Harry concentrated on the shadows and slowly faded in to the darkness of the passage. “Wow, you just kind of faded away.”

Harry slowly faded back out of the shadows. “I can travel in an instant, just like Apparating.”

“Well, how am I going to sneak around with you if you are all shadowy?”

“I can try and take you with me. I can take things with me. It seems like if I am holding on to something and think of bringing it with me then it will become part of the my shadow.”

“What does it feel like? Will it hurt?”

“I don’t feel any difference. The first time I did it I didn’t even know I had changed.”

“OK, what do you need me to do?”

“Gimme your hands.” Harry and Tonks held hands. Harry closed his eyes and concentrated on the shadows.

“It didn’t work I can’t see you but I can still see me,” Tonks said disappointed.

Harry quickly turned back, “Well let me try again.” This time Harry hugged Tonks and tried again.

“Did it work? I can’t tell,” Tonks said.

It was weird he heard Tonks ask him a question but not really. There was no sound but he could hear Tonks’s voice. “Can you see yourself?”

“No, I can’t see you either. Where did you go? I can tell you are right here by me but I can’t see you,” Tonks said as panic crept into her voice.

“Calm down Tonks. I am right here by you. I think we are communicating telepathically or something because I can hear you in my head but I can’t hear the sound of your voice.”

“This is so cool. Harry…” a panicking Tonks said, “I can’t move. I am trying to move around in this dark passage but I can’t move. Am I doing it wrong or something?”

Harry quickly tested to see if he could move. He quickly flew down to the end of the passage and back. “No I can move.”

“That was you moving? All the sudden I was moving down to the end of this passage and just as quickly I was moving back, but it was like I wasn’t in control.”

“Yea, that was me. So… since maybe it is my ability I am the only one that can move us?”

“That makes sense. Well, we had better hurry up. I want you to show me all the secret passages you found last night and I want to go over the dungeons again to see if we missed anything. Plus I have to spend some time practicing looking like one of the twins. I have only looked like a boy once, it wasn’t complete mind you, and it was hard to do.”

Harry and Tonks set out. Harry first showed Tonks all the passages he had found the first night, they then retraced the exploring they did that day finding many more passages that were much easier to find now that they were in the shadows. One of the more interesting things they discover about the castle was that on each floor there was at least one passage or stairway that leads to all the other floors in the castle. This was a great thing to know because if they wherever running late for a class they could easily take the shortcut from the seventh floor to the dungeons or any other floor they needed and quickly get to where they needed to be. While touring around the castle they saw Professor McGonagall and many of the prefects out patrolling the halls.

At about 1:00am the pair found and empty classroom. Harry and Tonks entered and Harry concentrated on turning back to normal. As they faded back both Tonks and Harry noticed that they were hugging, both having forgotten that when they became a shadow Harry had been hugging Tonks then as well. They both jumped back looking at the floor and blushing.

Quickly to change the subject Harry said, “We better get to work on our changing into one of the twins.”

“Oh yea.” Tonks took a step back, closed her eyes, and concentrated on what the twins looked like and began changing her appearance.

As Tonks worked on her change, Harry did his as well. Harry quickly turned into a twin. “How do I look?” a very girly looking twin asked Harry.

“Not quite, you still look like a girl, but you got the red hair perfect. How about me?”

“Wow, you look like a perfect copy of the twins. Let me try again.” For the next hour, Tonks perfected her look. Eventually they were a perfect copy of the twins.

When Tonks finally had the look down she said, “So what is this prank you have planned for us?”

“Well, when I was out exploring last night I passed by the twins while in the shadow and over heard them talking about a prank they planned on pulling on the Slytherins. They thought it was too soon to pull off the prank because they would definitely take the blame for it. That is why they challenged us to a prank duel that way they can hide behind the idea that we were the one to pull the prank. I don’t think we can let that happen so I stole their idea and then we stole their identity so they can take the blame for our prank. What do you think?”

“I think it sounds great. So what was their prank?”

“Well they were going to put a jinx on the Slytherin common room exit so that when the Slytherins exit their common room it gets placed on them an then when after a while it changes the colour of their robes and hair. But I have a bit of a better idea.”


“Well I was thinking of changing them into salamanders or something, with a delay that the twins suggested. I learned how to change objects into animals from our forth year book. So I should be able to do the jinx.”

“I don’t know how to cast a jinx like that. I don’t know much magic at all.”

“Well… That will be even better. No one will be able to claim that we were the ones that cast the jinx.”

“Are you sure you aren’t a Slytherin?”

“Well the hat said I would be good anywhere but it did want to put me in Ravenclaw,” Harry laughed.

Harry and Tonks as Fred and George snuck out of the classroom and down to the Great Hall. Not once did they see a teacher or a prefect on their way. After entering the Great Hall, Tonks took up guard duty as Harry went around to all the seats at the Slytherin table and tapped his wand on the seats.

“OK, all done now we should sneak back up to Gryffindor tower, not to fast. I think it might be a bit of an advantage if we are at least seen out in the halls as Fred and George.”

Tonks nodded her head and they headed off back up the main stairs to Gryffindor tower. Just after they gave the password to the fat lady, around the corner came Professor McGonagall. Spotting the two Weasley twins, she hurried after them. As she entered the common room, all she found was two sleeping first years.

Waking over and tapping them on the shoulder she said, “Ms. Tonks, Mr. Potter. I suggest you sleep in your own beds. You will be much more relaxed and refreshed in the morning if you get a good night sleep in your bed then if you sleep in a chair all night.” Tonks and Harry stood, stretched, and headed off to their dorms for the night. As Professor McGonagall turned and exited through the portrait hole determined to keep an eye out for strange happening involving the Weasley twins.
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