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Days of Future Hellfire
Chapter 15: Epilogue

AN: The vows from Scott and Jean were lifted directly from X-men 30, the issue they got married in the comics.


Xavier Institute

The return to the mansion was bittersweet. The world was safe again and a dark future had been averted. Nimrod was gone, erased from existence. Mastermold, the master sentinel destined to inflict so much destruction upon the world, was destroyed along with its creator, Donald Pierce. And the X-men once again came out victorious, but not without a great personal cost to some.

Cable, the battle hardened soldier from the future and son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, helped save them from Nimrod’s wrath, but erased his very existence in doing so. He fought so hard, suffering through the loss of his family, his loved ones, and his friends. But in the end he made the ultimate sacrifice. The dark future he came from was no more. And thus, he was no more. Even though they just met him, he left a lasting impact, especially on Scott and Jean.

With the battle now over, the two teams returned to the X-jet and flew to Muir Island to pick up the others. When they arrived Sage, Emma, and the New Mutants crowded around the main team for the story. They feared the worst when they saw their solemn expressions, but when they learned what happened to Cable they understood and shared a moment of silence for him. There were plenty of details they wanted to ask, but that was a story for another day.

In addition, Magneto was relieved to see both his children awake and well. Pietro was back to his old cynical self be it still high on pain killers. Moria MacTaggart assured him they would be okay with a few days rest. He had plenty of questions, but Magneto and the others didn’t have the energy at this point. He also saw Wanda, who continued to ignore him, but she didn’t show the same anger as she did before. They didn’t hug or make up or anything. A simple nod was enough for now. Even if she didn’t forgive him, he was glad she was okay and he made sure she knew that before they left.

Before they parted, Magneto offered his condolences and his thanks. It was strange coming from a supposed enemy, but if his role in the future was any indication he deserved at least some acceptance. Lance, Pyro, and Exodus sure weren’t going to do it so he went out of his way to thank those that saved his life. The goodbye wasn’t much. In fact, parts of it were somewhat unpleasant. When John found out that August and Amara were an item he was shocked at first, but then intrigued. When he made a comment about ‘sharing’ he got burned by Amara and kicked in the groin by August. It damaged his pride, but at least it shut him up.

Magneto took a moment to say goodbye to Xavier in private. Even he admitted he was impressed with how a crippled man could stand up to Pierce and Mastermold. It only reinforced his belief that Charles Xavier was man to be reckoned with. And having always been one to admire strength, the old holocaust survivor respected that and wished him well. While their ideas may still be different, they were still fighting the same fight to build a better future.

They were fairly quiet during the trip back. Jean leaned on her lover for support while he clung to her, still struggling to make sense of it all. They met their future son and in him they saw so much. He may have been dark and distant, but he was dedicated and determined. He had a big heart despite a life of war and even though they hadn’t known him long, they were proud of him.

Others came by and offered their support to Scott and Jean. Vince and Alex were especially supportive. So was Kurt, who promised to pray for their unborn son. Even Wanda, who was recovering from her concussion, offered her prayers, despite admitting her faith wasn’t as strong as Kurt’s. Betsy and Emma also shared a hug with Jean. Being they were in the telepath club and as close as sisters, they gave words of encouragement. Emma was especially empathetic. She couldn’t imagine what it was like feeling their son fade away. When they got home, she and Vince held Jack all night long, thanking whatever higher power there was that they had him in their lives.

Even Mystique offered her condolences, despite having a tenuous relationship with Scott and Jean. But having nearly lost her own son before, she knew all too well how hard it was. It wasn’t much, but Scott and Jean were thankful. Logan also spoke to them and with some coaxing from Ororo, gave his first two students a hug before they went upstairs to their room.

But nobody was more supportive then Professor Xavier. This battle centered around him and the role he was destined to play in the course of future events. It was a great responsibility to bear for a man who was so often limited by his physical shortcomings, but it showed just how important his dream was and gave him new motivation to fight for a better future.

But even as he saw Scott and Jean off, giving them his condolences and gratitude for the bravery of their future son, he was at an impasse. And those close to him saw it.

“Does it still worry you, Charles?” asked Beast as he and Sage wheeled Xavier to his room.

“Does what worry me, Hank?” asked Xavier.

“If what Cable said was true, the very future of our civilization depends on your decisions and that of the X-men.”

“That’s true,” agreed Sage, “For Mastermold to go so far as to send an assassin back in time to take you out, it shows just how important you are. I don’t think I could bear that kind of burden. I can hardly bear the burden of my past, let alone the future.”

Professor Charles Xavier sighed and went over everything that had happened in his mind. It was true. He was an important person in the course of human history. He was, after all, the main target. But regardless of the future Cable spoke of, the world’s greatest telepath took it in stride.

“I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is a burden, Sage,” said Xavier, “Important or not, I am now more determined than ever to pursue my dream. We’ve seen first hand how horrible the world can be and how important the decisions we make are in the long run. And if such decisions fall on my shoulders, I have a responsibility to make good on them. It’s just like Jack said before he died. We have the power. It’s just a matter of how we use it.”

It seemed a fitting way to put everything that happened into perspective. With the future secure and a new day ahead of them, Hank and Sage smiled at the prospects as did Xavier. His dream was more alive than eve and was sure to play a big part in whatever future may come.

Across the hall, Scott and Jean collapsed on their bed. So much had happened and they still had a wedding tomorrow. They didn’t even have the energy to change out of their tattered uniforms. They just lay there, holding each other and staring at the ceiling.

“I’ll miss him,” said Jean in a strained tone.

“Me too,” said Scott, “I still can’t believe it. We met our future son.”

“I know. He had your dedication.”

“And he had your heart,” he smiled, “But what really bothers me is that he knew this was going to happen. He knew that by destroying Mastermold, he’d destroy his own existence.”

“He said it himself, Scott. He sacrificed a lot. I guess he was like Jack in a sense. He did what he had to so the future would be safe. And for that we should be proud.”

“I am proud.”

“At least we got to say goodbye,” said Jean sadly.

Scott turned to his fiancé and wiped away her tears. The feeling of her son fading away was just as profound as feeling Annie die in her arms. She clung to Scott’s shoulder and let out a few sobs.

“Hey, it’s not like we won’t see him again,” he said with hope in his tone, “He’s our son. One day we’ll bring him into this world and show him everything.”

“But even when that happens, should we tell him what his future self did?” pondered Jean, “Should we tell him the sacrifice he made for us to stop what was going to happen?”

Scott needed a moment with that one. They weren’t even married yet and already they were talking about how to handle their future son. It also wasn’t lost on them that Cable mentioned they would have a daughter before him named Rachel. Knowing that much about their future did a real number on their minds, but at least now the future was open to a new path.

“I honestly don’t know, Jean. But I do know this…Cable made that sacrifice for us. And the best way we can honor that sacrifice is to honor what we have in the present.”

Jean smiled at his words, letting out another sob as she sank into her lover’s warm embrace. Together they lay peacefully, holding each other at the prospect of a new future for them and their family, even for those who were not yet born. There was so much to ponder and so much to be thankful fore. And soon, they would take the first step.

Later That Week

Despite all the drama from the past, present, and future alike the wedding of Scott Summers and Jean Grey was on. Exhaustion was no excuse when it came to making good on such a special day. A week wasn’t long enough to recover from the physical and emotional strain, but exhaustion soon gave way to excitement as the biggest day of their lives was upon them.

The mansion was chaotic from the get go and it didn’t help that everybody was still dead tired. But until the wedding was over aspiring and band aids would have to suffice. Jean was there to greet her family as they came in and Tabitha, Amara, August, Jubilee, and Rahne helped them get situated while she prepared for the big moment. Sam, Laura, Jamie, Ray, and Bobby were on backyard detail while Piotr, Roberto, Hank, and Logan did the heavy lifting, ensuring everything was set.

The kitchen was already flooded with the aroma of a wedding feast. While Xavier did hire a catering service, certain dishes required a personal touch. Remy, Ororo, Rogue, and Mystique were put in charge of cooking. Remy, being the expert in Cajun cooking, led the ordeal. Irene, since she had more acute senses due to her blindness, was the official taster. It was a welcomed role after having endured such awful dreams of the future. Now she was all about the present.

Kurt and Wanda waited by for the priest to show up. Ironically, it was the same priest that married Vince and Emma. When he arrived he joked about how quickly they needed his services again, but he was assured there would be plenty more to come. With some of the knowledge Cable imparted it was a near certainty.

Up in her and Scott’s room, Jean was getting all the assistance a woman could get on her wedding day. Her mother and sister were present and so were Betsy and Emma. Even baby Jack was there in the corner. Emma was nice enough to dress him up a bit so he would look nice for the wedding. His presence was all the more significant with the knowledge he would play a pivotal role in the future as her daughter’s lover.

“You look so beautiful, Jean,” said Elaine Grey as she helped her daughter with the last part of her dress, “You know, every mother has mixed feeling on the day their daughter gets married. But I’d like to think that this is one instance where I don’t have to have that problem.”

“Oh thanks mom,” said Jean with a tear in her eye.

With her dress complete, Jean turned around and gave her mother a warm hug. Betsy watched on with a smile while Emma was more reserved. While she was happy for her friend, seeing such a scene reminded her of the feelings she never got to experience with her mother.

“So are we done here?” said Emma, “I think I’ve done all I can with the dress. I can’t make it look any better without breaking the laws of physics.”

“It’ll do,” said Jean, smiling at her appearance in the mirror.

“I hope Scott appreciates what we’ve done,” said Betsy, “He’s a lucky man to get this kind of help from his friends.”

“He’s a lucky man, period,” said Emma, “And you’re a lucky woman, Jean. You’re marrying the love of your life. It gives you a whole new perspective on life. Trust me on this one.”

“I believe you,” said Jean distantly, “It just seems surreal, you know? Especially with everything we’ve learned.”

“What are do you mean, sweetie?” asked her mother.

Jean turned to her mother, who had yet to learn the story of Cable and what he revealed to them. She debated briefly about telling her. And she planned to do so eventually. But with all the drama they had going on for one day it seemed a story best left for after the wedding.

“Nothing, mom,” she said with a smile, “Just pre-wedding musings.”

“Well try not to think too much. You’re about to marry the man you love. There’s nothing else to think about.”

“Couldn’t have said it better myself,” grinned Betsy.

Elaine Grey may not have known the whole story, but she still knew just what to say to put everything into perspective. Jean Grey had faced a lot of amazing things, many within the past week. Now she was about to take the first step into the future, marrying the man she loved.

Xavier’s Office

With Jean taking up their room, Professor Xavier was nice enough to allow Scott to put his tux on in his office. He was accompanied by Vincent, Alex and Warren, who helped him with the usual pre-wedding jitters. Unlike most grooms, he had even more to deal with in wake of Cable. They could tell he was still affected by it. But Scott being the man he is kept it to himself and focused on the daunting task at hand of marrying Jean Grey.

“I hate these things,” said Scott as he struggled with the tie.

“Yeah, they don’t help with the stress,” said Vincent with a half-hearted grin, “But trust me, it’s worth the frustration.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” sighed Scott as he finally got it down, “I just can’t believe it’s really happening. Jean and I are really getting married.”

“As if anybody had any doubts,” laughed Warren, “I may not have been here in the early years, but even I can see you two were meant to be.”

“Like I haven’t heard that before.”

Looking in the mirror, Scott saw a different man from the nervous teenage boy who was afraid to admit his feelings to his long time friend. He was taking the ultimate step in committing himself to this woman for now and forever. He had no doubts, especially after seeing their future son. But there were still some things he couldn’t help but ponder.

“You nervous, bro?” asked Alex, who actually combed his hair for once.

“It’s my wedding day, Alex. Of course I’m nervous,” sighed Scott, “But it’s not just that. We just caught a glimpse of the future. We all saw first hand how easily it can go wrong.”

“I know. I was there too. But this is your wedding, man. Hell, at least with that future you know you two work out.”

“Yeah, I’ll admit that’s comforting. But beyond that, it shows what it’ll be like trying to hold it together and raise a family in the future.

“Whoa there, Scott,” said Warren, “You’re not even married yet. Isn’t it a little early to be thinking about having kids?”

“You know I once thought the same thing, but look where that led me,” said Vince with a half-grin.

Alex and Scott couldn’t help but laugh somewhat. Vincent did after all become a father a lot quicker than he expected, but he made it work and so did Emma. That boded well for Scott and Jean.

“Good point,” said Scott, “But even if the scenario Cable laid out is no more, that leaves room for many possibilities. I guess I’m just worried about making the right choices so I can keep my promise to Jean and to Cable.”

“You’ll do fine, my boy,” said the Professor kindly, “I’ve watched you grow since you first arrived and I never had any doubts to the kind of man you’d become. I never needed a messenger from the future to tell me that.”

Scott smiled as Xavier wheeled beside his first student. He looked at his reflection in the mirror and saw so much more than the scared young blind kid who first came to him all those years ago. Now he was a full grown man, preparing to take the next step in his life. He had come a long way and Charles Xavier couldn’t have been more proud.

“Thank you, Professor,” said Scott gratefully, “Honestly, I never would have gotten to this point without you. Jean and I owe you so much.”

“As do I, Scott,” said the Professor, “Need I remind you of what you showed me? Even when all hope seems lost and everything looks grim, it takes only one dedicated soul who believes in my dream to make a difference. Cable embodied that spirit, as do you and Jean. And for that, I am very proud.”

Scott shared a smile with his long time mentor and placed a hand on his shoulder. Had he not been confined to his chair he would have hugged him. It was a profound moment for the both of them. Scott was more than just a student now. He was a strong, driven man ready to take on a world that hated and feared their kind. And for Professor Charles Xavier, it was a fitting outcome for his first student. He took comfort in knowing that his dream was in good hands.

“It’s time, bro,” said Alex, patting his brother on the shoulder, “Let’s go meet your new wife.”

Backyard – The Ceremony

Outside, every chair was filled with guests and family as the main ceremony was set to begin. The day was perfect, a balmy 70 degrees with no clouds whatsoever. This was thanks largely to Ororo, who made sure that no force of nature would get in the way of this moment.

Many friends and allies of the X-men were present. Even Evan and some of the Morlocks were nice enough to show up along with Paul and Taryn from high school. Dr. Moria MacTaggart also showed up from Muir Island, which brought a smile to Rahne’s face as well as the Professor. Magneto showed up too, although his team didn’t come. While he still kept his distance from Wanda, he wished Xavier and his team the best. He owed them that much. And, of course, much of Jean’s family was present and her father was there to walk her down the isle.

While the music played and the priest stood at the altar, Scott Summers waited for what was quite possibly the longest wait of his life. Any minute now the woman of his dreams would come walking down that isle and when they left they would be husband and wife. They had come a long way to get to this point and at last it was finally upon them.

Finally, the song “Here Comes the Bride” started playing and the figure Scott had been waiting for emerged. And when he laid eyes on her, one word came to mind and ironically it was the same one from the moment he first laid eyes on her.


Down the isle, Jean suppressed a laugh as her father escorted her up the isle. Along the way her friends and family waved to her. She saw her sister, her friends from high school, Betsy and Emma, who was holding baby Jack in her arms, and the rest of her teammates.

She even noticed Alex sitting near the front row and if her eyes didn’t deceive her, he was crying. He was doing everything he could to hide it. Luckily he was sitting next to Laura, who didn’t care to ask questions. It was very sweet in a humorous sort of way. She would have to remind herself to let Scott know later so he could share the sentiment.

When she finally reached Scott, she turned to her father and smiled. He had a tear in his eye as he prepared to hand his daughter off to her lover, an act many fathers were conflicted over. But as he looked at Jean and then back at Scott, he was certain his little girl was in good hands.

“Good luck, sweetie.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

Letting go of his little girl’s hand, John Grey handed his daughter off into the capable arms of Scott Summers. He gave the young man a nod of approval as if to say “take care of my little girl.”

Now standing besides one another, Scott and Jean shared a warm glance as they nervously prepared to take the final step in their lives. Their hearts pounded in their chests as anticipation and excitement flooded their systems. They could sense each feeling through their link and supported each other as the priest began the ceremony.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join in holy matrimony, this man and this woman. Together they share the gift of love and on this day they begin a new path together, building upon it a new future…”

Scott and Jean couldn’t help but smile at the mention of the future. Others in the team smiled as well. The future had been on everybody’s mind since the arrival of Cable. And now that the grim reality their future son came from was no more, a new path lay before them. In a ways it was sad that Cable couldn’t be with them in person. But he was definitely there in spirit.

“If anybody has any objection to these two being wed, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Nobody said anything. They didn’t bother because they knew this was coming. That didn’t stop Logan from flashing threatening gazes to anybody who might play a joke, but Ororo was quick to settle him for the big finish.

“Now then, I understand the bride and groom have written their own vows.”

“Yes we have,” said Scott, “And we’d like to read them together.”

The happy couple took a deep breath and prepared to read what was nearly a decade in the making.

“There were times I was lost, and you found me. There days which were heavy, and you lightened my heart. Through it all since the day we met, there was you for me and me for you. That hasn’t changed. That will never change. Times have been good, and times have been bad. And still, our love had endured and triumphed.”

Eyes were already watering up as they each began the parts they individually wrote.

“I take Scott Summers to be my lawfully wedded husband.”

“And I take Jean Grey to be my lawfully wedded wife.”

Then together they said the final words.

“Through pain and passion, through sorrow and hope, through death and through life. Whatever tomorrow brings, we will face it together.”

With the ring in hand, Scott slid it onto Jean’s finger. Even the priest couldn’t help but be taken by such a moment. He smiled in approval, knowing without question that these two were going to be okay.

“Now let’s see a kiss,” he said.

And with that act, Scott Summers and Jean Grey shared a passionate kiss in front of friends and family. It was the culmination of years of friendship and closes bonds. And seeing these two come together like this especially after recent events was nothing short of fitting.

“Three cheers for the new couple!” exclaimed Jubilee, letting off a show of fireworks from her powers that stirred a wave of cheers.

“That’s my bro,” said Alex, still playing the macho role.

“Are those tears, kid?” said Logan.

“No!” he shot defensively, “I just…I got something in my eye.”

Logan shook his head and kept clapping. He looked over to Ororo, who had tears in her eyes as well. Even the Professor got choked up a bit. It was an important moment for them as teachers. Scott and Jean were more than just students. They were family now and it was cause to celebrate.

Now that they were official, the reception began. Bobby, Kurt, and Ray attacked the buffet while the girls began the dancing. Xavier hired a local band headed by a mutant named Dazzler who jumped at the chance to play a show for mutants. She even used her power to convert sound into light to create a dazzling show for everybody. And when slower music played, she created a more romantic ambience for the couples to enjoy.

Scott and Jean garnered most of the attention from Jean’s family. Scott made it his mission to shake everybody’s hand and get in good with the people close to his new wife. Having lost most of his family, it was nice being part of a new one. Even Alex got into the act. He continued to play it cool, even as he gave Jean a hug to welcome her into the Summers family.

“Glad to have you with us, sis,” he told her.

“Thanks Alex,” smiled Jean, “But don’t think you’ll drag me into your mischief now that you’re my brother-in-law.”

“We’ll see about that,” he grinned, “Just take good care of my brother. Lord knows he needs someone to keep him in line.”

That earned him a punch in the shoulder from Scott and a snicker from Jean. It was definitely going to be interesting being part of the Summers clan.

Once the family affairs were settled, the dancing began. Many couples took advantage of the moment although some needed convincing. Logan was one of them, but Ororo coaxed him into it. Bobby and Rogue were also hesitant, but Jubilee and Remy worked together to get them to do a few songs. Others like Hank and Sage, Tabitha and Sam, Amara and August, Kitty and Piotr, Vince and Emma, Kurt and Wanda, Betsy and Warren, and Jamie and Rahne had no such difficulties. Roberto and Ray didn’t have their girls present so they took turns dancing with Amara, August, and Laura. And, of course, everybody cleared the floor for when Scott and Jean had their ceremonial dance.

Others got into the act as well. Mystique didn’t participate much, but Kurt and Rogue got her out there. She danced with Irene, Kurt, and even Remy. It wasn’t really her thing but she ended up having some fun. The Professor got in on the action as well, despite his wheelchair. In one of the more memorable moments, Jean used her telekinesis to levitate him so they could dance. It was quite a sight and everybody got plenty of pictures to commemorate the moment.

There was also plenty of gift giving. Most ended up being cards and cash. Jean’s parents also pitched in and got Jean a new computer and Scott a new stereo for his car. Emma dipped into her large pool of money to give them both a pass at an expensive spa downtown. She even whispered a few hints that certain areas were private enough for ‘special’ activities. Xavier’s gift was by far the most elaborate, consisting of an all expense paid cruise honeymoon in the Caribbean. It actually earned him a big hug from both of them, leading to another photo-worthy moment that many captured on film.

Then there was the tossing of the bouquet. Naturally, the single women gathered around eagerly. Rogue didn’t bother, not wanting to be a part of this sort of thing and she steered clear to make sure nothing funny happened.

“Okay ladies! Here it comes!” said Jean as she prepared to throw it into the crowd.

“Just throw it already!” exclaimed Kitty, unable to contain her excitement.

Then with a swift heave, Jean tossed the bouquet into the crowd. There was an immediate scramble and it was bobbled in the air for a while. Then through a freak gust of wind it ended up in Ororo’s hands. And when Logan saw this he shifted in a way that made the others laugh, especially Laura.

“That’s a good sign, isn’t it Dad?” she commented.

“Don’t give her any ideas kid,” muttered Logan, taking a gulp of his drink.

“Oh come now, Logan. You owe me another dance for this,” said Ororo, unable to stop herself from smiling now.

“Oh boy…”

More snickering could be heard from the boys. It was just too rich to see the feral Wolverine act so timid around his girlfriend.

“Careful Wolverine, she’s got the look!” said Ray.

“Ja, next thing you know ve’ll have another vedding to plan,” added Kurt.

“Knock it off you two! Or I’ll make a Danger Room session so tough you’ll never run your mouths again!”

That helped silence them, but it didn’t wipe the smirks off their faces.

“Easy Logan,” said Ororo, slipping her arms around his burly neck, “Dance now, punish later.”

Logan sighed for now and followed his girlfriend out on the floor to continue the festivities. He made a mental note to make them pay for those remarks later. For now, he had a Goddess to dance with. And while he wouldn’t admit it, the idea of being the next one to settle down with the woman he loved didn’t seem so bad.

The dancing died down and the reception continued. Food was served, Scott and Jean cut the cake, and the team rejoiced. Then at the end Xavier rose his glass in a final toast to his first students and said the last words to cap off this momentous event.

“Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of me and everybody at my institute I thank you in sharing this moment with two very special students of mine. Scott and Jean, you were my first students. You showed me it was possible to impart the ideals and values of my dream into a new generation. And for that, I am forever indebted to you. Looking at you now, I couldn’t be more proud. You mean so much to me as students and friends. And so I propose a toast. To Scott and Jean! And to a new future for all of us!”

“Here here!”

They were fitting words for such an affair. There was no shortage of cheers, laughs, and good times for everybody. It was a nice way to follow the complicated affairs that preceded them. The future was still on everybody’s mind. A new path lay before them and as Scott and Jean shared in the final toast, it all came together. This was the first day of the rest of their lives.

Later that Evening

After the sun set and the festivities ended, the X-men and many guests finally settled after an eventful, emotional day. By now everybody had come up to Scott and Jean to wish them good luck. From their fellow X-men to Jean’s family, the newlyweds had plenty of support. Nobody mentioned Cable or the future. This moment was all about the present and Scott and Jean Summers couldn’t have been happier.

Even after many of the guests had left and the cleanup began, Scott and Jean were still going strong. They posed for pictures, shared in a few romantic dances, and playfully cuddled each other as two people madly in love so often did. Of course, there were those who poked fun at them. Bobby made references to their wedding night while Emma couldn’t help but give a few tips on honeymoons. But it was all in good fun and the day couldn’t be tainted. They were married now. This was their moment.

Once everything was over and the last ceremonies were complete, Scott and Jean felt the need to get away for a moment and went for a walk outside. By now a full moon was out and the skies were clear, giving them a perfect view of the star-filled sky over the lake. They eventually found themselves back at the gazebo where Scott first proposed to her. It seemed fitting that after everything that had happened, this is where they would end up.

“Wow…” mused Scott as he held his wife’s hand.

“I know…wow,” said Jean, leaning in close to her husband’s warmth.

“Can you believe it? We’re husband and wife now.”

“I know,” she smiled, “I’ve dreamed about this day for a long time. Now it’s finally here and we can start our lives together.”

“Does it feel strange that it’s all happened so fast?”

“Not really,” shrugged Jean, “The only strange thing to me is that it didn’t happen sooner.”

Scott smiled warmly and hugged his wife closer. Up in the sky a shooting star passed over them as if to mark this monumental moment in their lives. It was a beautiful view, so infinite in its majesty. But it also reminded them of the events that led up to this moment.

“I thought about him a lot today,” said Scott in a deep tone.

“You mean Cable?” said Jean, her expression shifting as well, “Yeah, me too.”

“I wish we had more time together.”

“Me too,” sighed Jean, “But if all goes well, we’ll see him again one day.”

“I know we will,” said Scott, giving her hand a firm squeeze, “He revealed a lot about our future. He said we would go on to do many things that would affect the course of history. That’s a pretty tough act to follow.”

“We’ll get through it. I know we will,” said Jean strongly.

“I believe we will too. It’s just amazing to think that for everything we’ve been through and everything we may or may not go through, it all comes back to us doing what we’ve always done…sticking together and fighting for a better future.”

“And now it’s not just for us. It’s for our future children as well,” reminded Jean.

Scott and Jean shared a warm smile. While that time was still a ways off, they knew it would come. It wasn’t just what the future dictated. It was part of what they were fighting for. And it was a comforting feeling to know that they could make it through all the challenges the future would bring them.

The End


AN: That’s it. Hope you all enjoyed it. Thanks again to Agent-G for his help with this fic. It may very well be my last for a while in X-men Evolution. The reviews have been disappointing and other life events are making it harder to dedicate myself to these stories. Please don’t forget to review. Send them to me via email or post them on the fanfiction website. Thank you for reading and I wish everybody the best.
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