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Collision of your kiss

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A/N: Sorry I havent updated in ages, I dont really have an excuse so sorry but I hope this update will make up for it :]

Gerard was very accepting and it didnt take to long to explain everything to him, once I had he pulled me into a gentle hug and held me close to him. He tried to say something but stopped, I understood perfectly. No words could express how happy he felt. We didnt pull back until an angel shouted -"LOOK!" We turned and looked at where they were pointing, coming over the sand dune me and Gerard had first ran over we could make out two figures, one of them had huge feathery wings and the other equally big bat wings. They were hunched over and using eachother for support. "Its god -"
"And Satan!" Hundreds of cries filled the air and we stood stock still until we saw them collapse to the sand. Instantly we all ran foreward, sending sand everywhere. Mikey and Bob reached them first and were soon joined by the rest of us. It was clear they were worn out and in a lot of pain but they grinned up at us and God coughed as Satan chuckled. "Are you okay? What happened?" Asked Mikey, he and Bob helping them to their feet. Mikey put Gods arm round his shoulders, Bob doing the same for Satan to keep them standing. "It was awesome!" Satan wheezed and God gave a weak laugh as he nodded.
"We're fine, dont worry. The force of the explosion of bringing Gerard back just knocked us back a few miles." He explained.
"Where is Gerard by the way?" Asked Satan, looking around. Gerard stepped foreward pulling me with him and Satan and God both smiled. "There you are. Feel okay?" God asked. Gerard nodded and gently hugged the two of them.
"I feel amazing, thankyou so much." He said. God turned to me.
"What about you Frank? Tried your new wings yet?" He asked. I stared at him shock and he grinned. "Your not human anymore Frank. Remember, thats the reason we brought Gerard back?" I grinned and nodded. I took a few steps away from everywhere and tried to release my wings, I heard gasps and mutterings a thousand smiles meeting me. I turned my head and my breath hitched in my throat, they were beautiful. They were made of long black feathers tipped in red. "I felt they were fitting..." God muttered, sounding weaker. I ran over and hugged him and Satan. "Theyre amazing, oh thankyou sooo much!" I cried. God smiled before groaning in pain. "Uh...I need to rest. Please, take me back to heaven." The angels stepped foreward and took hold of God.
"Oi God! Let me know when your feeling better and we arrange a feast in celebration of the lovebirds." Satan called. God nodded with a smile and then the Angels released their wings and rose to the sky. "Gerard, why dont you go with Frank to heaven for a while, I can tell you want to." Satan said, Gerard nodded and took my hand. We said our goodbyes and then the demons took hold of Satan and dissapeared below the ground. I held to Gerard tightly and kicked off the ground, flying us both to heaven.

We went straight to my room and fell to the bed, Gerard seized me by the waist and pulled me onto him claiming me in a deep kiss. I straddled his hips and held his face with my hands, working my lips hard against his. His tongue moved into my mouth and rolled over mine, his sweet taste taking hold of me. I bit lightly on his bottom lip and he groaned into my mouth making me even more excited. We stayed kissing eachother until my lungs were bursting from lack of oxygen and I had to pull back, I sat up and tipped my head back panting for air, feeling Gerards chest rising and falling as he gasped in much needed oxygen. His hands still gripped my hips and I looked down at him with a grin. "Fuck... " I breathed, he smirked at me and sat up kissing me lightly on the cheek.
"I missed you Frankie, I missed you a lot." He growled biting the sensitive shell of my ear and kissing down to my neck. I wrapped my arms around him as his hands began to roam. "So is this what demons do when they've really missed someone?" I giggled.
"You bet it is." He whispered seductively.
"Fuckin' sinners." I smirked and he knocked me to my back, biting on my neck.
"You love it." He grinned and I giggled breathlessly as he slipped his hand under my shirt. A knock on the door interupted us.

A/N: I think the next chapter is going to be the last one, so please give any suggestions on how you all want it to end. Its pretty much been PG 13 through out this whole story so should the last chapter stay like that or get a bit more... heated? Let me know people.
Luv you's xox
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