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To the end

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This is the last chapter :[ But its a good one I think :] Thanks for reading! xox

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A/N: Here it is people, the last chapter sniff Hope you'll like it. And wheresyourheart I love the picture xD It really does look like frank! In case you guys havent seen it yet heres the link -
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Gerard rolled off me as I sprung up, making sure my hair was okay as I shouted "Uh, come in!" The door opened and Bob, Ray and Mikey walked in. I smiled sheepishly at them and Gerard waved. "Hey you two, what you up to?" Asked Ray, genuinly just curious. Poor, innocent Ray, he didnt seem to understand why I was blushing and Mikey and Bob fought back their giggles. "Nothing, just catching up." Said Gerard casually.
"Sure thing, we wont keep you too long dont worry." Said Mikey with a smirk.
"Dont worry Mikey, its not like we dont have all the time in the world anyway." Said Gerard, taking my hand gently in his own. Bob sat down on the edge of the bed and gave us both a hug. "I'm so glad for you two, this is so cool its changed everything!" He cried happily. "In a good way." Ray added.
"Anywaay, we only came to say that feast thing will be tommorow but the Angels want to throw a little celebration party tonight just for them and the demons since god and satan are still a little weak so obviously you two have to go." Mikey grinned at us and I nodded. "Sure thing. What time?" I asked.
"In about three, four hours. So you'll have plenty of time to 'catch up' and shower and stuff." Mikey said. Gerard grinned at his brother.
"You implying that I smell Mikey?" He asked.
"Gerard you always smell. Anyway, I want to go make sure I choose what music is playing. There is no way I'm standing for a load of harp music." Mikey responded, leaving the room. Ray looked worried.
"Does he like heavy metal? Cos' I dont want to listen to that all night... hey Mikey! MIKEY WAIT UP!" Ray ran out of the room, his 'fro bouncing. Bob chuckled and smiled at us both. "Should I go annoy them and suggest techno?" He smirked.
"Sure Bob. You go do that." I said, eager to spend a little more time with just Gerard. Bob gave us both a final hug before leaving the room, being careful to shut the door behind him.
Gerard smiled at me and pulled me into his lap, running his fingers through my hair. I slowly leaned forward and gently kissed him, wrapping my arms loosely around his neck. He lay back and shifted to get comfy, his hands moving from my hair to my hips. My top had risen by an inch or so, exposing a strip of skin just above my belt, he ran his fingers over the visible flesh before gently working his fingertips against the skin. I entwined my legs with his, twisting my fingers in his hair pushing myself closer to him. There's just something about being on him, with our bodies touching. Something complete about it, with his heart beating softly against mine. His tongue ran over my bottom lip and I granted entrance, our tongues meeting. There was no battle for dominance, though if there had been I would have let him win. When we needed to breath we pulled back only slightly, so our lips still touched before moving back in again. We spent some time like that, I dont think we needed anything more, but then the kiss got more heated and I swiftly changed my mind. He seemed shy as he slowly pulled my T - shirt off, as if he was afraid I wouldnt want to. I gave him an encouraging smile as I pulled off his own shirt. For a moment I had to stop and stare at him, he was truly beautiful and I could feel him staring at me. When we kissed again it was only a matter of time before all clothes were gone, and Gerard was pulling the silk covers over us. Securing us in a private little world, where his artists hands could do as they pleased.
During the time spent under those covers all that could be heard were the heavy breaths and sighs, the whimpers, the groans and the repeating of two names. Gee. Frankie. I felt all of him, memorising every muscle, every contour, every freckle, every scar, memorising it until I had the picture of him painted in my mind. His hands doing the same, our eyes didnt need to be open to see eachother. The feelings he could make me feel were something I had never imagined, and to try and describe it would do it no justice. But I knew then there had always been that peice missing and I didnt realise it until it was filled. The movement of lips, the running of hands and the friction of hips were the elements of the perfect rythm we created, ending with a climax that caused me to yell his name as my back made the perfect arch. And when our tired forms finally curled in together, it was in a delicious after glow that didnt leave even as I fell asleep.
An Angel and his Demon.

A/N: Hm... Not an extremely dramatic ending and just that bit too cliche but hey! I dont think it went too bad. But its not my opinion that matters - its yours! So please people, review and rate :] Its not usually how I write these kind of scenes, but I wanted to end in this way without ruining the beauty by making it all 'hardcore' so I hope you all enjoyed. Thankyou ALL for the amazing reviews you've given me it has really made me more confident in my writing and it made me smile all the time. :]
Thankyou all for reading this love Rachel xox
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