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perez hilton, eat your heart out

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pete and sophie are their own paparazzi

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Author's Note: Due to the drama that came with junior prom, I wasn't able to update. Long story short, I was under the impression that the guy who asked me was only looking for someone to dance with. It ends up that he wanted to be more than friends, so things got complicated, and his friends probably think I'm an asshole right now. Yeah, I suck with relationships worse than a thumbless blind man sucks at video games.

Anyways, onto the thank yous.

snowqueendruscilla - glad you enjoyed joe's naivety.
glindapsawyer - max bemis = love.
x_slowdown - sorry about keeping you waiting. i'm working on faster updates.
pyrotechnist - hehe. same here. it's like "well i've already started this, might as well finish it."
lil_chica - word association games always end up dirty. try playing apples to apples without getting sexual. it's IMPOSSIBLE.
xStabxMyxBackx - aww, thanks! al the the exclamation points made me smile.
kittkattbar - "it's hard to say 'i do' when i don't" is one of my favorite songs, so i thought it deserved it's own chapter. glad you enjoyed it ;)

34: p e r e z h i l t o n , e a t y o u r h e a r t o u t

Soap’s POV

As I surfed the message boards for interesting topics, a familiar pair of arms wrapped around my waist.

“Hey, Pete.”
“Wutcha doin?”
“Just conversing with your leagues of adoring fans.”
“Wait, what’s Poap?” he asked, quoting one of the thread titles.
“Boardie-speak referring to our relationship.”
“They know about us?”
“No, but some have been insinuating ever since our little show in Atlanta,” I said, clicking into the thread.
Poap. Y/N?
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Yeah, yeah, I know that Soap denied being in a relationship with Pete, but there are too many signs that point to Poap’s existence for me to believe that.

1: “carpal tunnel vision. usher, luda and lil jon said it’s possible, so i’ll have my cake and eat it too.”

I have a sneaking suspicion that the quote from Pete’s blog is talking about Sophie. The only songs that Usher, Ludacris and Lil Jon sing together are “Yeah” and “Lovers and Friends.” If he’s referencing the latter, having his cake and eating it too would mean that one of his friendships evolved into something more.

2: Mandy (jokedkisses) was at last week’s show in Minneapolis and swears on the holy cobra that she saw Pete acting touchy feely with a short brunette on the side of the stage during Panic’s set.

3: Audrey (overdramatik) was at the same show and talked to Soap at the merch booth. In the middle of their conversation about Cobra’s set, Dirty interrupted saying “Your boyfriend’s freaking out because he lost his eyeliner.” She chuckled and responded with “Tell him it’s in my purse.”

4. In the latest tour video Cobra posted on youtube, for a few seconds you can see Pete and Sophie holding hands in the background while Ryland and Gabe talk about how insane the crowds have been lately.

Maybe I’m looking into it too much, but does anyone else agree think they’re more than just “prank amigos”?
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Y. the use of ‘carpal tunnel vision’ in the blog entry might be a reference to CToL: “Better off as lovers and not the other way around.”
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Poap, ftmfw.
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NOOOOOOO. Pete’s supossed to be single!!!!!1!!1
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|/mrswents4lyfe said:/
|NOOOOOOO. Pete’s supossed to be single!!!!!1!!1

Your beloved P33t Whence is dating Sophie. Deal with it.

P.S. learn how to spell.

“Damn, how many replies does this have?” he asked, chuckling.

I scrolled to the bottom and saw that there were 11 pages of responses.

“Does that answer your question?”
“Well if the boardies are already talking, might as well give them something real to talk about.”
“What do you mean?”

Pete turned around and grabbed something off the table.


Pete’s POV

“What am I supposed to do with this?” she asked.
“Camera whore with me.”

She laughed then turned the device on. “This should be interesting.”

We took some typical myspace shots-- the ‘you-kiss-me-on-the-cheek-while-I-grin’, the ‘squish-really-close-together-and-make-the-silliest-face-into-the-camera’ and the ever popular ‘I’ll-hug-you-from-behind-and-take-a-shot-of-us-looking-adorable.’

Needless to say, neither of us could stop laughing.

As she got ready to take the ‘foreheads-pressed, almost-kiss’ picture, Hemmy conveniently jumped onto her lap.

“You wanna be in the pictures, too?” I asked, playing with his ears. He happily barked in response. “Alright, boy.”

The bulldog got a headstart, licking Soap’s cheek. I pressed my lips against the other side of her face, creating a Sophie sandwich. She snapped the picture, then handed the camera to me.

“Your turn.”
“Totem pole?”

I got on the couch and laid on my stomach. Sophie got on top of my back, then Hemmy sat on top of her. I quickly snapped a few shots before Hemmy ran toward his food bowl.

“Think we have enough?” she asked, still lying on my back.
“One more should do it.”
“Alright,” she said, chuckling. “How do you want me to pose?”
“Just act like you’re madly in love with me.”
“I don’t have to act, Wentz,” she said. “I am madly in love with you.”

At this comment, I propped myself onto my elbows and turned around.

“You mean that?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Because I’m madly in love with you, too.”

She enclosed my arms with hers and planted a kiss on my neck.

“I have an idea. Hold out your left hand.”

Sophie did as I asked, unsure of what I was up to. I formed my right hand into the shape of a C and she quickly caught my drift, mirroring my actions so that our hands created a heart.

After I finished taking our pictures, she laced her fingers with mine and softly kissed my hand before getting up.

I followed suit and we transferred the pictures to the laptop. I leaned against her shoulder as Sophie logged onto the boards once again and started a new topic.

Perez Hilton, eat your heart out
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While Pete and I weren’t dating when the infamous Atlanta make out pictures were taken,
we are together now (tobler1 was right on with the evidence. cute bn, btw.).

Instead of giving Perez Hilton or TMZ the satisfaction of reporting this late breaking news, Wentz and I have decided to act as paparazzi and leak our own pictures.

Poap exists, yo.

She linked the pictures underneath the message and clicked “Post.”

“Think they’re gonna be mad?” she asked.
“Teenies will be. But everyone else will be hoping that you’ll leak more pictures of my dick.”

She chuckled and rolled her eyes.

“But seriously, most of them are gonna think you’re the coolest thing since sliced bread. I mean, you’re dating /Pete Wentz/.”

Within minutes, the boards were flooded with replies ranging from “WTF? POAP?!?!”, “AWWWWW, CUTE!”, “Pete’s a ho”, “Sophie’s a ho. onlynotreally.” and “tbqh, i iz jealous.”

Letting out a laugh, she pressed her lips against my cheek. “What did we get ourselves into?”
“A huge mess,” I replied, grinning. “And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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