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Chapter Five

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I stepped into the hot bath and eased my body down into it. The hot water burned my skin, but felt good at the same time. I played with some bubbles that floated my way, each one popping from my touch. Frank’s raging eyes and alcohol scented breath danced through my head like a nightmare. I closed my eyes and lowered myself deeper into the bathtub. I tried pushing the images from my mind. I finally relaxed enough to drift off for a moment.
A loud knocking noise pulled me from my peaceful slumber. I sat up quickly in the tub.
“You need to leave.” I heard Mikey say. I leaned over the tub to try and hear better.
“Let me talk to her.” Slurred someone. It was Frank. He was here, drunk, wanting to see me. I stood up and grabbed my bathrobe. I tied the bathrobe around myself and walked out of the bathroom. Water dripped from my body as I tiptoed down the hallway.
Baby laid peacefully on the floor next to the heater. I scooped her up and held her close to me as I watched Mikey and Frank.
“Leave.” Mikey persisted. I was scared. I knew what Frank was capable of when he was drunk and it wasn’t pretty. I wanted Mikey just to shut the door and walk away, instead of putting up a fight. Frank pushed against the door and tried to get past Mikey. Mikey pushed back and Frank stumbled backwards. Frank wasn’t even sober enough to stand on his own two feet. My own two feet stayed stationary.
Why couldn’t I move to help Mikey? Why was I just standing here watching?
“Mikey, just let me in bro!” Frank slurred. Baby jumped from my arms and ran off to hide somewhere safe.
Mikey shook his head and pushed once more on the door, finally causing Frank to stumble far enough back so he could quickly close the door. Mikey ran his fingers through his hair and rubbed his eyes. Mikey turned around and saw me standing at the end of the hallway.
“He needs help.” Mikey said. I nodded and walked towards him.
“I can’t help anymore then I have.” I replied. Frank yelled and cursed from the other side of the door.
“Someone’s going to call the cops.” I said turning my head toward the door.
“Let them,” Mikey said. “Maybe he’ll realize he has a problem.”
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