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Chapter Seven

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“Peyton this is Madison.” Mikey said introducing me to his new girlfriend.
She was short and petite. She had never ending long dark brown hair, that any super model would spend hundreds of dollars on extensions for and still wouldn’t come close. Her nose was pierced and had a sleeve of tattoos. She was definitely attractive, but she seemed a little stuck-up. I smiled and put my hand out for her to shake. She took my pale, boney, un-manicured hand awkwardly like I might attack. I pulled my hand away before she got too scared.
“Nice to meet you.” Madison smirked. “I didn’t know I had to be approved by the um best friend.” I glared at Mikey, he shrugged.
“Let’s uh sit down.” Mikey stuttered sitting down. We were at Spot and of course we sat on our couch. I sat down and she immediately squeezed her small unshapely butt between me and Mikey.
This girl could not be serious. I stood up and shot Mikey a dirty look. He shrugged again. I headed to the bathroom.
“Oh is princess jealous?” Madison snorted.
I spun around fast on my heels. My face got hot and I clenched my fist. There was no way this fake Barbie was going to talk to me like that and still get away with being my best friend’s girlfriend. I walked quickly towards her. I bent down and pointed my finger in her face. Her expensive perfume made me gag.
“Don’t get smart Barbie.” I said between clenched teeth.
I felt Mikey grab my wrist and pull me away. If he pulled me away any second later, I just might have showed her what I’d do to her if she ever spoke to me like that again. Mikey pulled me away, to where Madison couldn’t hear us. He let go of my arm and sighed. I looked away from Mikey and over to the register. Devon worked frantically to get his orders out to waiting customers.
“Look at me.” Mikey demanded. I crossed my arms and stared at my feet. “Peyton, look at me.” He repeated. I looked up at him.
I felt like a little kid being punished for not playing nice. Mikey reached up and tucked some of my hair behind my ear. His mood seemed to lighten.
“Peyton, please try and be nice.”
“She started it.” I said defending myself.
“What are you five?” Mikey snapped. His mood quickly changed back.
“Mikey don’t go there.” I said calmly.
Mikey shoved his hands in his pocket. I looked over at Madison, she was picking at her nails. She seemed so perfect, physically at least, everything Mikey opposes in a girl. “She’s not your type.” I said and headed out of Spot. Mikey called after me once or twice and gave up. I walked out of Spot and turned down Delaware. I stopped in front of the huge picture window looking into Spot.
Mikey sat next to Madison with a frustrated look on his face. Madison looked lost in her own thoughts, most likely about herself. Mikey threw his hands in the air and said something to Madison. She shrugged and Mikey stood up. Not once did Madison look at Mikey.
If Mikey walked out right at this moment, it wouldn’t even phase her. She’d just go and hit on Devon or the guy sitting across the room, she was shooting him flirty looks the moment we walked in.
Mikey said something else to her, but she didn’t say anything back. Mikey shook his head and walked away from her. I walked back to the entrance of Spot and waited for Mikey. He charged out of Spot, almost knocking me over.
“Peyton, I’m so sorry.” He said grabbing me before I fell.
Mikey didn’t let go of me after I caught my balance. I put my arms around him and laid my head on his shoulder.
I breathed him in. He always smelled the same. It was like his own personal cologne that I could never put my finger on. The warmth of his body soothed me. I felt content for the time being. I was content up until the point when Madison stormed out of Spot, ranting on her cell phone.
“And then he walked out on me.” She whined.
Mikey turned his head so he could see Madison. “Oh great, he ran after that dumb best friend of his.”
I let go of Mikey and walked up to Madison.
“Oh please Barbie, I bet my IQ is higher then your weight.” I stated stepping closer to her. The closer I stepped to her, the farther she stepped back. “Scared?” I asked. She shook her head frantically and hung up her phone.
“If you lay a finger on me, I’ll be sure to have you sued for more then you’re worth.” She warned.
“Oh I’m so scared.” I said with a phony scared look on my face. Mikey laughed from behind me.
“Go home Madison.” Mikey instructed. Madison huffed and puffed and she was on her way. Hopefully she was gone for good.
“Are you sure you really don’t like her?” Mikey laughed. I pushed him lightly and laughed.
“Was that some sort of joke?” I asked Mikey as we headed down Delaware Avenue.
“No, I liked her.” Mikey replied. “I mean I’ve been seeing her for about a week now.”
“Oh, sorry I ruined it.”
“No, if she doesn’t like you, then I don’t like her.” Mikey said smiling. “I’m sorry Peyton.” I looked at him confused.
“You have to much going on right now to be worrying about who I’m dating.” Mikey finished.
“I’m here for you, like your always here for me.” I smiled. Mikey kissed the top of head.
“I love you Peyton Elizabeth Davis.” Mikey whispered.
“I love you Michael James Way .” I whispered.
I wrapped my arm around his waist and he draped his arm around my shoulders. It was below freezing, but neither of us seemed to mind.
We walked silently for awhile, taking in Downtown Newark at its best. Downtown was always so much better at night. People lined the streets, attempting to get into clubs and bars or out for a quick bite to eat or to enjoy some live music. It was always livelier at night. During the day it was just dull and boring. Everyone hurries off to work at the crack of dawn and after that it’s dead until night time.
“Have you talked to Frank?” Mikey asked hesitantly.
“Yesterday I went to his apartment.” I replied. “He’s just completely out of it.” Mikey was right, Frank was getting worse.
“Maybe we should help him.” Mikey suggested.
There was no way I was helping him, at least not now. He’s put me through too much. Maybe he should suffer for awhile. Let him see how it feels to be unappreciated and not cared for.
“No.” I replied.
“Peyton, he’s your boyfriend.” Mikey said. “You’d help me if I was in his place.”
“You’re my best friend, you’ll always be there. He’s my boyfriend, those just come and go like seasons.”
“You love him.”
“Loved.” I said. “I can’t deal with this anymore.”
“Peyton, you’re just mad at him now. Soon you’ll love him like you did.”
“Mad is an understatement.”
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